Any thoughts on planning a trip from Gilroy to Paso Robles and back without recharging?

Any thoughts on planning a trip from Gilroy to Paso Robles and back without recharging?

Taking my 85 south and I am concerned that round trip is about 260 miles..a bit beyond the 241 miles listed after a charge. Do I need to get a few miles charge? If so, wheres the best place? My motel has no clue if they have any outdoor outlets available. King City has some chargepoint stations, but I am not sure if they are operational....when I need them. I am thinking of doing an economy run... 55mph, no heater. Hopefully I will find an operational charge station or a friendly overnight 110v plug.
Wow! first trip that I am having range anxiety. How wierd. Any ideas welcome.

Sanjuro | March 29, 2013

You try returning via the Harris Ranch supercharger, that's about 75 miles or so from Paso Robles, and then back via I5 to Gilroy, 112 miles.

Tâm | March 29, 2013

Reitmanr :

We are so used to hop in a car first then figure out the directions with the GPS.

But I like the Tesla way, it makes us think first before driving.

If I were you, my plan would be

Gilroy - Harris: 111 miles: then charge up on standard charge.

Harris - The Oaks Hotel & Suites, Paso Robles: 79 miles. rest, then have fun and run down the battery till about 120 rated miles then get back to Harris for recharge.

The total one way trip would be 190 miles with 2 standard charges (Gilroy & Harris.)

It 's always good to have some buffer, just in case.

You could run straight down CA 101 highway and enjoy Pas Robles first like Sanjuro says, but that may take away the fun because you need to watch your gauge to make sure you have enough rated miles to get to Harris after the fun.

I do not recommend you to run from Gilroy straight down on CA 101 freeway with 1 single "max charge" (that affects your battery longevity) at Gilroy for 126 miles x 2 = 252 miles round trip. It is possible but not practical.

Remember University of Central Florida researcher David Metcalf and his son who could drive 423.5 miles on a single charge? It is doable, but hey, we are no researchers!

reitmanr | March 29, 2013

Thanks for your plan.
Nice to have some reserve electrons in the bucket!

I did find a possible Nema 50 amp charger at a ranch in Paso Robles. Checking that out also. That would mean about 2 hours charge time before leaving Paso Robles to get me safely to Gilroy SC. That would add about 40 miles to my range.

And there is a Chargepoint station in King City which I could check out on my way to Paso Robles. I am always concerned that a station is either busy or out of order. Thus having a backup plan ups my confidence level.

Again, thanks for suggesting Harris. Who knows, they may even have the additional stations running by mid April.

Keep the electrons flowing in your favor.

Tâm | March 29, 2013

Ahh! Good point! How to avoid busy Superchargers!

In that case, as long as you stay overnight with a 50 ampere outlet (31miles/hr x 8 hours of sleep = 248 mile capacity) , you are fine to skip a Supercharger and you'll be ready for your way back!

Most public chargers like Chargepoint runs 30 amperes (18 miles/hr x 10 hours of sleep = 180 mile capacity) which is quite slow for me. Why not sleep a lot and that'll be enough to get back to Gilroy :)

ghillair | March 29, 2013

I show a KOA campground with 50 amp at Salinas, 29 miles south of Gilroy on 101.

Go for it and if at Salinas you don't have 40 miles left stop for an hour and add 25 to 30.

wraithnot | March 29, 2013

@Reitmanr- My wife and I did that exact trip last weekend. See this post on teslamotorsclub for details:

As Tam mentioned, the Paso Oaks hotel has a NEMA 14-50 (they also said they were planning to install two J-1772 chargers soon, but I doubt that has happened just yet).

You might consider staying at the Oaks the night before you head back to Gilroy- with a full charge at the Oaks you will have more than enough range to make it back to Gilroy.

Even if you don't want to change the reservation, you should call the Oaks, tell them the situation, and see if they'll let you charge there even if you're not a guest. The manager is very EV friendly and may help you out. Of course, the Oaks is a bit more than a mile from downtown so you'll also have to figure out transportation while the car is charging.

shs | March 29, 2013

The Rabobank in Atascadaro (12 miles from Paso Robles) has a 70 Amp J1772 charger.

reitmanr | March 29, 2013

MS Friends-

Thanks for all the great ideas and information. There are enough options to be sure and get me home without a problem.

Got a call from Paso Robles RV Ranch and they have many Nema 14-50 outlets that we can use. They were very EV friendly and they charge $10 for a charge.

So we will check out the local charging stations and hopefully have good reports for all of us to use on future trips.

Traveling in our S is soooo much more fun than all those years of ICE transportation. Who said you can't have fun while making a difference at the same time!

Happy trails!