Does window tint reduce heat?

Does window tint reduce heat?

I find my car really heats up when parked in the sun. I wonder if window tint would help. I think the panoramic roof has built in heat rejection. But the front windshield and back window may be letting a lot of heat in. I asked tesla for the specs of each window, but have not heard. Any recommendation or tips to share?

gill_sans | July 3, 2013

I'm a newbie here myself and not yet an owner, but as I recall the pano roof resists 81% of incoming heat (so presumably 19% of it gets through [no idea how much heat comes through a regular painted metal roof]). I think you can use your iPhone or Android app to bring the internal car temperature to a comfortable level a few minutes before you get into the car. Hope that helps some.

GReese | July 3, 2013

Anecdotally after just having gotten the windows tinted, it does help. I have not seen any car temps in the 100's since tinting.

But there could be other explanations.

KOL2000 | July 3, 2013

Yes dramatically. Got full limo tint on rear window and kids stay cool because of it. From outside you can't see in even up close. Can still see out the window no problem day or night. Rest of the car is one step below limo tint (still illegal in Cali but I don't care).

And it makes the car look even better. Tinting is an absolute must IMO.

shop | July 3, 2013

Yes, IMHO you should tint all your cars. Makes a big difference for heat even if you don't go full limo tint.

rd2 | July 3, 2013

Just had my rear window tinted at Auto Image Tint in Belmont, CA, specifically to keep kids cool in the rear seats. Heat blockage is only typically going to be 60% max with most auto tints. It's unclear what the Pano roof has that allows Tesla to claim 81% blockage.

It's illegal to tint the front windshield and front side windows in CA. But I think getting the rear window and possibly the rear side windows can make a huge difference in internal temp on sunny days.

shop | July 3, 2013

You get the rear sides a certain darker level of tint, which allows you o tint the front sides a lighter shade of tint. The contrast makes the front sides appear untinted. Or at least the cops give you a pass for trying.

CalDreamin | July 3, 2013

Here's a table of state laws regarding vehicle window tinting

@ rd2
California allows the front side windows to be tinted to 70% transmission and the rear side and back windows can be tinted to any level.

I had my Model S tinted using 3M Crystalline to 70% on all side windows and 50% on the rear window. 3M Crystalline is supposed to be among the best for blocking heat.

I used Auto Mall Tint Specialist in Fremont, CA, which is not far from the Tesla Factory. They do excellent work and the owner is very knowledgeable and helpful. He knows the Model S, said that the windshield comes with industry leading heat blocking.

eshih02 | July 24, 2013

Just got crystalline installed today all around to reduce heat & protect my kids in the rear. I got 90 windshield, 60s front sides, 40s rear/sides. Hopefully should help extend range a bit too, reducing power needs for climate, especially on more brutal drives like to Vegas.

If you need a place in LA/Orange County, I used Protective Film solutions. They were great, have good yelp reviews and a lot of Tesla experience. I had them clear bra- full front coverage & they also do wraps, so I blacked out the chrome too.

moorelin | July 24, 2013

This (also known as PhotoSync) is more expensive than generic, but even the lightest version completely blocks infrared, and it definitely helps here in Houston:

jeffaa | July 24, 2013

As @moorelin posted above, I've read rave reviews of this tint:

So much praise from owners here, on TMC, and many other high-end auto forums. Just email or call them to find a dealer in your area. There is one in the Denver area, and I'm almost ready to make an appt.

lachiiangillard | January 12, 2014

Yeah,Window tinting would definitely help your car window from the heat come from sun rays and you will get a lot of other benefits from window tinting as well like UV protection and auto security.


Automotive Window Tinting

Brian H | January 13, 2014

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