Australian test drives and deliveries

Australian test drives and deliveries

When are we going to have news of the imminent arrival of the model S?
Particularly test drives????????

GoodReason | November 1, 2013

And pricings.

Well, the London video has EM saying that the right-hand drives will be out in "late March". But that doesn't tell us anything about when news is coming out.

mwill1 | November 1, 2013

I don't know about the rest of he Australian reservation holders,but I'm feeling a bit like a mushroom.....

Mark E | November 2, 2013

yep, Although I did get a call a couple of months ago. I'm worried about the price since the dollar has take such a tumble.

dborn | November 2, 2013

Despite the phone call telling us that a late autumn delivery could be expected, you would expect some action here such as appointment of a local rep and the opening of a storefront. But, nada!
Are we going to be insulated from the multiple price rises caused by Teslas delays? That would seem only fair. Not our fault Tesla did not deliver in April this year as promised.

Brian H | November 2, 2013


dborn | November 2, 2013


Brian H | November 2, 2013

You'll be bumping for a lotta days; this thread is premature.

Mark E | November 3, 2013

No word on pricing protection for us early reservation holders - in fact the price has risen substantially even without Teslas involvement due to the currency. Even worse, every $1 added turns into $1.50+ after the LCT and other taxes.

Blueshift | November 3, 2013

Don't know if you saw/heard this already: Musk has said that the UK will be the first right-hand-drive country

Miggy | November 4, 2013

Aust and NZL
Speaking in Dublin, Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk said that a right-hand-drive version of the Model S, appropriate for the roads of England and Ireland, as well as for Australia, should be ready for production by the end of March 2014.

It is understood that Tesla has scheduled an initial production run of 500 Model S cars bound for right-hand-drive markets, including the UK, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. Tesla has told buyers it expects Australian deliveries of right-hand-drive Model S sedans to begin sometime between March and June.

dborn | November 5, 2013

Would someone attending today's conference call specifically ask about right hand drive and more specifically when each country can expect to receive their cars?

Mark E | November 6, 2013

Was there any news?

dborn | November 6, 2013

Only news was that they have spent a lot on R&D for RHD. I had a direct email with Jerome today though and he told me that as far as he knew, all requisite engineering was complete.

Mark E | November 6, 2013

That concerns me that they will raise the price for RHD.

dborn | November 6, 2013

Getting really worried about price as well.

mwill1 | November 7, 2013

Well given the fickle nature of currencies and the value of the dollar,it would be nice to know where the final $$$ will sit with even a best approximation between 2-5%.
For sure we will be paying for the privilege of driving a new type of vehicle,but tesla need to be wary of pricing themselves completely out of the market,knowing full well that any American imported vehicle here is vastly more expensive than on their own home turf.
I still live in hope but I would have thought that we would have been kept more in the loop here down under across the pond.

J.T. | November 8, 2013

Even the best approximation between 2-5% will still be an approximation. Setting prices before all costs are known is a recipe for disappointment and frustration. The price will be set when they know what the price will be.

A customer wanted to lock in a price for a catered event for 6/14. I said that we don't price things out that far in advance but today's price would be $85.00 per person. She wanted me to promise that price for next June. I said, "No problem. You want today's prices? I'll give you today's food."

Low CG | November 8, 2013

It'll be worth the wait, Mate.

dborn | November 8, 2013

Not at 180000 for instance!!

NKYTA | November 8, 2013

Funny and to the point @jt!

mwill1 | November 8, 2013

I'm guessing it will be well and truly worth the wait. But at what cost? 120k,.....150k? for a specd 85 kw.......with tech package,sun roof and touch screen hamburger with the lot. The performance I reckon will be somewhere nudging between 175-200k. I'm quietly betting they will start north of 120k. Anything less will be a bonus as far as I am concerned. And send the bill to the tax man,depreciate the cost via the business if it's sustainable to do so.

Mark E | November 9, 2013

You can only depreciate $75k - that's the LCT limit.

GoodReason | November 10, 2013

I'd love it if it were $120k. I'm afraid it'll be closer to $150k, but I hope I'm wrong.

mwill1 | November 10, 2013

Considering I bought my fully spec'd '05 vogue range rover 18 months old for 70k,how much will they cost when they hit the second hand car market? Considering the range rover dropped about 100k in 18 months. What price do we put on being the first "kids on the block" with such a technogically impressive vehicle. I'm starting to ask myself is it really worth it? Certainly it would be an indulgence,worth considering at 120k with some give and take. But I seriously doubt it anything north of 150k.
What does everybody else think ?

GoodReason | November 11, 2013

I'd still be in. I'd stretch to it.

Mark E | November 11, 2013

It depends on the config for $150k. I don't know about you but I want the handling pack but am ambivalent about the P.

dborn | November 11, 2013

I am hoping for 130 to 135. If they are intelligent about our market it is possible by leasing the battery for instance. They could with clever packaging and invoicing avoid the LCT. Make many of the option packages after market would also help. Have suggested as much to management on a number of occasions. Could this be why they are not releasing RHD pricing yet? Certainly hope so!

jeffpoel | November 11, 2013

Look, if you guys are in such a hurry to get your American made EVs, why don't you just make it easy on everyone else and change your driving system to the right lane and left hand drive? You could have had Teslas yesterday, like Norway. But no. You prefer to winge endlessly. A change on your side of the pond to the correct driving system would have the added benefit for us traveling surfers in that we wouldn't have to adapt every time we want to come over and surf your spots. Be proactive!

mwill1 | November 11, 2013

I'm with dborn on pricing guesstimate. But I am also of the opinion out government needs to be somewhat more proactive in this increasingly sustainable era we are living in with more buyer incentives across the board not only for cutting edge motor vehicles. The motor vehicle industry has no future in Australia,no matter how much money is thrown at it with government incentives etc.,given Ford now exiting manufacturing,it's just a matter of time before GM also does the same. The short answer is we will always continue to pay through the nose for motor vehicles,by virtue of our population of some 22 million. I think it's called economies of scale. My 01 F250 truck was bought new for 55k in '01 plus LPG conversion and minor mod's. Today the equivalent is now somewhere north of 120k and in the US it's somewhere around 45k give or take a few shekels!

jeffpoel | November 12, 2013


Yes, the car prices in Oz are a shocker. I've been Down Under a few times and it amazes me that you can afford to drive period, especially with the high gas prices. My recollection is that the high import tariffs (100%?) protect the domestic auto industry and allow them to charge much higher prices, nearly what an import would cost. That's what my rudimentary economics abilities allow me to recollect.

But you have wonderful vistas!

Brian H | November 12, 2013

As always, the watch-word in Oz is "Ignore that man behind the green curtain!"

GoodReason | November 12, 2013

Prices in the UK have been released, which might give us some clues, as it's right-hand-drive.

The base P85 is coming in at £68,700, which is $117 697 in today's Australian dollars. So what might that end up as?

dborn | November 12, 2013

The UK pricing needs to have 5000 pounds added to it as it already includes that deduction for the government incentive.
So, for a car that i would like based on the UK spec and NOT a sig, my figure came out at 70000 pounds. A$120000.00. So, my guess of 130 to 135000 may not be too far off the mark.

dborn | November 12, 2013

That was for an S85. Metallic paint, tech, pano roof and leather, and sensors. 19in wheels. 21 would be a disaster on our roads.

GoodReason | November 24, 2013

This is old (from 2012), but is there any reason to think these numbers would have changed?

The Tesla Model S will cost about 40 per cent more when it arrives here next year.

Tesla Motors' Australian boss Jay McCormack says the Model S and a performance version will begin deliveries in Australia next year starting at about $85,000 through to $130,000 depending on battery pack option and model.

Meanwhile, Adam Bandt of the Greens says:

Low emission cars are exempt from luxury car tax, because the Greens negotiated it :)

but others aren't able to confirm this.

thranx | November 24, 2013

Join Rego. As long as you belong to a club, it is legal to drive a left-hand drive car in Oz.

Importing said car might be another matter entirely. But if you can get it in, that's a way to drive it.

Miggy | May 23, 2014

Tesla will reportedly price the Model S sports sedan from $95,000, with official prices expected to be released in the coming days.

That's almost $20,000 more than you'd be asked for the equivalent model in the USA, but, crucially, Australia-bound cars will have the extra impost of a 10 percent GST and the Luxury Car Tax.

(The American market also benefits from significant government incentives for the purchase of ultra-green cars - another advantage not found in Australia.)

So what does your $95,000 get you? Spec details are still under wraps, but that's the price for the entry-level Model S with the 60kW/h battery.

In 60kW/h configuration, the Model S can sprint to 96km/h in 5.9 seconds, and pumps out 225kW of power from its electric drive motor. Maximum range is a claimed 333km on a single charge.

For the top-tier P85 model, which uses a 85kW/h battery pack, performance jumps significantly. The 0-96km/h dash falls to just 4.2 seconds, while range rises to 424km.

According to Gizmodo, Australian pricing for the P85 flagship is expected to hover around $200,000. Roughly double what the same model costs in the USA.

Jolinar | May 25, 2014

it is 60kWh, not 60kW/h
kWh is unit of energy, kW/h may mean for example the speed of ramping power, but I never seen it used anywhere...

kWh = energy
kW = power

c'mon guys, it's not that difficult :-D

SCCRENDO | May 25, 2014

@Jolinar. Are you taking over from Brian? The Aussies are new to this. Let's welcome them in and give them time to get up to speed.

Brian H | May 25, 2014

KW x hrs is the opposite of kW/h. ;)

Jolinar | May 25, 2014


sorry, that's my professional and hobby deformation...
I didn't mean it bad.

Miggy | May 26, 2014

This is taken off the Tesla web site and it quotes 85 KW/H Battery:
Model S Performance takes electric performance to the next level. Equipped with the 85 kilowatt-hour battery and a high performance drive inverter, Model S Performance accelerates to 100 km per hour in 4.4 seconds. If driven the same way as Model S, both cars achieve the same efficiency thanks to the unique powertrain design. Model S Performance features an interior replete with Alcantara and carbon fiber accents.

Jolinar | May 26, 2014


85kWh not KW/H
If you see somewhere on Tesla web KW/H just place a link here and we will alert Tesla of their mistake. But they have it right on the order page, you can verify it there.

kWh = energy
kW = power
KW/H = bullshit :-)

dborn | May 26, 2014

And pricing was supposed to up by the end of last week.... Per Jerome. Now, I guess earliest will be Tuesday USA or From 2 am Wednesday, Australian time, given Monday is Memorial Day. Another demo of Tesla time.:<(

Red Sage ca us | May 30, 2014

Thanks for the article link, Miggy!

Miggy | June 2, 2014

Great Price comparison on this review from "The Motor Report"

grega | June 2, 2014

Good to see it arrive :)

Just wondering about the Tesla email:
"Assuming petrol prices of AU$1.51 per litre, electricity at AU$0.06 per kWh (based on average off-peak costs), and a monthly average usage of 1,500km, the Model S would result in annual energy cost savings of AU$2,000 compared to a typical 2.5 litre family sedan using 8 litres/100km. For a customer switching from a high-performance sedan using 13 litres/100km, the Model S would result in annual energy cost savings of AU$3,350."

6c/kWh is cheap… I looked it up straight away and couldn't get below 11c/kWh (if my suburb offered off peak at all!), so I'd like to find their electricity company! Why underestimate? $200 or $400 for electricity vs petrol price of $2174 is good anyway!

No off-peak electricity in my area though, taking that to $700, but I'm not able to afford a Tesla for now!

Mark E | June 2, 2014


I contacted Tesla to correct them about that - they adjusted the petrol price but forgot about verifying the off peak power price.