Are there panoroof owners that would NOT order it again?

Are there panoroof owners that would NOT order it again?

I have an older thread on roof choice already, but I want to focus more on those that have the pano-roof and really regret buying it. My order is finalized on May 6h.... My reasons for ordering it were mainly for the increased head room (tall family), and the more open feeling. I don't plan to ever open it. So the question is, who bought it but would buy a solid roof if they could do it all over again?

rdalcanto | April 28, 2013

Sorry, I would like to try to make this a poll. If you have the pano-roof, can you answer with: Would buy again, or Would NOT buy again. Feel free to elaborate after your response. Thanks.

rodhoffman | April 28, 2013

Would buy again - I live in sunnt Colorado and raely use the AC - it is all about fresh air and I live at 8,500'

Rod in Evergeen, CO

Duffer | April 28, 2013

I love it -- would definitely buy it again. Boston area.

Cirrus | April 28, 2013

Would buy again. Love it. DC area.

skymaster | April 28, 2013

I love it also--would definitely buy it again. Denver area.

Wait a minute, I just ordered my 2nd Model S yesterday...I did buy it again!

alfafoxtrot1 | April 28, 2013

So far, I really like it, but most of us haven't gone through much warm weather yet. Its a great source of light and helps to make the cabin feel open. I also enjoy getting a breeze without too much wind. I haven't had any creeking, leaking, or excessive heat.

bobinfla | April 28, 2013

Really love it and would buy again.

choots.humphries | April 28, 2013


rdalcanto--Yes and yes. Love opening the roof (on the screen), love the extra headroom (I'm 6' 7"), and don't concern myself (at all) with no cover. A very nice addition!

ginsbergr | April 28, 2013

Love it so far, and not having any of the creaking noises...yet. Lets see how it is an summer approaches.

mal42north | April 28, 2013

I would definitely buy again. Its great on those winding mountain roads and when stuck in traffic, good way to avoid air conditioning too. Not so god on the freeway. I'm in the bay area so the climate is perfect for the pano roof.

cablue | April 28, 2013

skymaster: We, too, ordered our second MS early April! I wonder how many of us are out there.

And, yes, we also ordered it on our second. It's a great addition. I keep it open often, even down the freeway. I'm in CA, and so far it has not been too hot with the sun shining through. We're expected to be in the 90s today. I'll pay extra attention to the heat inside.

You may not "plan" to open it, but I imagine you're going to realize quickly just how nice it is open. :)

Dr. Bob Reinke | April 28, 2013

Love it--will definitly get it on our second order. Only problem; has been difficult closing at hightway speeds. A tail wind helps. Or if you are going to close it, pull over, or do it before getting up over 50 mph.

Cattledog | April 28, 2013

Got it, love it, would do it again.

Carefree | April 28, 2013

AZ owner with Pano. It is getting very hot here (100F today). I would get the Pano again if I had to do it all over again. It very seldom creaks - not enough to drive me nuts.

TikiMan | April 28, 2013

I decided against the pano roof because I didn't like the shade as an after-thought. I have owned a few vehicles with moon-roof's, etc, however, they all had pull-out shades that were retrofitted into the headliner, and I can't stand extra heat on hot days. I also found that I rarely used my moon-roof on any of my past cars, and it adds extra weight to the vehicle anyway.

With that said, I really liked the idea of the pano-roof in the MS, as it really does make the cabin feel more open (especially in the rear seats). If I lived someplace where the weather was a bit cooler and less-sunny, I would likely opt to get it (once the bugs are worked out).

Mike C | April 28, 2013

I would get it again. I don't open it fully that often, but the vent setting is nice for extra circulation. It's also helpful venting the roof from the app on hot days before you get back to your car - less power than using the HVAC.

jzahrt | April 28, 2013

Would buy again. Love it. Glad that the shade is basically built in (i.e. the heavy tinting). I always hated needing to pull over a separate shade.

Roger C | April 28, 2013

I live in GA. I would buy it again.

DouglasR | April 28, 2013

Would buy again. Seattle.

carlk | April 28, 2013

Hmmm... seems 100% are for and zero are against the pano roof for those who have it. I guess it's going to be an easy decision for you.

Mark22 | April 28, 2013

I have it and would not order it again.
However, this is not because of our experience with the Pano roof as that has been nothing but good.
For me, it is not worth the extra weight, or higher cost. We got the original because my wife likes a sunroof and it is more impressive when showing the car. We show the car a lot and the roof is a big plus.
It blocks virtually all the heat and light, but as others have noted, we haven't had it through a summer yet.
When I order our second, it will not have the Pano roof.

Mog | April 28, 2013

I originally did not want the Pano roof because I almost never opened my sun/moonroof on my previous cars. I ended up getting it because I wanted the additional headroom. I'm very happy with the headroom, and without it the back seat was unusable for my boys at 6'.

I'm in CA and even for the few warm days we've had it has not been a problem. On my G35, I would close the shade when it was a hot day because the heat from the sun bothered me. Sadly this cut into my headroom, so I had a tendency to slouch.

So, the model is is good for my posture! And I would get the Pano roof again. | April 28, 2013

I enjoy it, no problems at all & would order it again.

PBEndo | April 28, 2013

I would order it again. Like many others have said, I never used my sunroof much in previous cars. In the MS, I really enjoy the extra light and the extra headroom.
I live in South Florida and we have already had plenty of very hot days here. I do not notice any additional heat coming in through the glass. The door handles are a different story - they get really hot.

rdalcanto | April 28, 2013

Thanks everyone. I think it was on the MS vs Panamera thread that someone mentioned they would not order it again, so I got nervous. Your replies are helping me sleep better with my decision.

agiangone | April 28, 2013

Yes would buy it again. A fix on the creak is (hopefully) coming.

jemartin | April 28, 2013

Love it and would order it again. I use it all the time. My two favorite settings are 80% up to 70mph on highway, and 100% with two back windows open for up to 50mph, when it's hot outside.

jeffreed1 | April 28, 2013

Would but needs refinement. I think Tesla did a poor job with the sunroof and windows in regards to wind deflection. I find the sunroof and windows cause a lot of high pitched noise at moderate speeds when open.

Neech | April 28, 2013

Love it - no creaks, no leaks, and like that it is tinted for those sunnier days. With everyday driving the noise is no worse than my other moonroofs and I just turn up the radio. I have not tried it on the highway yet but it is easily adjusted as need be.

eltonf | April 28, 2013

Working great for me. Would definitely buy it again.

easydjr | April 28, 2013

I bought it and would probably buy it again. But it is a little noiser than I expected or encountered with previous pano-like roofs. And I've noticed that the air conditioner can cause a resonant woop-woop-woop repetitive noise at certain opening levels and A/C fan levels. But I'd still buy it again. The solar filtering is very effective. The glare is minimal, never a problem. And I'm 6'3" and haven't found the ceiling height to be an issue.

ravi411 | April 28, 2013

Live in Bay Area, CA and I am happy that I ordered the pano. It has minimized the use of HVAC even on hot days so far this year.

Vent feature is a huge benefit as it helps to get the car ready before you get in.

mikhaila | April 28, 2013

I don't care if it actually opens. I like light and not closed space, so pano is like a skylight. Love it as I loved pano roof in my BMW wagon

mpottinger | April 28, 2013

Would order again.

Pungoteague_Dave | April 28, 2013

We love it but it creaks constantly crazy. It creaks several places and is driving my wife nuts. We have a ranger visit scheduled for Wednesday. The scheduler said they will install three shims to fix the problem. If it is fixed, would definitely order again. If it isn't fixed, no way.

It is one of the gee-whiz features on the S. When showing someone the car, I always have them swipe the touchscreen roof image - that's when they "get" the genius of the touchscreen.

rpc51 | April 28, 2013

Love it also, would definitely buy it again, in Seattle.

nwdiver93 | April 28, 2013

Diddo... Love it; if there's any increased wind noise I can't hear it.

jbunn | April 28, 2013

Love it

Mark Z | April 28, 2013

If the creaks get worse, then I might not reorder a panoramic roof. But, Tesla Motors should get it right and I enjoy the feature. It only creaks on the worst roads and is perfect most of the time.

kashiraja | April 28, 2013

Gotta have it! With a lot of gray weather in Seattle it's nice to have the extra light in the cabin. Besides, being tall I need the headroom! Initially I wasn't going to order it, but I'm glad I did.

pilotSteve | April 29, 2013

Would order again! Love the light and increased head room. Must have feature for me. Seattle.

dougiec68 | April 29, 2013

CREAKING COMMENT: I took my car in for paint armor replacement. while it was there, the service dept proactively had a "creak specialist" look at, and fix the creaking from the pano roof. I hadn't heard any of the creaking, but tesla is aware of the issue and essentially developing a "fix" for the problem for existing cars, and inline production improvement on new cars. in fact, I met with the "aerodynamic and acoustic specialist" (aka creak specialist) and he explained all of this to me... very interesting visit.

so if the creaking is really bothering you, call your service dept and see if they are ready to fix (I was at the LA service center).

p.s. I would buy the pano roof again... love it.

edavis008 | April 29, 2013

I like it and would buy again - Houston

joepruitt | April 29, 2013

Definitely would buy it again - Seattle.

tylerhen | April 29, 2013

Only had it for a few days now but would definitely buy it again. Seattle

Kauai | April 29, 2013

Really enjoy pano roof. Already received 2nd MS with pano roof. Both working great with no squeaks or other issues. Worth noting that the pano allows use of a roof rack. Not sure if that is an options with the hard top.

herkimer | April 29, 2013

@Kauai That was actually the final selling feature of the Pano roof for me: it is set up for installing a roof rack. No way to attach roof rack to the solid roof, confirmed this with Tesla.

breading | April 29, 2013

Got it. Love it. Would get it again.

gsajsboone | April 29, 2013

While I haven't used it a lot yet, I love it--gives a more spacious feel inside too.

Oliver in Seattle | April 29, 2013

Have it, love it, would do it again