40kwh upgrade

40kwh upgrade

Has any 40kwh owners upgraded to a 60 kwh battery? How many rated miles did you get??

J.T. | July 17, 2014



CT-Greg | July 17, 2014

The 40 is just a 60 with a software limiter in place. The upgrade is to remove the limit. In my 60, I typically charge to 85% and I have 178-180 rated miles in the morning.

Daytrade71 | July 17, 2014

JT assume that 176 is rated 214 Ideal confirm if you will.

Mathew98 | July 17, 2014

That would be 90% rated charge for S60 at 176. 100% charge will be 195 to 200 rated miles. At least those are the numbers after a year and 10K miles for me.

Your software limited S40 should have similar numbers if you were to upgrade.

J.T. | July 17, 2014

@Daytrade I was being a whole lot more obnoxious than you gave me credit for. Apologies. :-) Thanks to Mathew98 for his experienced information.

My 176 was a guess at your first question, the 214 was a guess at the second.

tes-s | July 17, 2014

@JT - 176 is incorrect. The correct answer the first question is "yes".

murraypetera | July 17, 2014

I'm still waiting for them to discount the upgrade. It would be nice to have at 1/2 the price. As it is I have over 26k miles on my 40 so my range has not hampered my ability to use the car but the extra 60 miles would be convenient at times.

J.T. | July 17, 2014

@tes-s Thanks. Could have sworn it said How many.

CraigW | July 17, 2014

If you bought the 40 you obviously didn't need the range of a 60. Exactly why would you upgrade today? Have your range demands changed? Was the original decision purely financial and you can now afford the cost?

I ask this because I have driven a 40 and it drives exactly like my 60. The advantage of the 40 is that it is a unique car, that likely won't see the depreciation curve that the 60 will eventually suffer. Also, you can fully charge it every day, where you need to only charge the 60 to 200mi when you can't find a Supercharger within 180mi range. I know all this because I recently completed a trip around the US (10,000mi) that included both Supercharger paths and a non-supercharger section across the South. I was careful to charge my 60 to 183mi when around Superchargers and to 203mi when I was striking out into the 'unknown'.

CraigW | July 17, 2014

The 40 has somewhat different software, so a conversion may include a trip to the Service Center - this is something I surmise, but do not know for certain.

Brian10 | July 17, 2014

So far I haven't heard from any owner who has actually paid for the upgrade. I, too, am a 40KwH owner hoping that Tesla cuts the upgrade price in half. Tesla is just leaving free revenue on the table which seems like a foolish business practice. I've been driving my S for a year and have never had any problems with the range but I'd consider paying a reasonable price ($5,000) to get use of the full battery. If they don't cut the upgrade price, then I'll just keep my money and I'll keep enjoying my 40kwH S.

DTsea | July 17, 2014

You could have bought a 60. Why should you get a 60 for less than what everybody else paid?

Brian10 | July 17, 2014

There is no reason why I should get a 60 for less than what everyone else paid. Tesla decided to give the 40kWh reservation holders a 60kWh battery. This is a sunk cost for Tesla. They can recover some of this cost by enticing the 40kWh owners to pay for the upgrade. Most won't pay the full $11,000 to upgrade because they are fine with the range of their 40's but some will pay to upgrade if the price is lower. Giving a "deal" to the 40's to upgrade should not upset those who reserved and paid full price for a 60. Those 60kWh owners had a choice to reserve a 40kWh but decided to pay more for the 60 because they wanted/needed the extra range. No one knew the 40's would be getting a software restricted 60kWh battery. Tesla makes a pure profit by enticing a 40 to pay to upgrade to a 60. If Tesla chooses to leave this cash on the table, that is Tesla's decision.

Khalid | July 17, 2014

+1 DTsea & Brian10