Communication not any better

Communication not any better

I had been advised that my delivery window was 3/8 -3/22. Delivery was scheduled for the Philadelphia Service Center. I have been checking the web site and last week with my checking on the vehicle I received the VIN number.

Still No update on the status, called and checked yesterday and was told the car was finished. Sent an email today asking for the AutoNation electronic form as I indicated 4 weeks ago that I was trading an LX 460. At that time the email indicated to wait the week before delivery to get a good estimate. Today I was told that they don't trade in Pennsylvania. Waited four weeks for no reason. Today I was told that the car was at the Service Center and could be delivered next Monday or Tuesday. No advance notice,no communication,no planning.

Good news is that I can't wait to get the car. Bad news is I have to scramble. No reason for the lack of communication as I have been checking regularly. Tonight I checked the web site, stillbindicates car is in production. NO red delivery button.

Hope the car is better than the process!

models60 | March 7, 2013

Congratulations DeanG, atleast you are getting the car. Wish the experince with delivery were better to make the wait more exciting and less painful I agree with you on the poor communication from Tesla. They really need to improve the delivery side of things as its headed downhill at a fast clip. They are really good at the sales side but quite terrible after that. After finazing, Tesla has gone mute and its been over a month now and well within the delivery window but no updates at all. If it has anything to do with increased production and workload, wondering if cracks would emerge on the service side too. Growing skeptical and almost at the verge of letting go off $5k (I've finalized) to possibly save $80k.

Captain_Zap | March 7, 2013

Have you contacted them for an update?

DeanG | March 8, 2013

The saga continues. Just spoke to my DS who has the car and wants to schedule delivery. Still. No contact out of CA, no paper work, no red button, web site indicates still in production. Maybe I can get it without paying for it.

Captain_Zap | March 8, 2013

Nobody gets a ride for free. That is Elon's way.
Not even relatives, friends, founders or celebrities.
We are all equal.

A fruit basket, maybe. ;-)

svisichio | March 8, 2013

Congratulation DeanG on finally getting your vehicle. I had a similar exoerience when I got my P85 from the Philly Service Center back in early January. I had Philly go into the system and show it as delivered when after a few days it still showed in production. You will forget all these little issues after you have driven the car believe me! Not a day goes by that you dont have at least a half a dozen people come up and ask what kind of car it is and how great it looks.

I still have not gotten my registration or NJ plates but the Philly Service Center continues to send me new temporary registrations when the old one runs out. There are problems within Tesla that have not been ironed out as yet but fortunately they are not with the car!!!