CONFIRMED: 1st Gen Model X's are coming with a single 72 AMP charger…

CONFIRMED: 1st Gen Model X's are coming with a single 72 AMP charger…

there was some confusion going on before the reveal around what the charging situation is for a Model X - dual chargers, single chargers but 60 AMPs? No HPWC?

now that it's been revealed are there any facts about the charging situation for a Model X?

update 10/18/2015

according to TMC and posters to this tread the Model X is slated to come with a single new/improved 3rd generation charger that can handle 72 AMP delivered (90 AMP source circuit) - this is a bit shy of the Model S's 80 AMP charging capacity but not in such a way that I would consider it debilitating…older HPWC are claimed to be compatible and the newer ones have settings that can provide 80 AMPs but since car will only demand 72 that will be the limiting factor.

thread from TMC covering the claims can be found here:

while I consider this information to be highly likely and very well intentioned until there have been more actual customer deliveries there still could be changes.

We will have to see once deliveries are taking place in high quantities - again I believe this information to be very very likely to be true at this time.

AlMc | October 18, 2015

Maybe MarkZ has some facts as he configured/confirmed his X asap.

The *rumor* over on TMC is that the X comes with a single '72' onboard charger.

Tâm | October 18, 2015

Too much secrecy culture for the X that still lingers as its web page is not as informative as the Model S's page is.

Information embargo should have been lifted since the Launch Event to quell rumors.

Tâm | October 18, 2015


Since these are only rumors but there are 2 kinds of rumors:

1) The non-folding seats were also a rumor but it was verbally and repeatedly confirmed by a number of Delivery Specialists so it was assessed to be more credible.

2) However, these charging rumors are different because they are not confirmed by any Delivery Specialist so I would not give much credibility to it.

Logically, since Model X is built based on the Model S's battery structure, there should not be any difference: Enjoy your same dual chargers (10kW x2) and HPWC!

carlk | October 18, 2015

Did anyone actually ask for confirmation after the launch event? Tesla has no obligation to volunteer the info if there were no change from the S. Either way we should know in a few weeks when the configuation page is up.

gordonbremer | October 18, 2015

I specifically asked/confronted my delivery specialist about the MX charger and whether the current HPWC (which I needed to order soon) would be updated, etc. He took a few days to check with the factory, then got back with me.

The MX has a single internal charger, excepting 17 KW at 72 amps/240 Volts.
The current HPWC will not be updated: it works fine with the MX. Use of a 100 amp breaker is recommended with the HPWC set to 80 amps.

AlMc | October 18, 2015

Thanks @Gordon: Rumor of 72 confirmed.

dortor | October 18, 2015

@ gordonbremer - thank you this big news

Pro people will be happy and means we no longer have the dual charger mess - and all X's just do the right thing

Con people will be said to lose the extra 3 kw of charging capacity but it should be fine IMHO

so the 72 AMPS @ 240 is the actual current draw the charger can handle? meaning you need to feed it with a 90 AMP breaker?

Tâm | October 18, 2015


Thanks for the details and confirmation.

gordonbremer | October 18, 2015

@dortor. I agree that a 90 amp breaker is sufficient for the MS. Nevertheless, I suggest a 100 amp in case you acquire a MS with dual charger and want to be able to charge both the MX and the MS from the HPWC by switching from one car to the other. Then, there will be M3. What current will that accept?

ian | October 18, 2015

In case anyone wants to read more, here's the link to the thread on the subject...


dortor | October 18, 2015

@ian - thanks

a single 72 AMP charger for a Model S would greatly simplify things IMHO…

AlMc | October 18, 2015

I agree that 100 amp breaker is the way to go to be prepared to charge the X at home. Certainly if you are constrained by the amperage in the main breaker box a 40amp does work well and can easily charge a battery overnight.

AlMc | October 18, 2015

Correction: a 50smp breaker supplying a 40 amp plug will be slower than a 100 amp supply but can easily charge the battery overnight. Just wanted to clarify.

carlk | October 18, 2015

It really doesn't matter that much when you charge at home since you likely will always have plenty of time to charge overnight. It's when you go to HPWC equipped destination that a higher amp will make a difference.

aesculus | October 18, 2015

I have a 150 mile one way commute (don't do this every day of the week) and also cannot charge until 11 pm (TOU rate) so plenty of time is a relative term.

dortor | October 18, 2015

there are days with my Model S where I do very very much driving all over the place 180-220 miles - then come home and we have evening plans up in the City (120+ miles round trip) - turn around time is key in these situations and any extra AMP's are appreciated - it doesn't come up often but it _IS_ an issue for the non-super-charger 350 miles + days…a little extra oomph helps take the edge off since you're getting home - jumping the shower, and then heading out for dinner and show…so I'm a big fan of getting the most AMPs you can for both charging the car and reducing turn around time on high-demand days.

Mark Z | October 18, 2015

Nothing on my order page indicates the size of charger.

The reported 72 amps will work for me. The 80 amp HPWC has been replaced once by Tesla Motors and should work perfectly with Model X.