Audio Interface improvements

Audio Interface improvements

When is it expected that improvements will be made to the audio interface. For instance, now when it shows tracks as they are playing from my iPhone, it simply shows the album and the name of the track playing (along with the pause, previous & next track controls).

Some of the basics:

Track length
Progress bar (that also allows sliding forward and back in the track)
A list of tracks in that particular album (negating the need to look at you mp3 player device, like the iPhone)
A list of albums available from the bluetooth mp3 player device (again, negating the need to look at a separate device)
The correct album icon (so many times it's from some other album on the device)


jc | June 17, 2013

The album icon is coming from CDDB (Gracenote) over the 3G link, and is used by many companies under license. Unfortunately, it also has a lot of errors and no way to correct them.

For me, I see about 5% do not match my album, but due to re-issues with different artwork, this would be hard to fix (i.e. the same identical album has multiple artworks). Another 5% of the covers are wildly wrong, having no relation to the album/song.

On fix suggested, would be have an option of where to first get the artwork. For example, if the option was set "local", the artwork would first attempt to get it from the connected device (USB, bluetooth, etc.). If it wasn't present, then it would go to CDDB. This puts the artwork back within our control. As a plus it would use less 3G bandwidth (although not that much).

joe | June 17, 2013

Not sure who it is that has responded to my question here, Tesla or a helpful civilian. If it's Tesla, would you mind addressing the rest of the question, when improvements can be expected, like all the others in the list?

If it was a helpful civilian, I appreciate it.

Thank you,

jc | June 17, 2013

Sorry, just a helpful MS owner. It's been rather rare to see Tesla answer in the forums.

I use USB for all my music, so I can't answer your other questions. It's also possible some of the data you want is not available over Bluetooth, but if you get similar info when paired with other equipment, then it's clearly available.

illioilli | June 17, 2013

I think it depends on the source whether or not it will load local or not. In my experience my Moto Droid Razr and my Wife's HTC DNA both provide local tag data and album art over bluetooth, but if I use USB with the same exact songs (which I cleaned with Tuneup to ensure the tag data was good) I don't get any album art. So I use bluetooth for the most part and just have my library a 128G usb stick if I want to hear a song that isn't on my phone... definitely agree that the MS needs an improved audio interface to match how advanced the rest of the car is.

riceuguy | June 17, 2013

There are definitely some issues that are at the device level. Rhapsody on my iPad delivers song titles, track length, etc., allowing the Tesla to grab album art. Rhapsody on my Android phone doesn't provide this data, thus no track name, art, etc.

cmeyers | June 18, 2013

This is a Tesla implementation problem. An aftermarket stereo in another car gets everything from my iPhone and displays it correctly. For example, a podcast will never have a cover in CDDB so why look for one. My iphone has a cover and supplies it to my aftermarket JVC head unit, simple.

Also would be nice if holding down the forward and reverse buttons would fast forward and rewind.

Additionally I would like to chose the playback source, podcast or media or at least have the car remember correctly. Again the aftermarket JVC I have does this and it is a sub $200 unit.

Another simple and easy to implement feature is to store the EQ settings for each source, or even per channel for every source. Some systems I own do this and some don't. I want my iphone podcast EQ to boost mids. I want my stereo or Slacker to bump the bass. When I make a phone call I don't want hardly any bass.

And one more awesome and simple feature request. My Cadillac is smart enough to lower the fan speed when I start a phone call. So I can actually talk to the person. I like to explain how quiet my electric car is while yelling over the fan noise.