electrochromatic mirrors do not always darken, why

electrochromatic mirrors do not always darken, why

I have found that the mirrors will darken when the interior lights come on in the garage.
When driving at night they do not darken a lot of the time. I think there must be a sensor in the center mirror that senses the interior lights, but does not receive enough light when on the road. Is this possible, and how do I get the mirrors to darken more of the time?
Can anyone help with this problem I am having?

Superliner | February 18, 2013

Have you tinted your windows? That will significantly reduce the amount of light the sensor sees as it is located in the car on the rear view mirror.

The electrochromatic mirrors on my ICE do not dim "as much as they used to, and had I installed darker tint on the rear "back" window they may not work at all. This become a problem "somewhat" because the outside mirror responds to the same sensor. And the tint levels on driver/passenger front windows is not allowed to be dark enough to compensate.

jamestily | February 19, 2013

No, I have not tinted windows or modified anything about the car.