AMG and George Barris meet Tesla

AMG and George Barris meet Tesla

Are you ready for some fun?

Perhaps Tesla should consider creating two new departments. An“ AMG” like performance department and Custom department. NUMMI has plenty of space and departments that can produce excellent profits with modest investment makes sense. I believe in giving the customer what they want. After all, these cars are “made to order “ 3 months in advance. I think your customers will pay to get what they most want.

“Tesla High Performance (THP).” Rather than offer a higher performance model (S & X) later on. Tesla should allow their customers to pick and choose from various performance enhancements they need: special wheels and tires, suspension and handling upgrades, more powerful engine, aerodynamics, etc. Most customers want a smooth, quiet, quick, luxury car ride (I do). Generally, higher performance degrades those attributes. Besides, racers are accustom to making changes and paying for those changes.

“Tesla Custom.” Allow customers to modify their “S & Xs ” at additional cost: custom paint colors, polished alum. body, different color leathers-leatherette-cloth, additional charge ports, center consoles, tow hitch, roof rack, big chrome spinner wheels, special electronics… endless possibilities.

Just a thought.

Robert.Boston | November 5, 2011

Makes tremendous sense to me -- keep Tesla management focused on the core market, while catering to the "1%" (more like the 1% of the 1%) who want customized products and for whom price is not an issue.

brianman | November 5, 2011

"performance enhancements they need"

I'm not sure the word 'need' applies. ;)