Birthday Report Card

Birthday Report Card

My "Limited Edition Dolphin Grey" P85+ celebrated her first year today. We took a 300 mile excursion on the Montanabahn, the virgin Billings superchargers beckoning with their electro-magnetism.

First some numbers-

Miles driven:

25,500; 14,000 on 19" Blizzaks and 11,500 on the fragile, staggered 21" Michelin Pilot Sports. Happy to report symmetric tread depths of 8/7/7 32nds up front and 5/4/4 in the back. Quite a bit better than extrapolated based on early numbers I submitted to lola's thread on rapid tread depletion. Plan to replace rears with Michelin Pilot Super Sports before my cross country trip next week. I expect another full winter on the Blizzaks.

Avg energy: 338 Wh/m overall, but 316 Wh/m on summer tires.

Total energy used: 8612.9 kWh

Last range charge, two weeks ago: 268 rated miles.

Ranger visits: 2, for an intermittent full-turn steering clunk and fob reprogramming--should have been one visit, but first ranger created a problem when initializing new fobs, fixed in 5 minutes by a more seasoned ranger the following week.

Distance to nearest service center: 428 miles

Number of service center visits: 1 for annual service

Number of Tesla Store visits: 0

New Tesla friends and comrades (non-socialist): Too numerous to count

Montana purportedly has one Tesla owner, DrGuest in Bozeman, so I felt compelled to do some advertising in the big city. After a Costco trip, I came upon the area's only Mercedes dealer and was drawn to check out their selection plus any interesting trade-ins they may have, just to reaffirm my lack of interest in any other car, especially on this special day. Just a drive-by, mind you. Predictably, I was halted by a fellow who turned out to be the floor manager. Long story short, he got a ride--loved it, made his day, recognized how silly his offer of whether there was anything he could do for me in return was. He videoed his ride and like the kids asking for "more, more", he repeatedly requested me to "show the torque". He lamented that he's been pushing for simpler, more streamlined interiors and that it took Elon Musk to step up. He said there's no comparison to the S550--that you'd need to step up to the S63 to approach this car. I consoled him by educating him about the Tesla-MB partnership and investment, of which he was unaware, but he clearly finds both the B Class and BMW i3 to be laughable competitors.

Big sky and open roads allowed me to blow out the carbon and the handling was impeccable well into "go to jail" territory. Of note, traveling I-90 through Crow reservation land, it's prudent to carry cash or a check book as local lore suggests a potential lock-up if you can't pay your fine on the spot.

It should come as no surprise that this last year has eclipsed any other of the previous car-obsessed thirty that have come before. Can't wait to see what next year holds in store.

NKYTA | July 26, 2014

+1 Bighorn! Thanks for the numbers and enjoy year number 2, Anno Tesla. :-)

sbeggs | July 26, 2014

@Bighorn, what a great report, loved it! | July 26, 2014

Great up - love the story about the trip to the MB dealer.


J.T. | July 26, 2014

Thanks for sharing the joy. Heck of a birthday celebration. Instead of "Let them eat cake" you apparently said "Let them eat dust." Glad you stayed out of the pokey.

NomoDinos | July 26, 2014

Thanks for the great update, Big! Very cool story about the MB dealer :)

NomoDinos | July 26, 2014

Dangit, Omar, I should have updated before posting

Tesltoronto | July 26, 2014

Great report Bighorn.

One question: How do you get the lifetime stats? I can see only Trip A, Trip B and After the last charge.

Bighorn | July 26, 2014

I've never reset Trip B, so it reflects miles since delivery. There were 18 more present at delivery.

I should add that I've had zero drive units, battery packs or door handles replaced, but they've upgraded my 12V battery both at the ranger visit and the annual service.

Thanks all for the kind words.

Mark K | July 26, 2014

Big sky, wide open road, and the serenity of silent electric thrust. Kind of a cool combo.

Happy Car-Birthday Bighorn!

Bighorn | July 27, 2014

Thanks Mark--it really is gorgeous country, with mountains thrown in to boot. I look forward to others appreciating the area as they explore the supercharger highway. This little stretch goes right by the Battle of the Little Bighorn, which is a great historical venue for young and old. Entry is covered by the National Park pass, which I predict will see an uptick in sales given all the budding Tesla road warriors. I really had no good reason to make the trip other than the fact we have our first "local" supercharger. It wasn't until I was giving the MB guy a ride that it dawned on me that it was my car's birthday, so maybe subliminal forces were at work.

babstude | July 27, 2014

Very cool write up, look forward to doing my own some day!

johncrab | July 27, 2014

Thanks for sharing that! I had mental images of mountains, streams, trees and fluffy clouds as I read through that. Okay, there was also an image of a Rez cop in an ancient Bronco II trying to catch up. A beautiful depiction on a First Anniversary. Many more!