Annoying loud Humming noise in Tesla S 2013 with low mileage at speeds 65 miles and higher

Annoying loud Humming noise in Tesla S 2013 with low mileage at speeds 65 miles and higher

My Model S 2013 started making a loud humming noise recently at speeds higher than 65 miles per hour. it is quite annoying and sounds as if your car has a bad muffler. Called the service person in Mt Kisco NY. First he tells me that he does not know what I am talking about, and he will log into car remotely to check. Calls back that there is no problem. I told him I drive the car and I know there is a problem. Tells me to bring the car in.
Took the service person on a ride in the car. Tells me privately that this problem is not unique to my car only and many are complaining. When we get back to showroom, tells the manager. Yup there is a HUM noise. It seems it is something they all know about and trying to HUSH HUSH it. They tell me it could be the bearing or maybe the engine itself needs replacement. Also showed them that the suede seat is wearing out unusually fast, tells me all suede seats do that and it's normal. Told him I have never heard something like that. How can a seat of a 100k care start to wear off with 24k miles on it. The color is coming off on light color pants. Got an appt a month later. Hoping they can fix the car.

EESROCK | October 23, 2015

I've noticed a drone/hum at 70 mph. Not terribly loud, but definitely there. We took the car in for service a couple of weeks ago but was told it was normal. Since the drive train is warranted for 8 years, we didn't push the issue. I'm not sure whether this sound is the same sound that has caused other owners to have their cars' drive units replaced.

sbeggs | October 23, 2015

Suede seats?????

pstewani | October 23, 2015

Seat with parts of it in Suede leather wearing off and close to having a hole in the seat.

pstewani | October 23, 2015

Normal wear and tear. Color coming off on light color pants.

notice | October 23, 2015

My 2013 S85 had a hum at ~70mph - it didn't change in pitch and only slightly in volume - not enough to be annoying but noticeable - Around the same time, there were several threads here about a different hum (described more like a dump truck driving near you, which was not consistent with my hum). When I swapped on my winter tires, hum went away, summer tires, the hum came back. My conclusion is that the hum in my case is a resonance of the stock Michelin 19" tires. I don't hear this as much on my new S85D and was told that there is more insulation in the newer cars. I think the loud dump-truck hum is a problem for which drive units have been replaced.

Queue Amped Realtor who can tell you everything you want to know about drive unit noises and failure modes: 3... 2... 1...

renwo S alset | October 23, 2015

Oh my, hummers aren't very popular any more.

kevonandmarion | October 23, 2015

From experience, your drive unit probably has to be replaced

ssarker | October 23, 2015

One of my local Service Center staff contacted me by phone when I mentioned the >65 mph 'hum' on this forum. Went on a scheduled drive with staff who had my son move over so he could sit in the rear right seat. Drivetrain replaced same day.

rxlawdude | October 23, 2015

I had a loaner P85 that had this issue. Sounded like a motorcycle was constantly on the car's rear flanks. And it was LOUD. Started at 65mph and continued at higher speeds (increasing volume but same droning pitch).

Red Sage ca us | October 23, 2015

Did you check tire condition, inflation, and wheel alignment?

jordanrichard | October 23, 2015

The hum is a bad bearing on the rotor. I too have this, but for me I hear it in the high 50s, low 60s. Presumably down the road it would get louder and be heard at more speeds.

My service center will be replacing the rotor, in the motor. No replacement of the whole drive unit required. The bearings are a pressed on item. So to correct the hum from a bad bearing, at the service center level they have to order and replace the entire rotor.

The line item on the invoice actually says

Concern: Customer states: humming noise from rear of car 55-60 mph *

Pay Type: Warranty

Corrections: Rear Drive Unit General Diagnosis

Vehicle needs hum repair. parts on order customer will return.

So, yes it is a known issue since there is a procedure called "hum repair"

I am sure Tesla is researching what is causing the pre-mature wear of these bearings. Maybe they have already made changes since my car was made.

My car is VIN 32897, S85, Mar. 2014 build, 35,500 miles.

mclary | October 23, 2015

I'm Back!!!

Did you miss me?

What is the point to this thread again?


callmehere | October 23, 2015

This humming noise is not uncommon and happened to a lot of people as you may find on TMC. I had it develop on mine after a service repair, and had the service center install a new drive train to make it go away. Unfortunately the sound came back again after some thousand miles, but has since gone away on it's own. Hope it doesn't come back, it was super annoying. Guess we both have one of the "early" models that Elon referred to when responding back to the Consumer Reports downgrade

AmpedRealtor | October 24, 2015

@ pstewani,

Tesla is not trying to "hush hush" anything. They will replace your motor and all will be well.

jordanrichard | October 24, 2015

pstewani, think about this with regard to your thought about Tesla trying to keep things hush hush. What exactly is it we are talking about, here on this forum. A forum hosted by the very company that you say is trying to keep things quiet......

gautam2 | December 9, 2015

I had the same issue. I took it to Tesla service center in Fremont. They are changing the rear drive unit.

coburnsc | July 28, 2019

I have this humming sound in my car and the SC told me it was a known normal sound. Some wires are vibrating together and making to hum at acceleration.

Qwiksilver | July 29, 2019

2013 85S 74,000 miles

Have the same vibration at 65mph. Told Tesla SC at second to last visit. They recommend changing the tires. Thread depth was fine. Car under extended warranty, so will wait till I really need new tires, then see if the hum goes away.

Info | July 30, 2019

I had the same issue, drive train needed to be replaced.

And I had a lot more of issues with the car.

Total cost more then Euro 35000,- excluding tax