Flat Tire in Orange County, CA

Flat Tire in Orange County, CA

My wife ran over a nail in our model s. It was a small leak so we were able to drive on the tire. I called the Tesla Service center and was quoted $50 for the repair at the Costa Mesa service center, which was also inconveniently 25 miles away. As a buyer of many sets of tires from Costco, I gave them a try. Their policy is they will not repair any tires not sold by them.

I did a search for Tire Repair in Orange County, CA and found American Tire and Brake in Mission Viejo. The manager I spoke to told me that they repair tires for free, no appointment necessary. I was skeptical. When I arrived at the service center the manager was immediately impressed by the Model S and he and his workers were very accommodating as I talked them through how to operate the car.

Since the car was so new and it was their first time working on the car, they decided not to use their usual lift and jacked up the car manually at the jack point. They even used a block of wood to protect the bottom and spread the load.

The repair was not the typical file and plug. It was a real patch. They took the wheel off the car. Unmounted the tire and patched the tire. As promised there was no charge but I gave a 20 to the two guys for lunch.

If any Tesla owners need tires or a patch for a flat for no charge, give them a call first.

American Tire & Brake
23652 Vía Fabricante
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(949) 830-0760

ian | March 7, 2013

Nice. I've had the same treatment at Discount Tire stores here in Wa.

Would the "fix a flat" kit that Tesla sells have helped you in this case?

tranhv68 | March 7, 2013

I didn't buy the fix a flat kit. Anyways, it is a temporary fix. The patch is a permanent fix.

Tâm | March 7, 2013

Usually, they would want you to buy tires from them, and also you have to pay flat tire insurance in advance, then you can come back to them for "free flat repairs."

But what you describe is unheard of! Why American Tire is not in bankruptcy for fixing a flat from tires that you bought from its competitor for free?

Is this country still capitalist? Fix flats for money, not for free?

jgraessley | March 7, 2013

Americas Tire Company did the same for me (for a Corvette tire). I plan to buy my next set of tires through them as a thank you.

Brian H | March 7, 2013

That's why they do it. Smart.

riceuguy | March 7, 2013

Discount Tire/America's Tire (same chain) does this for anyone because they know you will go to them first when you have a flat. Half the time you need a new tire and buy it from them (and their prices are very good), the other half you walk away swearing you will but your next tire from them! Also, they have great flat tire insurance even if you have factory tires!

pilotSteve | March 7, 2013

Les Schwab (in OR, WA, ID) always fixes flats for free and have excellent customer service. I too have returned to their stores many times and purchase new tires there when I was ready to buy.

Captain_Zap | March 7, 2013

That is a common service in Washington State tire stores.

It is a goodwill gesture that they make to create customer loyalty.