Chargers along I-75

Chargers along I-75

Is it possible to make it from Ohio to Florida on I-75? Has anyone done it? Thanks.

STY1 | December 31, 2013

Supposedly all Cracker Barrels in TN Havel level2. With advance notice you can charge at Marietta GA service center. After that I think I've heard its campgrounds until well into Florida.

Captain_Zap | December 31, 2013

I don't know anything about the area but here are some resources:

TNEVol | December 31, 2013

Just completed a round trip from Nashville to port Canaveral 1500 miles. Here are highlights am going to post more on TMC forum Southeast later. Charged at Hilton Garden inn in Chattanooga and Residence Inn in Chattanooga. Both are Blink chargers and not much good unless you stay overnite but ok for a stop about 18mph. Drove from Nashville to Atlanta and stayed at Hilton Garden Inn in Marietta on Windy Hill. Great place to charge free and about 19 mph. Some local Leafs there due to nearby GE facility but can get to charger eventually. Used both ways great folks. Next day to Valdosta area. Probably though to make 250 miles so stopped at Ga Ag Museum in Tifton. Lots to see. They have many outlets for RVs don't ask at welcome center, go back to museum. 50A. 30 mph. Also at Tifton Fullwood Park has many 50A outlets and restrooms and playgrounds. I charged at the Koa at Lake Park Ga and walked to Hampton inn but they are closing after first of year. However lots of RV parks in area I drove from Lake park to supercharger in Port Orange. Right now easier to go down I95

Doug H | January 2, 2014

Drove from Detroit to Atlanta.

Left on a Sunday after church. Charged at Plugshare member's house with HPWC in Dayton. Drove to Lexington, KY where I charged at Renfro Valley Creekside RV Park (added it to Recargo). Charged one more time in Nashville, TN. Almost made it home but had to charge one more time just north of Atlanta. I was driving my MS60 this past July.

kent | January 2, 2014

The HPWC is still available in Dayton. Doug and is family was a pleasure to be with for a few hours. It's in our garage, but available with an email or phone call. Information is available on plugshare.