40/20/40 or Passthru

40/20/40 or Passthru

Most premium European station wagons, crossovers and sedans have either a rear seat pass thru or 40/20/40 fold-down seat backs. I hope Tesla is considering this. I want 4 people and their skis in the car. Cramming 2 people into 40/60 with the 40 down seems like poor option for long distances. It's also unsafe in a rear collision (ramming skis into front seatback) This feature would help to address the falcon door/roof rack issue for some (and not increase drag). Even some Hyundais and Kias have this capability.

Who else thinks this is a good idea?

maplevolt | July 4, 2013

Previous post subject should read: 40/20/40 or Passthru

Brian H | July 4, 2013

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