Screens Freeze While Driving??

Screens Freeze While Driving??

Today I was driving to the supercharger and suddenly my music stops both of the screens freeze. The backup camera kept updating though. We got to the supercharger, plugged in, and did a screen reboot by holding both scroll wheels. That did the trick. But the navigation thought the car was still at the place where the screens froze. The navigation corrected itself when we started up the car and put it in drive after charging. Anyone else experienced this?

Rumi11 | 3 April 2018

This would freak me out. You handled it very well. Never experienced this or heard of it happening. But of course it could. Computer glitches happen all the time!

jmoskwa6 | 3 April 2018

My center screen has had the habit of going blank, been doing it quite often lately. Sometimes within a minute the Tesla "T" appears in the middle of the screen as it re-boots itself - other times it's the double press of the thumb wheels. Will probably call the SC soon....

I've only had the screen freeze once on me, I was on highway 17 headed from Santa Cruz to San Jose, almost no place on that stretch of road where I would comfortably press the 2 thumb wheels to get a reboot started (extremely windy road) so I waited until I got to flatter surface near Los Gatos

millerjpmd | 4 April 2018

Navigation position will not change until the car moves after a Freeze/reset cycle. It has to do with satellite/signal.

Solarman004 | 4 April 2018

Stephen, did you recently perform a firmware update? The few times this happened to me in the past 20 months, it was right after an update. I'm now in the habit of performing a thumbwheel reset after each update. Haven't had a problem since using this technique.

saiswanhtun | 5 April 2018

You are lucky, your screens only freeze. Mine did not even turn on after driving like 15 minutes. I was hopping it will reboot it self but nop so have to stop and use the scroll wheels trick. My navi showing me two completely different route when i was in NY. Center screen navi show me to go from Columbus Ave but my dash screen navi show me to go from 5th Ave. It happened on April 1 so Navi want to play April Fool me or something. I couldn't tell ya. | 6 April 2018

@saiswanhtun - You can do a reboot anytime, even while driving. It has zero effect to driving, but climate and all audio will turn off for a minute. Not sure why the odd routing. With a new nav being rolled out, perhaps that will correct it in the future.

inconel | 6 April 2018

I was on 2018.10.4 when it happened to us today. Screen froze and remote app kept showing the car where that happened. A reboot fixed it and maybe (or not) coincidentally after the reboot we got the update notification for 2018.12

stephen_c_lau | 6 April 2018

What's funny is that now my scroll wheels do not even work anymore and I am afraid that this freezing will happen again and I will not be able to do anything. Anyone have advice??

stephen_c_lau | 6 April 2018

@Solarman004 the last update I performed was 2018.10.4 about 2 weeks ago.

lou.secco | 8 April 2018

I had the same issue and Tesla corrected it by flashing the firmware. Have not had the issue since. I just wish my driver window would stop squeaking. The noise is extremely annoying. UGH

stephen_c_lau | 8 April 2018


My windows squeak loudly also. Thanks for the advice

TesIatron | 8 April 2018

This happened to me about a week ago. At first, the touchscreen went blank but the instrument panel was still working and when I got to my destination, I parked, exit out the vehicle and came back about 10 mins later the touchscreen AND the instrument panel were blank. I couldn't even start it so I called tech support and was instructed to do the reset.
The next day I sent an escalated concern email to support asking why did this happen. They eventually told me it was something to do with the firmware and to just wait for an update. Still waiting......

merritt.timothy | 5 November 2018

This happened to me while on autopilot: the dashboard went black. Autopilot seemed to still work but i disengaged and exited the freeway since I couldnt see any readings. I dont believe the turn signals were working since I didnt hear any blinker noise. The touchscreen console was functioning. I did the reboot while at a stop light using the two buttons and the dashboard came back on and started working. Definitely scary but next time Im sure you can just reboot while driving.

Dennis van der Pool | 24 April 2019

I've had this today as well on Firmware version 2019.8.4
Requested to get latest firmware which will now be requested, hopefully the new firmware is more stable.
Happened now the first time since 4180 KM.
The guy on the phone mentioned that it could be due to the cache being full and recommended to reboot monthly,
After a reboot the downloaded update files will be deleted and this frees up cache space.

francis.white | 3 May 2019

Happened to me this morning, was doing around 45 mph on autopilot in traffic. Warning was a few loud beeps then lost autopilot, frozen screen, no indicators etc... Pulled over, parked and jumped out. Locked doors, waited then unlocked and got back on my way. Weird and scary, glad I was on my own at the time.

francis.white | 3 May 2019

Happened to me this morning, was doing around 45 mph on autopilot in traffic. Warning was a few loud beeps then lost autopilot, frozen screen, no indicators etc... Pulled over, parked and jumped out. Locked doors, waited then unlocked and got back on my way. Weird and scary, glad I was on my own at the time.

SHALLWEI168 | 5 May 2019

It was happen to me on May 3. While I was driving and stopped by traffic lights and suddenly both two front screen panels went total black! It was very terrifying situation, since I was surrounding by vehicles, and all waiting the traffic lights change! I was panic and trying to find "emergency" light... luckily less than 1 min, the front screen panel back to life, then the middle screen panel... Oh boy, talking about scary ... anybody has similar experience? Anyone can offer advice? Thanks.

Teslapalooza | 6 May 2019

Happened to me twice on 5/5 and once on 5/4 and once on 5/3. I am on 12.1.2. Some times it happens while driving, at other times it happens while just starting the charging process at SC. I have not been able to nail down the exact circumstances when it reboots.

jsj_online | 7 May 2019

Just started having an issue where the screen is constantly rebooting itself, every few minutes. Incredibly frustrating although the car is still able to drive. Tried to resolve through Tesla chat but they were unable to connect remotely to the car because the car wouldn’t stay online for more than a few minutes at a time. She said it was a firmware issue - apparently the firmware update hadn’t successfully downloaded for the past 6 months. No notification to me from tesla at all, which is annoying. Could not get a human being on the phone at my local service center (phone line just tells you to make appt through the app) so I just drove to the service center now to make them fix it.

vufamilyof4 | 7 May 2019

Happened to me 3 times with the last couple weeks which is truly annoying...
It also happened when i was driving on freeways... needless to say I was quite worried that I had to pull over and park the car and performed a reboot....
Hopefully Tesla is aware of the problems and taking measure to fix the issue... frankly it is quite scary and dangerous | 7 May 2019

@vufamilyof4 - Perhaps scary but not dangerous. You can even do your own manual reboot while driving. Only significant issue when rebooting is audio is muted, so you will not hear the blinker. Otherwise it has zero affect to the car's drivability.

72echo | 8 May 2019

screen going black while driving- music constantly cutting out for the last 2 months or so. I finally decided to make a service appointment from my app. A few days after making the appointment I receive a text from Tesla saying they looked at my computer logs and my issue is a bug that they are working on and "with my permission" (not sure how they got my permission) cancelled my appointment. I took delivery of a Model 3 last month and it works flawlessly.

mbp11 | 14 May 2019

I was having odd software problems with my MX, July 2018, with software 2019.12.1.2. Would not charge from level 2 chargers even with an adaptor, car screens "locking up" and requiring a hard scroll wheel reset, MCU or dash displays shutting down randomly and rebooting, and running the dog mode more than 30 minutes locked the MCU. Even the model X Christmas show stopped playing! Ye Gods!

I took it in to the SC today and they needed to know the exact time and date of these events. ( was not aware that for troubleshooting, they need this data for troubleshooting. They are very matter-of-fact about this. I did not know this before!

Fortunately I had snapped screenshots of the events that were timestamped, so I could give the exact time and date that they happened, mostly. The service techs uploaded this info, look at the logs and they could determine that there were additional firmware updates that fixed some of these reported bugs for my car. The firmware updates are not listed in the car or on the Tesla app. They pushed them to the car right there. I was able to drive it home, install the software in the driveway, and now I will take the car out and do destruct testing again.

There is still a lot I don't know about managing this car. | 14 May 2019

@mbp11 - One trick is when you see an intermittent issue is after the MCU is working, use the voice command "Bug Report" followed by a very brief description. It saves all the logs and screenshots in a separate area with timestamps that the tech can then review easily. While some think it sends info to Tesla's engineers, I'm doubtful of that (just too much noise).

mbp11 | 14 May 2019

Thanks, TeslaTap. I have used the bug report sometimes but I was told that it does not get transmitted to the engineers, but stays logged in the car's memory for about 2 weeks and then gets erased.

In doing testing to failure today, discovered one item about dog mode. When you get inside the car, you can salvage the dog mode lockup problem by LEAVING THE DOORS OPEN and toggling dog mode off... then then car will remain responsive and you can drive off. If you close the doors, the dog mode locks on and you are stuck with an unresponsive car and will have to do a scroll wheel reset!

I am testing other features to failure. There is so much I don't know about this car.

(I think my girlfriend hates the car, but likes the dog mode!)

hansmi21 | 17 November 2019

When I'm driving(Nov 17, PM 4:30), the touchscreen freezes and also it reboots automatically 5 times for 30 min. And the map doesn't show up! I already report this several times and they fixed twice. I fixed this last Friday, it is first time driving after I fixed. What's wrong with the car? It is just impossible to drive!

Vawlkus | 21 November 2019

Sounds like user error to me.

elammer | 4 February 2020

Clarifying question. I see firmware mentioned in this thread - how do I check this vs software? I’m pretty vigilant about updating SW. My experience is similar to many of the posts here. Instrument screen freezes. Sometimes for a couple minutes or up to 30-min-ish. Reboots on its own - all systems reset - while driving. First brought in Nov. SC said they couldn’t find any fault codes sent me on my way after confirming I have latest software. Now have a photo (time date stamped) taken in the garage, screen shows 38 MPH and battery level at 47 miles remaining. Actual range was 9. Tesla says this doesn’t clasify as a safety issue, I disagree. Currently on software v. 2020.4.1