Do we have any psychologists on this forum? I'm going bananas waiting for the Model X

Do we have any psychologists on this forum? I'm going bananas waiting for the Model X

Going bananas waiting for the Model X...

Analyze away.

jjs | August 28, 2015

There is no cure for what you have. There is temporary relief, (i.e. details released on the X) but angst is something that will come if waves (now waiting for actual delivery). At times you will feel that you have been cured (delivery of X) but in time the siren that is this forum will call you back. Call you back to discover progress on the Model 3, then the Tesla Truck then the Tesla Super car. Like the Titans of old their grip on you is permanent and unyielding.

What you have, sadly, is terminal in that it will stay with you forever. (Or until you die.) The good news is that if you are careful driving it won't need to be terminal.

Son of a Gunn | August 28, 2015

Haha. Thank you for that. It should last me a week.

Juggernaut | August 28, 2015

Check this site regularly. I do think "soon" is coming sooner than later. I can relate for the wait Model X reservation holders are experiencing as I've been racking my brain about how to legally come up with the funds to afford a Model S. Used to have posters of Ferraris and Porsches on my wall in Jr. High. This is much more of an obsession and now I'm a grown man. Keep on living Model Xers. I'm sure you'll get there way before the Model ≡ comes to those of us financially challenged...

Remnant | August 28, 2015

@ Son of a Gunn (August 27, 2015)

<< Going bananas waiting for the Model X... >>

I don't mean to dismiss your distress, but IMO your patience might benefit from a few considerations I proposed on another thread.

So, here they are:

Because the Founders and the Signature editions are fully loaded, they only require tire, color, and interior preference feedback from the prospective owners, but not a fully functioning Design Studio. Presumably, those preferences can be handled by email.

Therefore, I would not expect the MX Design Studio to open before those two special editions have been delivered.

Even if they start the MX deliveries next week, the special edition deliveries are likely to stretch over Q4,into Q1 of 2016.

In addition, EM made it clear in his Q2 Letter to Shareholders that, aside from the interruptions caused by upgrading the MS/MX production lines, unforeseen supply and delivery operations contingencies could cause additional delays.

Keep in mind that Tesla has done much more than add an overhauled MX to its production. It has, instead, revamped both MS and MX production lines and blended/harmonized them together and with Powerwall and other energy products, while also cranking up the upgrade of the SC network with the new liquid-chilled cables, which will dramatically reduce the recharge downtime to ICE refueling levels.

This latter innovation, though not explicitly mentioned by EM, has undoubtedly also implied an upgrade of the inboard recharge cabling of both MS and MX. What we'll be getting for all our waiting is new BEVs that are truly superior to any current and foreseeable competition, all the way into 2017.

vandacca | August 28, 2015

@Remnant, I totally agree with your predictions. However, I don't like how Tesla/EM are pre-blaming third-party suppliers. Everyone knows that suppliers require some time to come up to speed. If the suppliers are the bottle-neck, then IMHO it was Tesla's fault for not engaging with them sooner.

And the reason why Tesla hasn't engaged with the suppliers sooner is because they hadn't nailed down the design until recently. So blaming suppliers is an immature, young-company excuse. I look forward to the time that Tesla matures a bit and has a more professional attitude.

jjs | August 28, 2015

vandacca Yes and no. One of the issues that Tesla still has is that they are a small boutique manufacturer. (No tomatoes please. Gen 3 will change that but for now they are both small and boutique.)

That limits the number of suppliers that will robustly engage with them and given small quantities some of those vendors don't have the same level of focus they would have with a Toyota or GM.

So there are some things that Tesla just doesn't have control over. IMHO | August 28, 2015

"Where are my 20,000 tail light lenses?" "Huh? You placed an order? We in the middle of a 300,000 piece run for Ford 150s at the moment. I'll have to check into it."

vandacca | August 28, 2015

I know what you're saying @jjs and I agree that's an issue. Yes, Tesla is still considered a small volume manufacturer, but they've been building the Model-S for many years now and know the limits of their third-party suppliers. I still stand that the shouldn't be blaming their suppliers and if they had engaged them soon enough, they could have been up to speed.

I also recognize that there are a lot of new components in the Model-X, and the 2nd row seats are probably very complex. However, if someone like Tim Cook was handling things at Tesla, I'm sure everything would have been ordered long ago and all suppliers will be in sync..

I also believe that Tesla would be better off doubling down on secrecy and not announcing product delivery schedules until they can definitely and accurately predict when that will happen. At the same time, they should provide (to their reservations holders) some generic updates. Moving forward, they should do away with the reservations holders (once they are more financially stable) and get even more secretive. I don't believe you want or need more than 1 or 2 months of anticipation. Anything more can be detrimental to the brand.

DriverZ | August 28, 2015

@Remnant "Because the Founders and the Signature editions are fully loaded, they only require tire, color, and interior preference feedback from the prospective owners, but not a fully functioning Design Studio. Presumably, those preferences can be handled by email."

Presumably, those preferences could be handled by email.
In reality, NO, they are not being handled by email. Myself and The Bonnie have indicated that we have received NO communication regarding making any color or interior selections about our Signature reservations.

Even I suspect that maybe a few Founders have been let in on the secret either by email or private tours of the factory. But Elon, when pressed, said 2-3 weeks for the online configuration. That has proven to be an inaccurate guestimate.

He should not be just making up numbers or dates when he knows we are hanging on his every word. If the truth is this then he should say this:

"Look, I said that deliveries will start in September. What I meant is deliveries to the Founders, not the Founders and Signature holders, not the Founders, the Signature Holders, and some of the public. Right now we are building some of the Founders cars, because those are the guys who are getting the deliveries. Not anyone else. They have seen the specs. You will not. I meant it when I said that nothing will be revealed to the rest of you, even the Signature holders, until the deliveries take place. Don't parse my words and think that if deliveries are in September then the design studio is earlier. It is not. You will see nothing until the September deliveries. Live with it. That means the reveal is in September too. So stop asking about it. Stop backing me into a corner and getting me to say 'end of July' in May or '2-3 weeks' on August 5th. It is not going to happen until September so stop trying to get me to say otherwise!"

That is the more honest approach. Compounding lack of information with off the cuff misinformation is not appropriate.

vandacca | August 28, 2015

+1 @DriverZ

aesculus | August 28, 2015

@DriverZ: Buzzkill :-) | August 28, 2015

@DriverZ: Nice idea but the guy's a katzenjammer kid (f from South Africa not New York. His Mom raised him to be polite. Let's disregard his disingenuous utterings and wait for the reveal when, as you say, the Founders get theirs. It will all then become clear.

Not a perfect company. Still room for improvement here and there. But love the car,

Remnant | August 30, 2015

@ (August 28, 2015)

<< ... the guy's a katzenjammer kid ... >>

However, a katzenjammer kid is not a polite kid, but a naughty one. You say "His Mom raised him to be polite", but you seem to mean that she failed. | August 30, 2015

@Remnant: that's probably why he skipped out of the country. Glad he did. He has made my life more interesting. The Model S is a fantastic toy, better than the Lionel set I used to have when I was a kid. Also a little more expensive but more useful as well. I can both drive it and use it as a hurricane shelter, if necessary. How great is that?

Red Sage ca us | September 2, 2015

So... Is there an update on your condition?

Son of a Gunn | September 3, 2015

Not quite. It's still a mystery. I won't be happy until I can see one on 9/29.