60kwh range at higher speeds

60kwh range at higher speeds

I have searched all over to try and find this, but can't. I was wondering if I could travel 160 miles going 70mph when the temperature is around 70 degrees.

Kal-el | April 1, 2013
CC | April 1, 2013


You can definitely go 160 miles doing 70 to 75 mph, I have done it here in NJ in 32 degree weather.

mbcaffe | April 1, 2013

is that with standard range charge or Max range? thx

Swigg66 | April 1, 2013

Standard, so it won't affect the battery

Swigg66 | April 1, 2013


how many miles did you have left? Thanks

EVTripPlanner | April 1, 2013

@kal-el : thanks for the nod. I put together a table at that shows estimated range for each battery (even the one that isn't) at different speeds. Of course, can be very route/condition dependent, so the planner at is a better way to see how a trip might go. We're still tuning it and integrating weather (wind especially), but I think it is pretty good.

ThomasK | April 1, 2013

Yes, I have gotten 170 easily going 75-80 in normal (60s) weather. I had 20 left. He rated range was pretty accurate for me. Also I get better mileage when I am not on cruise control.

prash.saka | April 1, 2013

I am guessing that all of you are talking about the 60 kWh battery. Just checking!

rsbevans | April 1, 2013

ThomasK: Why is mileage better when you're not in cruise control?

Maestrokneer | April 1, 2013

@rsbevans: I'm not sure what ThomasK is talking about, mileage is most DEFINITELY better when using cruise control. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. It's much more energy efficient to keep it pegged at 70 instead of speeding up and slow down to "average" 70.

On flat ground, I've averaged right around 300W/mi with the cruise control pegged at 70mph (which is better than rated range, so you should have no problem driving 160 miles on a standard charge...though I would still use range mode anytime I intend to go more than 120-130 or so).

cpetrush | April 1, 2013

Why would you use range charge if only planning to drive 120-130? Standard charge gives you 189 mile range which is plenty, even at higher speeds, wind, etc. Are you just being ultra-conservative or am I missing something?

ThomasK | April 1, 2013

Here's what I observed. On hilly highways (I live in SF) trying to maintain a constant speed ends up using more energy than just going with the flow and manually working the regen. In other words, the extra energy required to keep the car at 70 versus getting to 65 but using less energy ends up saving more energy.

When you keep it "pegged" at 70, the car changes the acceleration to keep it there. So, in fact, the car is using more and less energy to keep the car at 70. The 70, when you think about it, is quite random when you consider the other factors involved - elevation, headwind, etc. A cruise control that uses the same amount of energy around a given range of speed would be the ideal way... or you could just drive the car.

But Maestrokeener, thanks for the physics lesson! Things in motion stay in motion, that's very good....

PaceyWhitter | April 1, 2013

The only reason that cruise could hurt milage is if you pay less attention when using it.

This sometimes happens to me, I am driving down the highway and a car is driving slower in front of me, had I not been using cruise I would have slowed gradually however since I was using cruise and not paying attention I have to break.