Elon Musk to Oslo, 6th March

Elon Musk to Oslo, 6th March


Elon Musk, Tesla CEO cordially invites to join him for an exclusive reception at Tesla Oslo Showroom & Service Centre on Wednesday, 6th March, 2013

Count me in. Lot's of questions to ask ;-)

GeirT | February 27, 2013

Ooops.... "Valid for invited guests only."

sethvandermeer | February 27, 2013

He is in Europe for the Geneva Motor Show I guess. Hopefully I'll meet him the 8th in Geneva ;-) at least I get to see the MX for real.

kbrianth | February 27, 2013

I got the email invite tonight as well and signed up for the event :)

glaserud | February 27, 2013

Invites seem to be sent to a fairly random crowd. Haven't gotten one. Like a number of sig reserves...

Brian H | February 27, 2013

cordially invites * to join him

*GeirThatsisname, official invited guest #327

GeirT | February 27, 2013

@ Brian H

Hmmm.... #327, really? I'll wait and see if you are right on this one.

jk2014 | February 27, 2013

Latest word is you have to reserve today to get into the reception. First come first serve. However, when you are assigned a vin# to meet Elon, those with 85s will move to the front of the line, then 60s, and maybe 40s depending if he stays till late may or not...

(The above is a joke, ha ha, not serious, pleas don't get up in arms now...)

kbrianth | March 1, 2013

Got the confirmation mail that I'm registered to the event. There came also a mail that the event is now fully booked! Looking forward to it :)

Benz | March 1, 2013

Will Elon Musk be attending the Geneva Motor Show as well?
On which day(s)?

sethvandermeer | March 1, 2013

@Benz, I think so. I will be there the 8th. If I don't meet him, at least I have seen the MX.

Benz | March 1, 2013

I am thinking of going there myself as well.
And I am interested in the Tesla Model X.
But even more in meeting Elon Musk and asking him a few questions.

Brian H | March 1, 2013

Poor Elon.

jbunn | March 1, 2013

Hey Nick. Someone started a thread called "The Smoking Gun - NNT". They are looking for you over there.

ef | March 3, 2013

Hi I got the invitation as well, unfortunatly I can' t attend.
Don't know of the will be any QA session, but if and if there are and some that find my question
Intersting it would be great if any of them could be adressed to Mr. Musk.
Winterdrive mode:
1. Possiblity to set car to keep high suspesion at higher speed, up to 80/90km/h?
2. Softer ESP, that allows for slightly weels spin to get up hills.
Winter Package:
1. Better insulation of the batt pack to prevent heat loss.
2. Liquid heater, like webasto or similar. To heat the batt pack when driving and when park places whe plug in and prewarming is not possible (like on the montain after a ski trip).
As well as the heat the cabin. This way the range in winter condition will be almost the same as in summercondition. Could be fitted in the Frunk..
Sound package
As the FM shouts down on Norway by 2017, will it be equipped with DAB+ (important it's DAB+ not only DAB).
Hope there are planes to install a few in Norway, due to reduced winterrange it should not be more than 200km between each.

Thanks for any assistance.

glaserud | March 3, 2013

One person on the norwegian electric car forum is planning to stream the event. See,7219.msg80077.html#msg80077

Roger_NO | March 6, 2013

@glaserud: Do you know how to follow his stream?

glaserud | March 6, 2013

No, I just know the URL (posted in another thread at the same forum):

dbfish | March 6, 2013

Norway superchargers announced, construction starts in June ahead of deliveries.

In the triangle between Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. Also in Stockholm.

Model S in Europe will have 3 Phase Charging, ChaDeMo and Mennekes charge adapter, pictured here:

Live stream starts at 10:00am Pacific from Oslo Tesla store:

mcptwo | March 6, 2013

no sound?

mcptwo | March 6, 2013

ok now

shop | March 6, 2013

Right now it is streaming a crowd with an open mic, no one there. Did I miss something, or is it yet to start?

Salman | March 6, 2013

@shop, yet to start, it seems. Around 10:15 PST an announcement was made (in Norwegian, so I didn't understand it), probably saying how long the delay would be.

jemartin | March 6, 2013

Great broadcast so far. The main piece of information for us North American owners: Elon just said that the European version will start being manufactured in June, and will have a different built-in charger. It's a lighter, more efficient 3-phase charger. The charger cable will come with a Mennekes adaptor (on the house side), as well as a CHAdeMo one. Given that the Euro charger is going to be different, there is no guarantee that the CHAdeMo adapter that will come with the Euro MS will actually work with US models (Elon didn't say that but I'm guessing... Although now that I think of it, CHAdeMo is DC current, so having a different charger might be irrelevant. TBD...)

Other questions that Elon answered:

- Cold and hot weather performance: he talked about an upcoming feature whereby the driver can pick the temperatures at which the battery heater or cooler will kick in.
- Sleep mode: Elon admitted to a 1% to 2% parasitic power loss while the car is parked, and that a future software release will restore sleep Mode, which will reduce loss to .2% according to him.
- He said that Tesla is monitoring Supercharger usage, especially the idle times between use, and will deploy extra parking slots once it's determined that a particular location is underequipped.
- Future 3G connectivity: Tesla will negotiate the best deal with cell providers and will not derive any financial benefit from the 3G service. It will pass on the cost to us owners without upcharge (I'm assuming that it's also true for US owners)
- He said that there is a good chance that by the time Euro owners get their cars, WiFi will be enabled (July?).

nickjhowe | March 6, 2013
shop | March 6, 2013

Well, good show. I always like listening to Elon talk - you know you aren't being BSed like, oh, almost every other single CEO in the world.

Two things that were new for me. One is that they are looking to raise the Supercharger power level from 90KW to 120KW. So instead of 150 miles of charge in 30 minutes, that would mean 200 miles of charge. Or conversely, instead of waiting 24 minutes for 120 miles of charge, you would wait 18 minutes, or something like that.

Second, he said that he no plans to leave the helm of Tesla, so he's remaining as CEO for the foreseeable future. | March 6, 2013

I came into the question and answer section as I missed the primary talk. Elon had several comments I hadn't heard confirmed/clarified before (although it may have been stated elsewhere before).

1) When Wifi is enabled, it will include Google map caching.

2) The battery pack could be swapped out for a different pack size sometime in the future (no commitment when). The example was if a 120 KW pack became available in 5 years, an existing car could be upgraded. He didn't state a 120 KW pack would be available, it was just a number I think suggested by the questioner.

3) Worst case reduction in battery capacity would be under 20% at -40 degrees, and typically 10% at freezing. Don't hold me to these, but I'm fairly sure these were the values expressed by Elon.

4) While not recommended, if you did a Range charge every day, the battery warranty would not be voided.

shop | March 6, 2013

jemartin - I think he said 2-3% parasitic loss right now without sleep mode per day, but when sleep mode is re-enabled, then 0.1%.

Also of note was his winter driving condition range loss estimates. He said about 10% range loss for a -10 Celsius day and about 20% for a bitter cold -40 Celsius.

ArieK | March 6, 2013

@Frank2 about 2)I think Elon also said this swapping would work IF they could fit 120KW into a pack of the same dimensions. This would work because there is intelligence built into the car side and into the battery side of the connection. He stated this was not the case with the roadster, where all inteligence is on the car side, making it harder (not impossible) to do a future upgrade with a different pack size.

jeroens | March 6, 2013

oeps noticed the comments here to late.
My notes here:

nickjhowe | March 6, 2013

George starts talking at about 5:30 into the recording.

nickjhowe | March 6, 2013

Strike that - 24:30 into the recording. Display was messed up.

nickjhowe | March 6, 2013

It is funny how George tries to "manage" what Elon says. From George's reaction, support for DAB radio was not something that TM was planning, until Elon said they would. Likewise he tells Elon to "think!" before Elon answers the question "will there be 4 wheel drive in the Model S" (answer - no time soon)

Chuck Lusin | March 6, 2013

Swapping out the battery pack for a larger one in the future would be a great idea, but it is opposite of what this says:

DouglasR | March 6, 2013

Is it possible that nkinkaid was only talking about the battery replacement option -- i.e., upfront payment of $8k, $10k, or $12k to replace a 40, 60, or 85 kWh battery, respectively? His answer was posted shortly after the replacement option was announced, and there were many questions at the time about whether it would be possible to use the option to replace a smaller battery with a larger one.

nickjhowe | March 6, 2013

I think it is the difference between an engineering answer and a marketing answer. Just check the number of times George winces when Elon is speaking.

Chuck Lusin | March 6, 2013

The bad thing about that, is they both give different answers, which just adds to the confusion. They really need to sync what they say. I think if it is possable, that should be an option.

Brian H | March 7, 2013

Engineering and corporate policy do not always fit neatly.

GeirT | March 7, 2013

The question asked was if a replacement could be considered in the future when battery technology was expected to improve. The answer was that this shall be possible, as the car is designed for that in a way, not seen in the Roadster. If I understand the above discussion, he did not say that you can buy the car and then order an upgrade to a different battery pack.

jeroens | March 7, 2013

@GeirT +1 - exactly (future technical possibility, versus today existing sales model)

krissu | March 7, 2013

It's rather simple- the intelligence of the battery management for Roadster lies in the car and not with the battery, meaning that it will not be capable of accepting a different battery placed. With model S it's designed so, that the battery management is in the battery pack, producing a battery with differnet capacity, but matching management, will do the trick. In addition the possible battery has to fit in size and weight. Obviously cars driving adjustments have been made according to projected weight, difference in that would mean too many changes in the car. I'm pretty sure that there will be plenty of Model S running on streets over the years and there will be an attractive option to upgrade the battery pack when needed. Either it's from Tesla or some aftermarket production shall remain to be seen. I for sure will go for smallest(for Europe 60) battery pack and most probably upgrade it to a bigger pack after unknown amount of years. This would require the car also to be in good shape when it's time to change the battery. Would not make sense to invest serious money into battery when rest of the car is falling apart. Looking at the charging possibilities announced for European model yesterday, made me certain that 60 kWh battery suits me very well.

Brian H | March 7, 2013

Note that an old (70%) 85kWh battery has the capacity of a new 60kWh one, and its degradation has slowed. It would make a fine replacement for an old 60.

Brian H | March 7, 2013

Note also that an old 60kWh battery has the capacity of a new 40kWh battery, which many in Europe wish they could buy.