Dear Mr. Musk ......

Dear Mr. Musk ......

Yes I know that Mr musk may not read this, but apart from attending a Tesla event, or emailing him, this forum is a pretty good place to address him personally. I am hoping for this to be a thread that can be less of an invitation to criticize ideas and concerns and more a place to "get it off our chest", and build on each others ideas.

Let me start.

Dear mr. Musk,

As i watch various events i am struck by the awe and reverence people have for what you are trying to do, how you are doing it, and the hope it offers that the logical can actually be a reality.
I appreciate that you are doing it all, by yourself. However, as you have said many times, it's not you, but your fantastic team at Tesla and even spacex. As you may or may not agree, in reality, you can't do alone, and adoption by the "masses" as well as the larger economy is key.

Being only one company, with huge resources, you can only take it so far so fast, so I invite you to invite us to help make your/our dream possible. I have no doubt that there are thousands if not millions of people that would, if given half a chance, jump up and get involved in this fantastic venture.

In my mind, full adoption of EVs will need the cooperation of a vast segment of our economy, and the current businesses and business models out there now, supplying ICE demand, and feeding families will need to adapt/adopt their business models to encompass and switch to a different reality.

That means garages, mechanics, sales reps, energy suppliers, transport companies, taxi drivers, college courses, oil change businesses, manufacturers, OEM suppliers, and on and on. The Ice after market economy is huge. How will we transition all these businesses, jobs and livelyhoods transition to the EV economy? It seems to me that this is easily the source of the next biggest Resistance to switching to EVs aside from range anxiety and the romance of our car culture.

Please invite the rest of us to get involved and lead the way to help get the new infrastructure in place and adapt the existing infrastructure to EV. Perhaps you could create a franchise product that can supercharge the development of charging infrastructure and create a accessible framework for deals similar to the chinese one recently acquired. Maybe support land agents to find and negotiate deals for SC locations, or support and encourage gasoline stations to begin the transition, or invite interested millionaires to sponsor efforts, support filmakers to do videos on the merits of a solar powered future.

Mainly i just feel that there are resources among your fans and shareholders that want to do more, not just buy a car and stock, but truly share in the building of our inevitable solar future.

Long live solar city!

I look forward to more mini rants.

Video vic garbutt


vgarbutt | September 11, 2014

Dear mr musk,

It would be amazing if you could supply some dimensions that we could use to create accoutrements for your cars that can be 3D printed. We could design consoles and such things that can be distributed as Downloadable models that we can print and add to our cars. Perhaps there are plastic parts that we could customize and replace with our 3D printed ones! Just an idea.

Haeze | September 11, 2014

I don't understand what you are actually asking for. Are you saying he needs to create jobs to supplant those who work as mechanics/gas station attendants/etc ? I am sure that will happen naturally. People who can turn a wrench in a car, can turn a wrench on a roof putting in solar panels. The really skilled mechanics will still always have their classic car maintenance business. The gas station attendants are unskilled workers... they aren't sacrificing specialized training to take any other job. They could just as easily go to Construction, Fast Food, or School to learn a real trade.

The only thing I saw you requesting is that he "invite the rest of us to get involved"... but as just about every Model S owner (or even potential owners) will attest, we already do, any time anyone stops and talks to us about our cars. What sort of "franchise product" are you asking him to create ? He already has Solar City, he already has Superchargers and Service Centers which make no direct profit... beyond that, the car doesn't need anything.

I guess if you had a specific request it would be easier to enact.

Haeze | September 11, 2014

If I were to make a "Dear Mr. Musk" letter, I would make mine:

Dear Mr. Musk,
After the Gigafactory is operational, please design and market a modular solution allowing people to replace the ICE in their collectible/classic cars with an all-electric powertrain. It would consist of bricks of cells, much like the Hexagon packs in the Model S battery, with integrated cooling channels that connect to each other when they get installed. They would also include a motor, cooling system, control computer, and an "Ice Emulator" kit that allows it to interface with existing gauges in the dash to show battery charge using the fuel indicator, speed using the speedometer, and distance in the odometer. It would also have an interface for temperature. I would like to see this get installed as a single-din or double-din stereo unit to allow easy installation into existing cars without major modification, and it would give the user access to functions that can not be sent to a classic dashboard such as charging rate limit controls, battery pack health checks, etc.

nbrianjohnston | September 11, 2014

Dear Mr. Musk:

Love love love my Model S. But:

When the driver exits the car, the music stops and the AC turns off. This is fine for traveling alone, but when you have passengers in the front or back seats, it is unnecessarily inconvenient. The car can tell when there are other passengers (seat-belt notifications) so why can't it leave entertainment and environmental controls online for passengers?

And the windshield wipers. Why do the operate when the drivers door is open? Tesla's ultra aerodynamic styling means that water from the windshield is flung into the cabin, or worse, all over the driver. It doesn't rain a lot in California, but in Vancouver, it rains non stop for 9 months of the year.

Had I the funds, I would take out a full page ad in your local paper, however having purchased your car, my bank balance is less stellar than it used to be.

Hope you see this.


Brian H | September 11, 2014

Neutral, with Emergency parking brake on leaves everything running, even AC for overnight sleeping/camping (see Bjorn's videos).

vgarbutt | September 11, 2014


It is what it is. I only want to plant a seed, see if it grows. Tesla knows what it needs, and hopefully they will make them known and take advantage of the millions of people that want to help Mr Musk do something real to reduce carbon output. Or not.

The world is waiting for Tesla to do it. Why wait?

GabrielB | September 12, 2014

Dear Mr. Musk,

You have worked groundbreaking deals with Daimler and Toyota to supply them with batteries and drive trains. Once the Gigafactory is running could you also supply Freightliner and Fleetwood with large or dual battery packs, high performance motors, and solar panels? A 100% BEV RV with AWD and solar panels on the roof and tilt down awning could make a self sufficient RV, and could double as an independent power station for a home (also with panels) or community.

vgarbutt | September 12, 2014

Dear Mr. Musk,

Congratulations on the Nevada deal. We knew it would happen. The only thing that spoils it all was the way they cut the arts funding for the motion picture industry. They broke their promise to the Industry for you. I hope they understand, but I'm worried your rep might get a bit tarnished by it. You probably need the money more than the love lost. I guess " That's Business".

I wonder how much that comes to a year? Probably not THAT much!

MarlonBrown | September 12, 2014

I don' know exactly what you are asking.
But I would suggest Elon could create a franchise model. It would be a rock star to let enthusiasts and small business handle maintenance in the cars and also trade-in, etc.

DTsea | September 12, 2014

Vgarbutt, what are you talking about? | September 12, 2014

Dear Mr. Musk,

When asked by a reporter on camera about the stock price, please just smile and resist the temptation to offer an opinion. Or say something like "I am humbled by the confidence that the investing public is placing in the Tesla team." Just a suggestion...

kwen197 | September 12, 2014

The next big step for Tesla in win over the population that are not interested in EV. That has happen by producing a competitive LUXURY car.
Take a loaded ES 300E for a drive, you will see what I mean.

kwen197 | September 12, 2014

Sorry Lexus ES 300H

Red Sage ca us | September 12, 2014

Dear Elon Musk,

Please explain to people, once and for all, that Tesla Motors is about making electric cars affordable, compelling, inclusive, and ubiquitous. It is not about being expensive, rare, exclusive, or luxurious. Unfortunately, it seems that some people never got the memo, or read The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)

Thank you,

Red Sage

vperl | September 13, 2014

Mr. Musk

Elon, keep, keeping on, and get some sleep.

vgarbutt | September 13, 2014

Dtsea can u be more specific?

This is just like letters to Santa!

Keep it coming.

Anemometer | September 13, 2014

Dear Mr Musk,

I have only visted 2 African countries, Both suffered from regular power failures, emough to make doing school work after 6pm and carrying out business at any time of day difficult. Up to 10 hours a day with the power off isnt unheard off. What is heard is the background thrum of inefficient petrol generators.

Could you adapt the work done with Solar City to become an alternative to the grid in Africa as the grid clearly isnt working as an idea? The key issue to adoption is cost, but given the high availabilty of sunshine vs the high cost of importing fossil fuels could provide the perfect solution if the financing and payment method can be worked out. Would Africa make a good destination for recylced stationary cells as a village power pack?

Its a complex problem that needs new solutions given the different financial constraints.

I'd like to see the Africans given more chance to make money by exporting so anything you can push their way in terms of manufacturing would be a blessing. Its the new China dont you know!?

nbrianjohnston | September 14, 2014

Thanks Brian H. I'll try that!

Brian H | September 14, 2014

As an example of using the internet crowd-mind, check out ISEE-3 Reboot.

DTsea | September 14, 2014

Vgarbutt, to clarify as you requested, I didn't follow your remark:

"The only thing that spoils it all was the way they cut the arts funding for the motion picture industry. They broke their promise to the Industry for you. I hope they understand, but I'm worried your rep might get a bit tarnished by it. You probably need the money more than the love lost. I guess " That's Business"."

What were you talking about?

Brian H | September 14, 2014

There was a pilot project funding film industry projects which was cut, apparently to help fund the Tesla package.

DTsea | September 15, 2014

Thanks brian.

vgarbutt | September 15, 2014


Nevada, in order to sell the idea internally, and afford it i guess, reduced a promise of financial support for the film industry there by 70 million, leaving a 10 million fund.

I feel bad for the film industry is all. Not Teslas fault.

vgarbutt | September 15, 2014

Dear Mr. Musk,

Please, please, PLEASE offer up a Model X, or a Model S, to Bjorn Nyland and let him and his lovely wife do one of their infamous road trips across the USA! He gets about 2000 views a day! Please sponsor their next holidays! Please please please... :>)

jgreelis | September 16, 2014

Just have to comment on the job reduction because of EVs. Almost all technologies in some way has reduced some jobs. Today we are launching a missile at the Cape, which is being tracked by GPS versus radar; actually both today, but the handwriting is on the wall - no need for radar at sometime in the future, just maybe near future. One of my old jobs back in the 60's.

One could only imagine the job losses if we get teleportation working; I propose it will create more jobs than we have people to fill them. We would need billions of people to colonize the new planets in building infrastructures and habitat for humanity. We could even find a nice place for the ISIL to live in peace and keep a heads on attitude.

Even a much greater need for EVs for these destinations, since gas stations just might not make there if there is no oil. Charging? No problem, worse case teleport the battery (or even the EV) back to earth for a charge. Remember both distance and time is never a factor in this new technology - as soon as one turns on the teleporter the object is at its destination instantaneously, no matter what its size may be.

Job reduction all depends upon what kind of technology we create, some replace humans (GPS on missiles; I quit that radar job in 1964, and went to deep space at JPL). Some technologies opens the door for many jobs!!

DTsea | September 16, 2014

Teleportation. Haha. Exactly right we can ONLY imagine it since won't see it this century if ever.

jgreelis | September 18, 2014

We can only imagine it for one reason only, 'they' are afraid to try it. NASA just committed $6.4 billion of our tax dollars, that they already spent $1.8 billion to get this far. I am not saying this is wrong, but all this money is just being spent to make 'old technology' bigger and better. Some money should be spent to seek better ways to get into deep space - really DEEP space!

We really need some 'real innovation' versus 'bigger and better'. I cannot guarantee Project BmeupTeleport would be a huge success, but neither can NASA guarantee with their almost $8 billion, they will ever get to Mars either. The only guarantee they will have is that they can transport people to the ISS.

Five million versus billions could not only potentially put people inside the ISS, on an asteroid, the moon, Mars, Titan, to the Orion contestation, or even to the extreme boundaries of our universe, and beyond.

Anemometer | September 18, 2014

Teleportation may be possible, but not time travel. Otherwise people would have come back from the future to demonstrate it.

Red Sage ca us | September 18, 2014

Well, technically... Saying that time travel isn't possible is like saying that perpetual motion isn't possible. You are traveling through time now -- just in one direction. Everything on Earth is perpetually in motion -- relative to the perceived center of the Universe. Basically, we don't know how to travel through time in more than one direction, so far... And we don't know how to control, create, or replicate the vectors of perpetual motion to our advantage, so far... We don't know what we don't know.

"It is a curious creature that can only remember backwards." -- 'Alice in Wonderland'

Brian H | September 19, 2014

Time travelers? To quote Fermi, "Where are they?" (speaking of other civilizations and visitors). (There's been lots of time for civilizations to spread throughout the galaxy, or beyond, at leisurely sub-light speeds. Same applies to time travelers.)

vgarbutt | September 19, 2014

uh this is a dear mr musk thread please respect the post. Thanks

Timo | September 21, 2014

To quote Fermi, "Where are they?"

Not interested of us and using communication methods not detectable to us? Like directed neutrino emitters or somesuch.

Brian H | September 22, 2014

Some would still be using mere lasers and masers, assuming a spread of development stages.

Timo | September 22, 2014

Intelligence might be really rare, even when life would be common. Big brain uses a lot of resources and those are usually better used to other things.

Secondly intelligence without method of manipulating objects does not produce technical civilization.

We are a fluke in evolutionary development (and in our case too stupidity starts to get more common, not less, just check which part of the population gets most kids).

It could be that there simply isn't anybody out there, or that those that are are so vastly different level of technology that we don't recognize them.

Polybius | September 22, 2014

Dear Mr. Musk
May I suggest a "paddle acceleration system and stopping system on the steering wheel" that would allow unenable people that cannot control the car with their feet. Basically allow people to drive with only their hands (like a indy car)

This came from a conversation with a man that had a medical condition, they can no longer control the foot pedals.
I realized that night a Tesla with Indy car paddles for braking and acceleration would allow them the same joy I felt when driving. So he wrote Elon a letter about the idea. You could with two hands, drive the car if it had more aggressive regenerative braking
I did not think it was fair that they could not have the Joy I experienced when driving the model S.

Perhaps I can make a trade? This was one of my favorite cars to drive, but the Tesla destroyed that image. This wild horse must be put out to pasture.

Thank you,Sir!
Kris Kitchen -Wizard of Odd

adudarobert | September 22, 2014

Dear bwana Musk,

Habari yako... Your EV car hakuna matata... This is what we need for Africa.
I would be in a position to pushh this agenda...I so enthusiastic about the idea of an electric car; this is the way forward..the 21st century in earnest.


Red Sage ca us | September 22, 2014

Kris: At least one Tesla Model S owner here drives without the use of his feet. He had hand controls installed. I believe they are the same kind one Friend of mine had in his Monte Carlo, and another had set up in her Mustang. Not quite what you are asking for, but it does work.

Haeze | September 23, 2014

@Red Sage
Even the motion of the planets and galaxies is not "perpetual". They are all subject to entropy, and will eventually cease movement without an outside energy source acting on them.

Red Sage ca us | September 24, 2014

The Big Bang theory allows that we may be subject to a Gnab Gib... Where the universe expands to its furthest, and then contracts, falling back into itself. Sure. In the meantime, meaning the lifespan of everyone and everything currently on planet Earth, everything around us will be moving for our entire lives.

DTsea | September 24, 2014

Days on earth are longer now than in distant past because earth/moon system consumes energy through tides. There is no perpetual motion.

Polybius | September 25, 2014

@Red Sage

Yes, I am asking for throttle control with paddles on the back of the steering wheel and a software update to enable/disable these controls and adjust the steering wheel sensitivity.

I made a Prototype Yesterday and it will work. This would be a big selling point as a new vehicle modified with adaptive equipment can cost from $20,000 to $80,000. That is ludakris

This is where the real benefit of having it as an option on the Telsa's would be huge.

On The cosmos- Gravity Wave - Æther

Anemometer | September 25, 2014

Kris (Mr Musk) I have the answer - ever driven a jet ski? There you go. Bike style throttle, no gears, no brakes (except use regen instead of water friction).

At least the Telsa would also steer without needing the throttle.

You can do away with the left hand braking of a motorcycle by having the throttle with a neutral point for coasting, pull back to accelerate, push forward to first get regen braking, or if you wind it all the way, the brake by wire friction brakes kick in.

So someone with just 1 arm and no legs can drive. Don't make it an option, make it standard.

You could try a different config.. make it a bit like a boat rudder, and have the twist grip mounted vertically.

Can't see any reason why it's less safe than 2 hands on the wheel if it's designed specifically to be driven single handedly.

None of this 2.5 turns lock to lock, the steering by wire system, would prevent you geting full lock if you were doing 85 on the freeway. Variable sensitivity steering. Currently I'm making continous millimetre adjustments to keep in a straight line, I'd prefer it if the car could do that and keep me in a lane, with me using the rudder to enforce proper direction changes.

Lets stick in 4 wheel steering while we are at it, the type that does parallel parking by rotating the wheels 90 degrees ;-)

Maybe something for the 2025 Model S mk4.

Oh, lastly... please mount the indicator stalk so it's at 90 degress when off. This was the only think I could fault the S for on a test drive. I kept indicating right thinking the arm hadn't returned to the off position. Not good in the uk - as there are people in the lane to the right going the other way, or faster people overtaking you. Everything else was just right. Inclusing leaving a real button for the hazard warning lights. Useful when the motorway goes from 70 to 0 and you know the guy behind is trying to make word anagrams with your license plate.

Anemometer | September 25, 2014

Actually the rudder concept really has another benefit... stick it in the centre of the car, and you don't need to make left or right hand drive cars. The owner can swap seats if travelling to a country where they drive on the other side. Something we do in the UK a lot when we drive into mainland europe. Overtaking needs a co-pilot to tell you if the road is clear. Oooh I'm liking this.

The most risky thing I've found is after about 4 days driving on the continent is that it starts to feel normal driving on the wrong side of the road. And it's then you pull out of a gas station and forget to use the right side. literally. My latest car has nav that knows I'm in France and reminds me every time I start up. :-) If you had the rudder system and were driving alone, you could use the seat belt sensors to tell the driver (if driving alone) they had got in the wrong side of the car.

Polybius | September 26, 2014

Either system would work. Its really just a matter of preference. I also Considered a Joystick system that was in the " bucket" console.
The reason that I chose to stick with the wheel and paddle is that that is the Norm for most.

I appreciate all of you feedback.
Thank you Sir!
Kris Kitchen

vgarbutt | September 29, 2014

Dear mr Musk,

OK..... its time to give the press some clarification on SOMETHING! Or parade the new X, or anything to help the stock! Maybe a weekly status updates on the X or giga factory, just to say everything is hunky-dorry. With no info, the detractors have an open field to write such garbage.

Oh and please contact me and I will try and help you supercharge canada.

Red Sage ca us | September 29, 2014

vgarbutt worried, "...or anything to help the stock!"

Hmmm... Up nearly 130 in the past 52 weeks... Up over 33% if you bought at 180. Up over 100% for anyone who bought at 120. Up by 200% for those who bought at 80. Up by 500% for anyone who bought at 40. Up by 700% if you bought at 30. Up by 1100% for the lucky ones that held since 20. ~*yawn*~

"You ain't got no problem, Jules. I'm on the [MICKEY FICKEY]. Go back in there and chill them [NEIGHBORS] out and wait for The Wolf, who should be coming directly." -- Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace, 'Pulp Fiction' (1994)

The Wolf... is the Tesla Model X.

Brian H | September 30, 2014

Elon is a reluctant stock promoter. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Juggernaut | September 30, 2014

Dear Mr. Musk,
Will the Model Y resemble an Elio? A three wheeled commuter enclosed motorcycle thingy? With a 40 KW battery and sleek and light enough to have a 400 mile range? No? Oh well, it would have been cool, and would make more sense with the Y and all. Oh well, get back to work Elon, the world is waiting...

Warm Regards,
Scott Flowers

DTsea | September 30, 2014

What is a model Y?

And no. Tesla sells safety as well as green.

Red Sage ca us | September 30, 2014

There will never be another Tesla Motors product that has an EPA rated range below 200 miles. So there will never be another Tesla with a 40 kWh battery pack -- offered for sale in the United States of America.