Elon's hint "variants of the Model S"

Elon's hint "variants of the Model S"

And then there are a few other variants of the Model S that we will kind of put next year that I think is going to be pretty exciting. In addition to, of course, we were getting into the Model X and starting the initial design work of the third generation S market vehicle.
Elon says while talking about R&D spending at the conference call this morning.
What variants of the Model S is Elon suggesting? Convertible?
Does this statement have any significance?

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mrspaghetti | November 5, 2012

Rumor is that at least one variant is a pickup.

jbunn | November 5, 2012

Here is an early concept sketch of the Whitestar platform and it's 4 variants.

The sedan drawing is very close to the as-built. The X variant is a little lower slung in the concept that the current prototype. Two others are the cabriolet, which is gorgeous, and a van which is not my cup of tea.


TikiMan | November 5, 2012

A hard-top convertible would be nice, however, not as pratical for storage. I would like to see a X6 style cross-over sport-SUV (like in the link above), rather than the mini-van crossover idea of the current Model X beta.

Either way, the platform for the Model S is the guts of the future of automotive.

Nicu.Mihalache | November 6, 2012, those are different cars based on the Model S platform.

My bet is that the AWD power-train for Model X will be ready and it will be easy to implant it into the Model S too, as their "skateboard" is identical. I also expect that there will not be any (major) body differences, at most some tweaked spoiler or bumpers or so.

As they are crazy for performance and their customers confirm that they should be (much more performance orders in % than expected), they will surely offer a sport version on the AWD. We may not get the same 400hp in front, but if you add even 200-300hp on the front wheels to the 400hp we already have on the rear, no Ferrari or Lamborghini will keep up with the 5+2 seat family car LOL

(don't know why I posted by mistake this on another unrelated thread)

Timo | November 6, 2012

With 4WD you will get higher top speed also. Just change the ratio of gearbox for both motors. With all four wheels doing work you need less torque/wheel to get same acceleration, and because you already have more than enough power to make wheels spin at low speeds you might as well put the emphasis on top speed (and even better high speed performance than Model S).

Timo | November 6, 2012

Argh, forgot the closing tag for underline. "...for both motors..."

TESLA: we need preview.

steven.maes | November 6, 2012

Maybe a "more range" battery for Europe ?

jkirkebo | November 6, 2012

That's my hope. They are using the 3100mAh cells now, if they offer a battery with the 3400mAh cells the total capacity will be 93kWh. I'd pay $5k extra for those 8kWhs. And $10k for the AWD ;)

Timo | November 6, 2012

Maybe they get those 4Ah batteries from Panasonic soon. That would increase 85*4/3.1 = 109kWh or 300*4/3.1 = 387 miles or 619 km which would be enough for me to make one way trip to my parents home without charging in a way. Or they get one SC in Finland too...

I would like to have a slightly smaller GenIII "Model S", something similar to Porsche 911 Turbo S but a bit bigger so that you can actually fit four people in it IE. not quite as small two seater as Roadster is, but quite a bit smaller than Model S is with 4WD performance of Model X with added benefit of smaller weight and size.

Too bad that we don't have even teasers of what those GenIII cars might actually be, just some general "smaller affordable car". IIRC Elon did mention in some interview that GenIII sedan will be basically a smaller version of Model S.

HPMellerud | November 6, 2012

AWD on the Model S would be extremely welcome here in Norway at least. So I really hope they pull that surprise out of the hat before I need to finalize my order sometime next year.

So crossing my fingers that AWD can be an option:)

AWD and an even greater batterypack would be just fantastic, but AWD is the thing I would appreciate the most.

cprenzl | November 6, 2012

I would expect in a Model S convertible that it has a very clever roof design and uses the strong battery pack as an advantage. The Second surprise... I have no idea could be something practical or more Speed

Electron | November 6, 2012

Whatever they do, I think we can expect them to try to address other market segments than they are currently targeting. Their growth depends on widening their appeal with more products and price ranges. This is why I don't expect a significantly different model S variant in the near future: it would simply be cannibalizing their existing market. Why waste the effort right now?

jkirkebo | November 6, 2012

Timo: As I understand it, the 4Ah batteries have a lower voltage and higher weight so they would not make a 109kWh battery. Around 100kW I think it will be.

SSL161 | November 6, 2012

Thanks for the link!

I especially like the cabriolet concept. Would that be a hint of what is to come for the new Roadster?

In any event I I'm going to need a bigger garage!

I second the call for AWD on all platforms and more range is a no-brainer.

--- Cherif

Aleksandyr | November 6, 2012

I thought the call mentioned more options, not different S styles. And that existing customers might be able to retro fit. I would guess the various storage options in the front and for the back seats. I would think AWD makes sense at some point, but can't imagine that could be retrofitted. Battery could be retrofitted.

nickjhowe | November 6, 2012

@Aleksandyr - the call mentioned both. Options and variants.

Timo | November 6, 2012

@jkirkebo, higher weight but same size and AFAIK same voltage. It has to have same voltage if the applications for those cells are same.

jkirkebo | November 7, 2012

I was assuming the 4Ah would be 3,4V because of this thread:

vouteb | November 7, 2012

A Tesla (Convertible) Coupe in the next James Bond movie.

Timo | November 7, 2012

@jkirkebo, you are right. Panasonic own website confirms that, it's only 3.4V. 3.1Ah is 3.6V so 4.0*3.4 vs 3.1*3.6 = 13.6/11.16 ratio. 85*13.6/11.16 = 103.6kWh. That's still 365.5 miles or 588 km. Might be just enough if I squeeze out every bit of the pack: Google claims 594 miles if I use the shortest route, so I would have to drive slowly at least part of the trip. Unfortunately vast majority of the route is faster than 55mph which gives that claimed 300 mile range.

I need that charger somewhere in that route.