Wi-Fi issues (still)

Wi-Fi issues (still)

The only way I seem to be able to consistently connect to Wi-Fi these days is by rebooting the touchscreen. I cannot keep doing this. Does anyone know why this is happening?

EVRider | 12 April 2018

Which firmware version and which MCU?

DRFLGD | 12 April 2018

My car is an 8/17 build S100D, so MCU1. The firmware version is 10.4.

murphyS90D | 13 April 2018

When the car goes to sleep it disconnects from WiFi, even if always connected is checked.
When a Tesla server needs to contact the car it uses the cellular network to wake it up by contacting its phone number. The car then decides if it is necessary to switch to WiFi.

Boonedocks | 13 April 2018

@drflgd do you happen to have your car on the same network as a “WINK” or PS4 or Xbox or Cable/Satellite DVR? Any and all of these will cause your car to constantly disconnect from your network. You can watch your router and see it connect and disconnect or even sit on your car and watch it cycle the WiFi constantly connecting and disconnecting. If it is on a separate isolated network by itself (and strong enough to keep the connection) then its time to get service involved.

DRFLGD | 13 April 2018

murphy: Thanks for the info. But even if I sit in the car and try to connect to Wi-Fi manually, it says it can't connect and asks for my password again, I enter it (again), and still it doesn't connect. The signal is more than strong enough to connect as per the bars showing on the car as well as my iPhone, so that's not it.

Boonedocks: I heard about that so I set up the 2.4 GHz band as a "MyTesla" network and only have my car and my son's laptop (which he uses infrequently and also can only connect to 2.4 GHz) able to access it. And I mentioned it to service about a month ago and they said they looked at it.

EVRider | 13 April 2018

When did this start happening, and did you change or reconfigure your WiFi router around that time?

DRFLGD | 13 April 2018

EV: I've had the car for 6 months and only within the past couple of months started paying more attention to the Wi-Fi connection, because of the lag in getting updates compared to when I first got the car. I configured the separate network about a month ago and it seemed to get better, but recently it's seems to have gotten worse. I can't explain it.