Center Console Availability and Price

Center Console Availability and Price

Today it states the Center Console is coming soon but also says available Fall of 2013. Has anyone heard when it will be ready and what the cost is...

Petitefogger | December 23, 2013

I sent a console wait-list request to Tesla last Friday and got a reply today which says, in part:

"We estimate the console will be available to those recently added to the list in March of next year. Below is the pricing and availability information that was sent to customers on the waitlist. ... Depending on décor choice, the Premium Center Console ranges from $600-$800 as an option with new vehicle orders and from $800-$1000 as a service installed aftermarket accessory. The difference in price is due to increased expense related to shipping and installation time at the local Tesla service center. ... As an early Model S owner we recognize that the Premium Center Console option was not available at the time you ordered. Therefore, we are offering you the Premium Center Console at the new vehicle order price. Shipping and service installation are complimentary. ... We are also offering the iPhone 5/S lightning cable dock kit or the micro USB dock kit at no additional charge. There will not be a dock kit available for phones that use other charging cables (iPhone 4, etc.). ... We are excited to announce that we have the first console samples installed in our Model S and we are going forward with production. The production rate will take some time to ramp up and the first few batches of consoles will be small. In the next couple of weeks we will start sending out emails to those at the top of the waitlist with links to place orders for the console, and we will begin delivering the first batch of consoles shortly after that. We do not have the exact delivery timing for each waitlist entry so please bear with us as we work our way down the list and send out ordering information as more consoles become available."

Burt Court | December 23, 2013

Great news if all factual. Called my sales rep to see if I can add it to my order already scheduled for late Jan delivery. Awaiting reply.

LithionSD | December 23, 2013

@Burt - The email response I received from Tesla 3 weeks ago is the same response @Pettifogger got last week saying the console will be available to the wait list in March. Hoping, like you, to have it done during my build I also contacted my delivery specialist and was told that I would have to wait until March also.

Burt Court | December 23, 2013

thanks, tflack. Don't want to do anything to delay my order...

2050project | December 24, 2013

Aftermarket center console insert options start at $550 and are already available too:

stevenmaifert | December 24, 2013

I wonder what it is about Tesla's CC that requires Service Center installation? The one I have from Tesla Accessories is an easy drop-in and it stays put.

bp | December 25, 2013

Tesla appears to have opted for an installed vs. drop-in design - having the console locked into the vehicle.

If there was ever an accident - it may be safer to have the console attached than loose. And Tesla wouldn't want the console to become a safety issue and risk losing their status as the safest car on the market.

The waiver of the installation fee for current Model S owners means we won't be penalized by adding the console now since it wasn't available when we purchased our cars.

After that, owners will pay an installation fee to have the console added after delivery, which is reasonable.

AmpedRealtor | December 25, 2013

@ stevenmaifert,

In the event of an accident, I would probably not want a center console projectile flying around inside of the car at high speed.

tezzla.SoCal | December 25, 2013

The CCI from teslaccessories drops right in, but strangely, doesn't just pop out. It's like those Chinese finger cuffs :)

The only way it could pop out would be a rollover of some type (& I don't think that's going to happen).

stevenmaifert | December 25, 2013

The CCI is quite secure in place. I'm more concerned about the rear view mirror that became detached from the mount and went flying all over the place in the crash test videos.

Robert22 | December 25, 2013

I prefer to have the removable third-party solution so I can deinstall it easily for more space if necessary. In an accident I'd have more concern of injury from a flying floormat than from the teslaccesories console. Horizontal and vertical motion are both limited to millimeters, unless specially positioned for removal. This tells me the Tesla solution has less flexibility at a roughly equivalent price. How is this superior to the Teslaccesories product which is available now?

jandkw | December 26, 2013

Let's put it this way, if the Center Console is part of the Model S when they first shipped, we don't have this discussion, do we? The open platform is good for some but not for many of us. Either way, the Center Console is not the most important criteria to purchase the Model S. Tesla realizes the "lack of" based on the many complaints since Day 1 (too many treads about this topic on Tesla and TMC sites), we now have a $600-$800 CC with complimentary installation. I think the price is quite reasonable as compared to the third party version such as the CCI.

teslamonkey | December 26, 2013

Would I have to put down any money to get on the waiting list or can I just send an email?

Mike C | December 26, 2013

Just send an email...

AmpedRealtor | December 26, 2013

@ Robert22,

The Tesla center console is a much more functional design and it looks more chic than the Teslaccessories CCI product. Tesla's solution is also much less expensive. I applaud Teslaccessories for filling a void, but their designs show a lack of sophistication. Take a look at their "kangaroo pocket" solution:

I don't know anyone who would intentionally install something so hideous in their vehicle. I would suggest a cheaper option: just glue some adult diapers to the back of your front seats! I'm just poking fun, but Teslaccessories needs a better designer.

Pungoteague_Dave | December 26, 2013

Still have my gray leather/gloss obeche custom CCI for sale. As new, now reduced to $300 plus shipping, cost $1,200 new a few months ago. Why would AnYONE buy a CCI when I am just about giving one away? Seems the aftermarket for center consoles has gone soft...

CoSta MeSa | December 26, 2013

@Pungoteague_Dave - Interested, email me at

ABhatia | December 27, 2013

Has anybody considered Avantelle, mentioned at Teslatap sight. Appears to be superior design, but not in production as of this writing. I am already on their wait list.

bp | December 27, 2013

Once Tesla begins producing their console - it's likely they will stick with that design for quite a while, since the console design is not a major selling point for the car.

This provides 3rd party vendors an opportunity to improve on Tesla's design and adapt their products.

It's great owners will have multiple options - and personal taste will determine which of the options they like best. As the number of Model S cars continues to grow - hopefully we'll also see a growing number of 3rd party accessory options...

As for the installation of the Tesla console - we don't yet know what that entails - whether it is a permanent installation - or that it might still be user removable.

neil.fishenden8 | December 30, 2013

My console is in!! And installed - I believe we were the first installs in the San Diego area. It looks amazing and I have photos but don't know how to post.

Pros: Looks very polished and "richer" than the open space

Cons: IPhone doc plug is too short to accommodate a case. Weird oversight, as I believe most of us have cases (?). So, essentially the doc is not useable to us.

No ambient lighting inside storage unit. Makes it impossible to see anything in there! Again - strange oversight.

There is a large space underneath the docking area that items easily slide back into - which is hidden and difficult to get to. My husband "lost" his phone in there and only after driving about a mile to the golf course where he assumed he left it, he heard the phone jostle about and realized it was in this 'hinterland"

There are curved inserts to accommodate cups. But, no straight ones to divide the large area. Hard to explain - have photos. But, this is an easy fix for Tesla. No need (IMO) for the additional cup holders, but much more practical for dividers.

Thanks TESLA!!

Petitefogger | December 30, 2013

So the "official" Tesla Motors center console has started shipping? Who installed it - you or a service center?

Bob W | December 30, 2013

@neil.fishenden8... wrote:

"No ambient lighting inside storage unit. Makes it impossible to see anything in there! Again - strange oversight."

Maybe a USB LED light bar with an on/off switch would solve that problem? Something like this?

spasam | December 30, 2013

Neil, does the center console cover the USB ports? Or are they still visible?

tesla.mahedy | December 30, 2013


While I am not Neil, the USB ports are still accessible.
This is based on:
Picture #4

And the quote on the same page:
"Décor matched flip-up deck with rubber grips and a pass-through for USB and power cables"

Hope that helps.


spasam | December 30, 2013

Thanks Alex. Wonder how long the wait is going to be if I order it now.

neil.fishenden8 | December 31, 2013

Hi Alex,

The dock that has the USB is connected to the existing USB. The dock male part is not long enough to accommodate a case, but can accommodate the iPhone without one.

The center console covers the USB with a slide down door - when in the open position, the dock is exposed (and you can see your phone). I can send photos if you message me to

Hope that clarifies.

Mari (Neil's wife)

neil.fishenden8 | December 31, 2013

Oh - and the San Diego Tesla Service Center installed it. Took them about 30 minutes - and, as usual, they were terrific.

firerock | December 31, 2013

To add to this conversation:

Avantelle Center Console is ready to ship!

- Easy drop in console
- Enclosed compartment
- Two cup holders with retractable arms
- NFC chip
- Carbon fiber surface finish
- $679.99 + SH

Our product got some unexpected holiday delays but it is ready to deliver!

Mikial | December 31, 2013


Any chance that you could post some photos? I would love to see what we have in store for us...

JohnnyMac | December 31, 2013

+1 on the photo request. Angles different from those on the Tesla store site would be great if possible.

Brian H | December 31, 2013

I've littered the forum with these instructions:

Host on a website. Expand fully, rt-click and select 'Copy Image Location'. Insert URL in this HTML:

<img src="URL" width="600">

riceuguy | December 31, 2013

I just heard from Tesla that the first 10 consoles have been delivered, and mine is in the next batch that arrived today. They are waiting on 1 more part, then will send out notifications for this batch on Friday if the shipment of parts arrives as planned. They are doing small batches to start, then ramping up quickly, so hang in there!

tesla.mahedy | December 31, 2013

If they do 10 at a time ill be in batch number 12! Hopefully that means I'll get it before the end of fall 2013 ;)

riceuguy | December 31, 2013

Pretty sure the batches will grow quickly as they get a few of each color in and through QA. They seem to think they will be caught up by March or so on what I thought was about 1100 orders.

Mark22 | January 1, 2014

Thanks Neil!

As for the cup holders, that is the main reason I am eager to get one. I find the standard cupholders very awkwardly placed.

cloroxbb | January 1, 2014

Man, I want to see pics!!!

The tesla made console design looked great.

cloroxbb | January 1, 2014

I means pics of installed tesla consoles.

danej | January 1, 2014

Agreed, will those who have had theirs installed post photos please? Imgur makes this super easy from your phone, and you can just post the img src=URL here!

Brian H | January 3, 2014

<img src="URL" width="600">

leon.gelernter | January 3, 2014

For those who were added to the waiting list recently OR European customers as a whole: Don't expect to receive your center console in the near future.

I wrote to Tesla in order to find out what the status of my console is I received this reply:

Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting Tesla. We have started delivering the first small batch of ten consoles to North American customers at the top of the waitlist. There are over 2100 customers on the waitlist and console production is ramping up slowly. We do not have the specifics on the console launch in Europe at this time. When the console supply has stabilized, the tentative plan is to ship the consoles in bulk to our European distribution facilities, and the waitlist will be used to establish priority. We are doing our best to make the consoles available to all of our customers. It will likely take several months to work through the waitlist and begin distribution of the console in Europe. We will continue to keep you updated as we progress and have more details for the console launch in Europe.


Several months in Elon time or Tesla time probably means no center console for me before may or May or even june. I am not happy to say the least. I am one of those guys who hate the open space with a passion. To me the car doesn't feel complete when sitting in it without a center console.

At the moment my car is expected to be delivered at the end of february, but my gut feeling says (and I am willing to bet on this) I can be happy if my car arrives in April and I am pretty sure won't have my center console when my car will be delivered.

Very disappointed...Also the location of the first supercharger here in Austria is in a weird location at the frontier to Liechtenstein. Those living in the capital like me who want to cross the country or go to germany have no fast charging possibilities. No news when some more superchargers will be deployed in more adequate locations either.

I may make some enemies here but in my opinion it still seems that european customers are 2nd class citizens to Tesla motors. Maybe some of you USA citizens can explain why somebody in the states who orders a P85+ today will probably get it in two months or under and guys like me who ordered by the end of August 2013 has to wait something like 8 months. Please be so kind all you guys who made deposits long before the car existed and waited 3 years- this is a total different matter. In my opinion they are pushing back production of older EU orders in order to quickly sell another P85+ to an american - and deliver the car in under 8 weeks.

Plus at the current exchange rate my car costs 157 056.-$ for a P85+, black,pano, tech, 21"grey alloys,parking sensors, sound package...Nice huh?

I love the company and Elon is an amazing entrepreneur... but I don't think that US and EU customers are treated equally. For example: If I am on the waiting list for the console BEFORE some US customer on the list I should receive the console before him. Now US customers are vastly prioritized by the simply fact that they live nearby. Now don't get me wrong for the actual car I have some understanding - there are true logistics involved. Shipping a foot long center console overseas? Thats a huge deal? They have to ship it in bulk? Are you kidding me?

Now I know the replies are gonna be how amazing the car car looks, feels ,handles and that once I drive it : all will be forgotten. Maybe you are right. Waiting is OK...but every wait has come to an end at some point! Just fantasizing about something for months on end- delivery dates being changed left and right, paying 40.000.- $ more than in the states - it ads up. I believe every one of you guys that the car itself is amazing and a true marvel. The company and they way they are doing business are pissing me off more and more.

TESLA will NOT be able to survive solely on US sales. Only if EU sales pick up (also for Model X) will the company be viable in the long run. And waiting 8 months for a car that has been in general production for like 18 months: Simply unacceptable and not a good strategy in countries like Germany, Austria, Sweden etc. I won't cancel but I bet you this will cost Tesla if they don't get their at together.

Ok now you can start to crucify me . I am a big boy. I can take it | January 3, 2014

The European versions are built differently, and require entirely different certifications and safety testing. These have not been shipping for 18 months, only a few.

Now if you had ordered a US built car a few years ago, you'd have it by now (although likely illegal for you to import it).

It's similar to BMW and Audi, that often make and sell versions of their cars in Germany a year or more before we see them in the USA.

Anyway, I hope you hang in there - it's a great car and worth the wait.

leon.gelernter | January 4, 2014


My car is in production since today!!!

I think delivery by the end of february is still possible!

Maybe somebody at Tesla really reads these forums... Just yesterday I vented my anger about the delivery date changes and today the car is in Prodution.

Made my day as most of you can imagine.

Now if only I could get my hand on one of these center consoles... Who knows? Maybe I will be pleasantly suprised.

Roamer@AZ USA | January 4, 2014

@leon, Don't feel slighted. Many European cars don't make it to the US for years.

I was forced to buy a second Tesla because Volvo won't ship their diesel hybrid electric to North America.

From Volvo's website;

"A diesel-electric V60 Plug-in Hybrid is Volvo Car Corporation’s first production model with this new technology, and the car will go on sale in Europe later this year.
In order to make the solution viable for U.S. and Chinese buyers, it needs to feature a gasoline engine."

In the end the slow roll out and decision not to ship the diesel to North America allowed me time to realize I really didn't need it and two Tesla's met my needs. When you finally get your Tesla you will be glad you waited.

Mike C | January 4, 2014

@Roamer: you poor guy, "forced to buy a second Tesla", haha ;)

Dripps | January 8, 2014

Would love to see more photos of the Tesla center console installed.

riceuguy | January 8, 2014

Second batch is still waiting on a part to come in, so there are at most 10 in the wild; might be hard to score a pic!

riceuguy | January 8, 2014

(but I'm in the second batch of 10 and will try to post pictures as soon as I get it!)

riceuguy | January 9, 2014

Ok, next batch of 10 is ready; mine is shipping shortly!

leon.gelernter | January 10, 2014 this pace I will get my Center console in january 2015...

2050project | January 10, 2014

@leon: instead of waiting for months on end, on the one hand, you could go with this:

Or... this: