Autonomous Tesla

Autonomous Tesla

I hear Elon is looking to build a team of engineers to make an autonomous car. Does anyone have any info? I see Mercedes, a Tesla Investor, coming out with one on their s500 luxury car. Google it. I'd buy a tesla in a heartbeat knowing that the car would drive me from point A to B. Please Elon, build the autonomous model X soon.

Timo | October 20, 2013

After you have already demonstrated a car that drives better than human I bet it takes 10+ years before laws allow it. That is unless oil companies start to lobby for it.

grega | October 20, 2013

I think Elon reframed it as driver assistance. If I remember correctly he said something about the last few percentage of handling 'everything' being particularly difficult, but I read a lot and I may be mistaken.

Assisted driving will help us all and be very useful.

Driverless cars, however, change everything.

Brian H | October 20, 2013

90% assisted would lead to inattention and laziness, some fear.

Tesla drivers enjoy the process too much to welcome computer control, I think.

grega | October 21, 2013

I agree. If you're reading your iPad while driving, "almost full automated", then if you're suddenly thrown into control it will end badly.

However, if "almost" means that it can safely stop (or handover with plenty of time), and let the driver handle something unusual, then that would work. So when people are on the road directing traffic after an accident, the car doesn't need to understand their hand signals and yelled instructions, it just has to safely prepare to stop while requesting your attention.