Is Citron Research a Lemon

Is Citron Research a Lemon

In my eyes a total disrespect to the phenomenal upside potential that electric car companies (and there is currently only one) have.

The more shorts there are in the market the higher the subsequent squeeze. It is healthy to have these negative comments, if the whole world would already buy into this success story it would most likely be all over for the stock price.

Just checking.... can MS owners please give me a ratio of how many people they have spoken with that hated the car and its concept vs. the people that loved it and wanted one on the spot. My guess is 10:1 in favor of the MS.

cb9 | July 30, 2013

There are a lot of opinions about seeking alpha, volkerize it for fun.
I have encountered no negative opinions about the car or concept personally, although clearly the whole dealer and oil/gas establishments are threatened.. Some skepticism about buying a car from a company that is so new and small, but nobody hates the car.

If you don't see an uproar from this or the TMC forum for news like this, it is probably because they're all buying stock while it's on "sale" :)

Curt Renz | July 30, 2013

Citron Research tweeted its apparent shorting recommendation at 10:56 am EDT:

What is incredible is that the tweet points to today's Time magazine puff piece for the BMW i3 that appears more like a press release from BMW :

The combined effect may have triggered a cascade through the stop limits set by those who bought this week.

I don't see the ugly short ranged BMW i3 as serious competition to the Tesla Model S or later models. If anything, it demonstrates that another established automaker fears that Tesla Motors will be genuinely disruptive to their industry.

jbunn | July 30, 2013

The BMW I3 is in no way a competitor to the Tesla S. I assume today's dip will recover after cooler heads prevail.