400 mph Road Car?

400 mph Road Car?

That claim for an electric car has been made by Acabion Da Vinci:

The comments seem about 90% certain this is vaporware, though.

ghillair | September 2, 2014

Coming soooooooooon (right after the Hyperloop)!

carlgo | September 3, 2014

400mph? Sure, any Bonnyville streamliner with enough power can do that and any automaker could build it, ICE or electric.

Why it is doomed:

1. Passengers would be terrified.
2. People can't fully concentrate for more than a few minutes.
3. Texting would be difficult while driving.
4. There would always be lane cloggers, going only 300mph.
5. Slight curves in the road would launch the car for miles before it hit the elementary school, as it would of course.
6. Taxpayers won't be happy funding roads for Justin Bieber.
7. We demand lengthy low speed LA car chases on our TVs and won't tolerate fast, quick ones.

Timo | September 4, 2014

8. Pothole
9. Car airborne
10. Gravity wins.

Red Sage ca us | September 4, 2014

A 400 MPH road car would be just like a 200 MPH road car. Traffic and prudence would keep it at 35 MPH in city traffic just like everyone else. Horrid fuel economy would keep it relegated to track duty on the weekends.

Sure, the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport can hit 250+... for about 18 seconds. Then it runs out of gas.

Designs such as this one are at once... Too big, too long, too high, too 'far out'... That's why I like the Tesla Motors design themes, which start with the familiar, then make them more useful than ever before.

Timo | September 4, 2014

Maybe if the road is made so that that car uses magnetic levitation instead of wheels that kind of "car" would be possible, but it requires a lot more than just a car to become reality.

Just like "flying car". It's not about technology, it's about infrastructure.