Advice on Selling Model S?

Advice on Selling Model S?

Hi, everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any new advice on how to sell Model S? I have a blue 85 with sunroof, and I'm thinking $60k (with no tax benefits to the buyer) is a reasonable price considering it has 4500 miles on it currently. It would be limited to New York, Philadelphia, D.C. due to charging, though I guess getting a flat bed to transport it isn't out of the question?

Also, I'm particularly interested in whether anyone has been able to trade in a Model S? With the trade-in I'd be interested in getting a similar valuation.


Chuck Lusin | October 8, 2013

A lot of cars sell here and TMC:
I’m sure that someone will buy it if the price is right.

larmorfreq | October 8, 2013

ship it to Norway!

Luclyluciano | October 8, 2013

What options?
Do you know if it requires retrofitting for Canada ?

Blvr888 | October 8, 2013

mrdaniel, why are you selling, if I may? Trading in for another Model S should be easy via service center.

byeICE | October 8, 2013

I second Luclyluciano's request for a list of options.

Tech package? Wheels? Parking sensors (I know it's tough to have already put on 4500 miles and have those) Leather seats?

Anthony J. Parisio | October 9, 2013


I might be interested. I'm in Philly. Here is my E-mails or

Look forward to hearing from you,

Volleyguy | October 9, 2013

3rd request for options.
Just curious as to why?

PorfirioR | October 9, 2013

I might be interested, but a barebones S60 without supercharger (which yours sounds like) is $63K brand new with the tax credit.

You will need to provide more details.

PorfirioR | October 9, 2013

Oops! sorry, I just saw that you say it is a S85.

It is sounding much better.

byeICE | October 9, 2013

I also may be interested, depending on options.

I'm in DC.


mrdaniel | October 9, 2013

I live in a densely populated area with 2 million people, but the nearest service center is more than 2 hours away. This past weekend the rear driver's side window fell down for no reason, and so it is apparent that having a Model S that far from a service center is not smart, especially because the wait time for a ranger is 3 weeks. This time I'm going to just deal with it, but if another serious issue occurs I'm going to sell because it is the reasonable thing to do (buying the car wasn't entirely rational as many of you know!). Thanks for the details.

Bighorn | October 9, 2013

The rear window issue is a widely known problem that is being fixed prophylactically as a service bulletin. We're six hours from a service center, making charging an issue--what's the issue with making a day trip to your service center?

sight20 | October 9, 2013


I too am very interested...please email options/photos to

mrdaniel | October 9, 2013

The question isn't whether I can make a day trip, the question is how many times in the future am I going to have to spend my time dealing with it, especially if it is an even more critical issue. This is the second time in five months the car requires service, and there is no indication of a service center coming on the map. Maybe there will be no further serious issues, but that was the assumption I made when purchasing the car several months after I thought everyone else worked out the major bugs. (The window issue goes back to at least April, my car was built in May, and it was in service the first time in June, so it is curious that the window issue wasn't addressed during production or the first service.)

GLO | October 9, 2013

Have had our car for 10 months now and it's been flawless. Until today (It's at our newly opened service center having its first "well baby" check up!) we've had to drive to a service center once in 12K miles and the service center then was almost 2 hours away. I'd say once a year is no big deal but if you truly feel its unreliable then trade in you must. Sad as nothing else will measure up...

AmpedRealtor | October 9, 2013

@ mrdaniel - I'm sorry you are not happy with the ownership experience, but I'd like to point out that having your sliding glass window drop down is hardly a "major issue". There were known issues with the window regulator clips that are being addressed with all vehicles. You should contact Tesla and ask the ranger to apply all service bulletins to your vehicle while he/she is out there.

My car shipped with the wrong tires, had the drive unit replaced two weeks into ownership due to droning noise (basically replaced what is the equivalent of the engine), and received new alcantara for my B-pillars due to air bubbles in the material. I also had my backup camera swapped out due to focus issues. I am 30 minutes from the local service center.

After addressing the above items, my car is functioning perfectly. Also, my window regulator clips were replaced proactively.

Gizmotoy | October 9, 2013

@Amped: I don't know, unless I'm missing something that's a pretty major issue. You can't take the car out of the garage if it's going to rain, and even if it's nice out anyone can get into the car. Any issue that prevents safe use of the car is, to me, major.

AmpedRealtor | October 9, 2013

@ Gizmotoy - Yes, I agree. I was looking at it from a component and parts perspective. This is such a complex vehicle that a sliding window failure seems minor until you think about the things you cannot do because of it.

Nu2Ecar | October 9, 2013

One thing that concerns me with these ongoing quality issues is how the service centers will cope as the number of cars they serve increases. Wait-times will increase unless QC improves at teh factory. Still I was disappointed to learn the car is on the other side of the country.

772 | October 9, 2013

I'm a prospective buyer in the Cleveland, OH area (2+ hours from the nearest service center) but I did not really think about these types of issues. I like to work on my car myself whenever possible and/or use a indy mechanic as needed. However, it sounds like even what seems like a smallish repair/fix would have to be done by Tesla (since I assume the parts can't be ordered separately)? I'm also quite disappointed to hear the ranger wait time is 3 weeks...

Sounds like you are leaning towards keeping your car, but if you're still exploring selling it, please send options/photos (and location, although I think I have an idea) to (I don't like to give my personal e-mail address over public forum); thanks!

George with SacEV | October 9, 2013

Just returned home for the "owner's factory tour" there in Fremont. My car was delivered to our home back in early June, but we were still in Warsaw, Poland, so I did not even get to drive it first, as our neighbor took delivery and put it in our garage AND got to take it out a couple of times to keep the tires from distorting due to constant position.

I and the rest of my group of 3 other car "guys" were all highly impressed with the factory, the cleanliness of the whole operation and ESPECIALLY of how each car is quite thoroughly checked in final Quality Control. Obviously still things "fail," but Tesla is not just "randomly checking cars," but giving EVERY car a highly detailed and extensive "end of production" check of function and finish.

PorfirioR | October 9, 2013

If you decide to sell, please include me in your email list. I am at

2050project | October 10, 2013
Anthony J. Parisio | October 10, 2013


I'm sorry you are worried about future problems. I know how that feels. It's not fun! However, it is such a great car. Give it a chance. This is a new car company. Many of people never built cars before. They will learn and get it right. If you still decide you want to sell. I am still interested.

Yours truly,