Can I test drive a Roadster?

Can I test drive a Roadster?

Owning a Roadster isn't remotely within my means. I'm just a huge Tesla fanboy who wants to feel that acceleration at least once. If I stroll into a Tesla store and ask to take one for a spin will they let me?

Vawlkus | January 24, 2011

I've never heard of Tesla turning away someone who wanted to have a test drive. Call them. Worst they can say is "No"

Mark Petersen | January 24, 2011

you also may want to ask then if the have planed any special advents
as the normally give demo drive at those advents
that is how I have tried the roadster, as the local shop only have 1 car, witch is always on display

BladeRunnings | January 24, 2011

I tried to schedule a test drive for the event they had here last October, but they were all booked out. I decided to just show up at the event anyway to see the cars. After talking to the representatives for a while I explained the situation to one of them and he told me to come back afterwards and he'd take me for a ride. Sure enough, I showed up and he took me around town for a few minutes. He hit the charge about 4-5 times during the drive and I couldn't believe the power! These cars will really pin you to your seat the instant the pedal is floored. I was actually dizzy for nearly 30 minutes after the ride. The Tesla representatives are VERY nice and I have no doubt that they'll at least take you for a ride if you ask them.

Gerry Hunt | January 30, 2011

Does anyone have any idea about wht the difference is in the Signature Model S from the regular Model S??? What do you get in a signature that you dont get in a regular Model S??
What is the largest battery pack that you can get in the Model S and what is the cost upgrade???

dsm363 | January 30, 2011

None of this information has been released yet so no one knows. The largest pack will be the 300 mile pack but no one knows if it will be available at launch or what the cost will be.

Timo | January 30, 2011

Largest pack for now. Who knows what the largest pack will be after few years when technology advances. One of the nice things in Model S is that its battery pack is very easy to swap to a larger one without tweaking anything else. Modular design has its advantages.