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Is there a Search feature for these forums? I'm new.

Looking for information on 'Apps' for the Model S. Is there a Dev SDK?

Mike_ModelS_P457 | June 6, 2012

There have been several discussions on the SDK. The net is it won't be out for some time yet.

firstjerseykid | June 6, 2012

Thanks! What platform does it run on? Do they use WebKit for the browser? What language is the current platform written in? Can we write Java, .Net, Obj-C?

Mike_ModelS_P457 | June 6, 2012

I don't think anyone knows, or at a minimum I can't recall. I would be shocked if it were .net, but that is probably my own bias speaking...

Volker.Berlin | June 6, 2012

"Tesla, we need search! (Google doesn't help)" (private thread)

Volker.Berlin | June 6, 2012
mbcaffe | June 6, 2012

There is not even a place on the website to make suggestions for tesla search. I sent an e-mail to yesterday

I would like to make a couple of suggestions to your website. I apologize if this is not the correct contact. I did not see anything for webmaster.

I suggest a search feature on the website and also one for forums.

Thank you"

Volker.Berlin | June 6, 2012

Website-related feedback is meant to go here:
Forums Home > General > Website Feedback

Ohms.Law | June 6, 2012

You want a search function? Just ask Volker.Berlin and he'll find it. He has some secret formula, or a photographic mind, that knows where everything is. V.B: sorry in advance if this causes you to get search questions from around the globe.

dtich | June 6, 2012

while we're at it--

the fora also need:

1. hierarchical link nesting for topic threads, eg: tesla>model s>design studio, at the top of the pages so you can easily jump back to whatever level you wish, not just 'back' to the previous list...

2. the page jump section, i.e.: 1,2,3.....last, should also be at the TOP of the pages so you don't have to bloody scroll to the bottom every time... and why not default to the last page rather than the first?

3. SEARCH. multi field, comprehensive and customizable.. please. lord.

4. subscription notifications... so we can get email updates when a thread has a new post... so we don't waste our whole lives trolling this clunky board.


Crow | June 6, 2012

Or you could just go to TMC.

Soflauthor | June 6, 2012

And e-d-i-t. Please don't forget edit.

Teoatawki | June 6, 2012

Sure, if you can post on TMC! I signed up months ago, but never got the verification email. (Yes, I checked my spam folder.) Eventually gave up and registered with a different email address. Same result. After multiple attempts to fix either one through contacting TMC I'm ready to throw in the towel. I can at least read the threads, but cannot see any embedded graphics or graphics on this web site that are linked to TMC.

Ohms.Law | June 6, 2012

@Teoatawki: my experience exactly. Finally gave up too. I can read but can't post. No great loss but annoying.

Volker.Berlin | June 7, 2012

You want a search function? Just ask Volker.Berlin and he'll find it. He has some secret formula, or a photographic mind, that knows where everything is. (Ohms.Law)

Essentially, I use Google with the "site:" parameter. Click on the following link to see an example:

The "secret" is in finding or remembering the correct key words to have Google dig out what you are looking for. Posting cross references from one thread to another actually helps a lot to retrieve information later. When the search does not yield the thread I am looking for, it may still point me to a related thread from where I can follow my own cross reference to the desired thread! :-)

The major problem with this approach is that threads marked as "private" cannot be found this way because Google does not see them (I would be upset if it did!). That's why I started this thread (which, intentionally, is marked private):

Larry Chanin | June 7, 2012

@Teoatawki & Ohms.Law I'm sorry you're having difficulty posting on the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum. It is the best forum that I have participated on with the most constructive and intelligent discussions. Of course Tesla's blogs can't be beat for in depth communications from Tesla executives.

Nevertheless Tesla executives do occasionally join the discussion over at TMC. George Blankenship posts there and ironically so does their IT guy. He even posted his contact information:

Nick Kinkaid
Tesla Motors, Director of Online Experience | (650) 681-6259 desk | (773) 301-3232 mobile | 3500 Deer Creek Road | Palo Alto, CA 94304

In the past I have been rather critical of the quality of the official Tesla forums. However, now I realize that Tesla is devoting their IT resources to the much more important objective of getting cars out the door with effectively funcioning user interfaces.

As a result I now spend most of my time over at TMC. TMC has continued to enhance their functions. They have added local public forums for different regions, as well as a new private Group feature. I am very active on the Florida public forums, and I moderate a private Group for the Florida Tesla Motors Club that is hosted for free at TMC. I couldn't be more pleased!

In the future it wouldn't surprise me to see Tesla eventually discontinue these forums and actively support TMC.

I doubt that TMC is setup to diagnose your problems since they just have volunter moderators, but if you can use their private messaging you might want to contact Michael Thwait, the owner. His screen name is mpt.


Mel. | June 7, 2012

Larry, it is so easy to use what tesla has set up , the tmc is difficult for some of us, I was able to post my location but have been unable to post since then, e mails to the moderator have not helped. Most are happy here, we get info from people that want to own a tesla......, have visited the factory and update the rest of us

Mel. | June 7, 2012

Full disclosure, I love tmc and read it every day,, or almost every day

jerry3 | June 7, 2012

I too read TMC every day. It was a bit of a problem to set up because although it accepted a five character name, it called me a spammer every time. When I switched to seven characters for my name it no longer though of me as a spammer. Other than that, I've had no problems.

Larry Chanin | June 7, 2012

Hi Mel,

I'm glad you enjoy this forum, so do I. If you can't post on TMC then perhaps comparing the merits of TMC is moot for you. ;-) Nevertheless for others who don't have this problem I'd like to point out that this thread was started by a forum member looking for a basic function that simply doesn't exist here. And of course a major recurring complaint is that there's no means of editing posts. Again pretty basic. Likewise the only way to embed links or photos in a posting here is to know how to use HTML tags. At TMC a wizard does the heavy lifting. So while I agree that most of us probably appreciates the information exchange here, I also believe most of us would prefer that these basic functions were available.


PS Apparently technical problems are not confined to TMC. For these last two postings I consistently received a validation error that prevented posting and required exiting and trying again.

jerry3 | June 7, 2012

The validation error happens when you take too long or have a large post. I've only ever had to go back to the previous page (the page before I typed anything) and start again.

Larry Chanin | June 7, 2012

Thanks Jerry,

I figured that out by trial and error. Rather frustrating when typing a large post and loosing the content.


Timo | June 7, 2012

When I get the validation error my text is still in the box, it just refuses to get submitted. I then do a copy of that, go to other page in the forum, back and paste.

Volker.Berlin | June 8, 2012

I like the fact that TMC and these forums here are different. Different features, different problems, (slightly) different audience, (subtly) different tone. To each his own. I'm glad both exist and I hope they will continue to exist in parallel in the future.

Which isn't to say that a search feature in Tesla's forums wouldn't be very welcome!

jerry3 | June 8, 2012

Or an edit feature :-)