Don't want CCI? Want to buy a "Yacht Floor" non-consumer option?

Don't want CCI? Want to buy a "Yacht Floor" non-consumer option?

I have an interesting dilemma. My P85 is supposed to come Monday (whohoo!) and I'm working through the final paperwork. My original order was mishandled, the victim of an understandable mistake on the part of Tesla when I changed my mind about some of the options and they misunderstood the changes I was trying to make. Much later (as my car was already being built) I realized they'd mistakenly left out the pano roof. Andrew King in the Maryland office has been great to work with and helped me comb through a collection of cars they had in inventory or coming off the line, and they were able to find a car similar enough to what I wanted. It was a new car, just coming off the line, intended for showroom use.

As a result my car has an option that is not yet available to consumers: a "yacht floor". Basically a trim-matching carbon-fiber plate with non-slip silicon "runners" that clips into the center bay between the front seats, and makes a classier-looking floor down there. Andrew was able to find a picture of one in the Obeche trim:

The problem is, they want to charge me $500 and I'm not interested at that price. Andrew suggested there might be folks interested in buying it off of me - he claims it is easy to remove and install - especially since its a not-yet-available option.

I'm just writing here to gauge interest - no commitment. Would you pay $500+shipping from Virginia to be the first on your block with a yacht floor in your Tesla?

TAD_CA | June 13, 2013

No, I would wait for the CC.

cgiGuy | June 13, 2013

I think I remember seeing this on early beta models. Interesting that they're saying it's going to be a new "option."

I think it looks nice, but functionally I think it would just cause things to slide around more.

PaceyWhitter | June 13, 2013

Wait, if it is removable, why don't they remove it and not charge you?

cgiGuy | June 13, 2013

This is from a Motortrend photo set posted in mid-2012.

fluxemag | June 13, 2013

Wow $500, can you imagine how much the center console is going to cost? That had better be real carbon fiber.

Carefree | June 13, 2013

Let me get this straight: the only difference to existing cars is that instead of the carpet in the middle console you now have this insert (still no dividers, cup holders etc.) and they are charging $500 for it?

That's just outrageous! The announced center console will be way north of $1,000 - no doubt!

shop | June 13, 2013

If its removable, ask them to remove it :-)

luebke | June 13, 2013

Already asked them to remove it but exploring options. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody wanted it.

@cgiGuy, I actually think things would potentially slide around less; the runners are silicone and extremely non-slip.

@TAD_CA, definitely agree that if you want a center console (and I might, someday) there'd be no reason to spend money on this. But lots of people have expressed the opinion that they PREFER the floor there. This would give an sharp-looking alternative to the carpet flooring for those people.

rallykeeper | June 13, 2013

I guess I'd want to see it first before deciding on the money, but I actually think it might be a significant improvement on the carpet.

After living with it for close to 6 months, I'm starting to come around to the wide open space -- yesterday, for example, I tossed my DSLR plus tripod into there.

However, what really bugs me is when I put something slippery in there (currently it's the sunblock bottle for the kids). The rolling around is annoying, but there's really nowhere else in the car for sunblock!

Lou in SoCal | June 13, 2013

At $500, the Center Console option will probably be around $2K. I'll just have to continue enjoying the open space and carpet =)

gimp_dad | June 13, 2013

+1 rallykeeper

I actually think I would like this but I have piano black and specifically avoided carbon trim so I don't think it would go well in my particular car.

The thing I put down there that slides around is my glasses (when I take them off to put on my sunglasses). It isn't so bad if I have other stuff down there that is less slippery but I tend to avoid clutter and rarely have much stuff to set in there.

wbresee | June 13, 2013

They had this in the test drive car. It is nice, it held my man purse really well. I had actually assumed that this was standard until I saw this thread. I believe it was rubber strips sandwiched between wood. The rubber prevented the bag from sliding around. $500 is a little steep.

PBEndo | June 13, 2013

Last month I put 1000 miles on a loaner P85 that had this. I did prefer it over the carpet that my MS has. Things did not slide around at all and I think it looks better.
But not $500 better.

JohnnyMac | July 9, 2013

Curious to know how this ended up working out and how you liked the yacht floor once it arrived?

Jesse K | August 1, 2013

I want a Yacht Floor. Cant find and not sure if I am willing to spend the $$$ on it. So, I am making my own. Below is a template of the one I intend to make out of Bamboo with grip glides. I will say the wood is a major improvement to the carpet with respects things sliding around (and looks of course). Check it out:

2050project | August 7, 2013

The Center Console Insert from - might be a better option for you...

Thrak | September 12, 2013

So luebke, what happened with your yacht floor?