2015 EV Comparison

2015 EV Comparison


I created for myself a comparison grid of all the EVs available in North America.

EV Grid

Thought you might find some value in it.



Ross1 | October 5, 2015

Good work! Some effort went into that.

Red Sage ca us | October 5, 2015


CNSMS | October 5, 2015

Very nice. Thanks for the time and effort you put in.

JuJoo | October 5, 2015

This is very in-depth; very nice work!

JeffreyR | October 5, 2015

@pierre.roberge +1
Very nice indeed, thanks!

Here is a little page I found that might make your life easier. It shows how you can fix the heading row of a table (so you won't need to repeat the cars under each section). You can divide each sub-section using a colspan w/ the sub-section heading in it.

Also, the Cd of Model S is 0.24.

mgtesla1 | October 5, 2015

Nice! VW e-Golf is missing though.

Brian H | October 5, 2015


Usages: "plug" is always followed by "in" in this context.
"Loft" is meaningless here.

Timo | October 6, 2015

Kia Soul Drag Coefficient can't possibly be that low. More like 0.35 or close to that. It requires streamlined shape to get 0.25 or less.

pierre.roberge | October 6, 2015

Thanks @JeffreyR will look into it. @Timo, I will double-check my numbers thanks. Added the i-MiEV also. Good point @mgtesla1 I will add the e-Golf.

Timo | October 7, 2015

That Kia Soul range is also suspicious. Nissan Leaf should have bigger range than Kia. I very much doubt that a car that is that heavy and aerodynamically bad could even get that good mpge figures.

EPA states that it has 93 mile range, but I find that very hard to believe, unless it's some artifact remnant from new EPA vs old EPA tests.

Those are just my suspicions, but this one is an error:

BMW i3 EPA range is 81 miles, not 100. 100 mile range you get from European tests (NEDC).

Ross1 | October 7, 2015

@Timo: This is why a certain member is so fond of KIAs. Misinformed.

Timo | October 7, 2015

I was curious enough to read several reviews and it looks like Kia range is correct, or even underestimated by EPA. They have done something right.

However it is not good for road trips, because it's not aerodynamic. Its highway speed range is considerably less than city range. As a city car it is fine.

IMO when you are talking about electric cars it's the highway range that matters, not the combined one, because at short city round trips you never need to charge on route and the range is pretty much irrelevant as long as it is long enough that you get back to home with one charge.

JuJoo | October 7, 2015

MPGe ratings are relatively useless to me. I do wish that highway range would be separated from city range, since in ICE's MPG Hwy differs in city, and reversed in EV's.