wonder if this is wheel or crank?

eddiemoy | September 22, 2013

there is an article...

i'm thinking there is no crank number on an electric as there is no loss in direct drive... so it is producing 428 HP???

petochok | September 22, 2013

A dyno does not measure HP at the crank. What you see displayed is wheel horse power. "Your results may vary" as they say, due to different types of dynos, weather conditions, battery pack temp and condition etc.

Bighorn | September 22, 2013

Is it safe to say that that's comparable to a 500hp ICE, assuming 85% wheel/crank efficiency for a typical ICE?

eddiemoy | September 22, 2013

but it could be compensating for things that don't apply to the tesla so the number may be skewed. wish they put little more info in the video!

TikiMan | September 22, 2013

If its on a dyno, it's RWH.

Gizmotoy | September 23, 2013

@eddiemoy: Exactly. Dynos usually include a number of corrections that may or may not apply to a BEV such as ambient temperature. Still a great number, though.

NKYTA | September 23, 2013

Loved the "bloody hell!". :-)