Bright headlights

Bright headlights

Is anyone experiencing other drivers flashing their lights at you while driving at night? Are xenon headlights too bright or possibly misalligned? I was driving tonight and was flashed by five vehicles and one car in front of me actually pulled over on the highway to let me pass. This has happened since the car was picked up several weeks ago. Just curious if it is happening to anyone else.

Just to clarify, I was not driving with my high beams on.

Carefree | March 19, 2013

This is an interesting post. I actually think that my head lights are too high - you might have the same problem. Our service center in Phoenix is not open yet (hopefully in April) and this issue is on my punch list.

jsergeant | March 19, 2013

Yes, I am concerned about the same thing. Strangely, when I picked up the car, the walk through technician said something about people complaining that the headlights were not bright enough, and recommended also keeping the fog lights on. After the first couple of days of night driving, I found the headlights to be very bright compared to my previous car, and after getting flashed by a few oncoming cars, I turned off the fog lights. I still find the lighting very bright and am still getting some flashes.

sidney_wang | March 19, 2013

Yes, it happened to me also. I was following a car for a while on left lane, and then he decided to switch over to the right lane and let me pass. But as soon as I passed him, he pulled right behind me and put on his high beams.

Brian H | March 19, 2013

Yes, check light alignment. On low, you should actually see the "focuspoint" on the road ahead.

edavis008 | March 20, 2013

I have the same problem. I'm having mine checked at the service center this week.

TJP | March 20, 2013

Let me know how that goes, I am about 500 miles away from the closest service center.

kilimats | March 20, 2013

there is no way to adjust them manually or from the touch screen ?

Carefree | March 20, 2013

I've never seen a means to adjust them from within the cabin.

biggator | March 20, 2013

I've had this issue for years with my Corvette - and they ARE aimed/aligned properly. People just see really bright headlights and assume high beams.

Carefree | March 20, 2013

I have Xenon lights on all my other cars and have never had this problem with other drivers. I really believe they are out of alignment.

Vawlkus | March 20, 2013

Same thing in my Mustang, people think my regular lights are my high beams.

kilimats | March 20, 2013

if they think that guys is because your HID lense cutout is bad/leaking or pointed too high, above the cutout it's complete dark so there is no way to blind drivers

RedShift | March 20, 2013

My BMW has knobs over the light housings
To adjust the aim. (X and Y axes)

Not sure about Tesla.

danielccc | March 20, 2013

Does everybody reporting this have the xenons (tech package)?

Jewsh | March 20, 2013

I have not been flashed but I did appreciate the super bright headlights the last two nights I drove. :-)

David59 | March 20, 2013

I don't care to see xenon lights on other cars when they are pointed at me and that is one reason I chose the standard lights over the upgrade. I have not had anyone flash their lights at me or complain about them being too bright. They also work just fine for me.

Brian H | March 20, 2013

Super-bright when cars are approaching you? Why would you appreciate that?

kashiraja | March 20, 2013

The xenon headlights are great. They seem properly aligned and have not gotten any reactions from other drivers. I drive with fog lights off usually.

gocken1 | March 20, 2013

This has been discussed on the Tesla Motor Club forum. There are instructions to adjust the headlights.

olanmills | March 21, 2013

Yes, people have flashed their high beams at me three different times, and some times it does feel like the normal headlights on the S are aimed a little too high.

DonS | March 22, 2013

On my car, the cutoff is a clear line that is high enough to catch other drivers in the eyes. Considering that switching to high beam only adds light to the trees, I think the low beam is a degree or two too high. Since I have the air suspension, aiming can be set exactly where I need it and it will stay regardless of vehicle loading.

sidney_wang | March 22, 2013

I took my car in for an unrelated service this morning, and also mentioned people flashing high beams at me. They offered to re-align the headlights for me. Let's see if that helps.

JanM | February 1, 2014

Very easy fix. 10 minutes for every amateur.

Open the hood, frunk. On top of each light is a rubber circle that looks like a protector from the hood. Grab it with your fingers and unscrew like a regular screw. This is the only screw holding the little plastic cover/panel. Gently pull the plastic panel up. Start close to the windshield and continue pulling up and away from the car, until the whole panel is out.
Voila, you just exposed the headlamp and the adjust screw. It takes either hex, x, or regular narrow screwdriver.
Turn your headlights on in the garage, look at the line and start adjusting. Turning counter clock will lower your beams. When done, place the panel back, starting at the grill end. Snapping it in place is easy and putting the screw with the rubber head back in is very easy.
Great job Tesla for such a great design. One screw, snap on cover and easy screw access.

I was getting the high beam flashes as well, but not anymore :-)

Dr. Bob Reinke | February 3, 2014

On low beams, as delivered, my Model S was great for counting the number off arresters on power-poles. Took just a short time to correct the error.

Jerk out the fender-to-fronk plastic liners.(held in with Velcro and snaps) At the rear end of the headlight can, find a 6MM Allen recepticle in the can side. Find a dark flat parking lot or deserted flat street and adjust the low beams 150 to 250 feet in front of the car, or the high beams just below the limit of their beams. There is no individual beam adjustment. Drive for a night or two, and if happy with the adjustment, re-install the plastic panel liners. Federal law prevents you from making horizontal adjustments...

rperry | November 5, 2014

I also had the same issue and had my lights adjusted by Tesla and things were fine. Then I had front end damage and when I got the car back the lights were back up again and I was getting flashed by everyone. I am taking it back into the shop. But I am actually looking for info as to whether I can adjust them myself.

ElectricSteve | November 7, 2014

In Switzerland, headlights must be pointing "almost into the ground". I guess because of the constant elevation changes. I don't like it though. Wish they were pointing a bit higher. I'll try the procedure described above.