Ok, I'm not the best at grammar and even though I have my personal peeves (lose, loose, looses, break, brake, rode, road) the one that I see daily on the Tesla forums and that is absolutely KILLING me is:

Freemont, California.

Alright, I'm from the Bay Area originally and thus have been familiar with Fremont for quite some time but I have no idea where this Freemont came from. Perhaps people are hearing the name and then phonetically writing the word?

It's Fremont, people. FREMONT. One E. One.

I'm sure I have forty mistakes in this post alone but let's all come together and call it Fremont from this point forward.

Now back to topics that REALLY matter like those darn tiny vanity mirrors.....

;) | July 26, 2013

+1 :)

SamO | July 26, 2013

“Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.”
― Mark Twain

Docrob | July 26, 2013

If this is the most annoying thing in your life then I envy you.

unclegeek | July 26, 2013

The "pressing the breaks" one is my pet peeve. Please use the brake pedal!

cloroxbb | July 26, 2013

there, their, they're

brakes, breaks

peddle, pedal, petal

There are a lot of mistakes that get posted, but I am sure most of them are because the poster actually DOESNT know the correct way.

RedShift | July 26, 2013

Please SamoSam,

That BS excuse was used by Sarah Palin to defend some moronic thing she uttered.

I make frequent mistakes due to always doing 3 things at a given time, but I would apologize for my mistakes, not hide behind Twain. :-)

EcLectric | July 26, 2013

It brakes my heart when someone misspells Fremont! Aargh! Defibrillator anyone?

Docrob | July 26, 2013

Seriously guys, mild irritation is one thing, but if these things genuinely upset you as much as you are suggesting you all need to get out more.

SamO | July 26, 2013


Using Palin to make your point is a corollary of Godwin's Law.

"As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches."

RedShift | July 26, 2013

I used to get upset by someone calling my BMW 'Beemer' instead of Bimmer.

Freemont is in the same vein, but somehow less upsetting to me, a citizen of Fremont.

SamO | July 26, 2013

Proper names should be spelled properly, RedShift.

Your being a resident of Fremont, I appreciate your perspective.

RedShift | July 26, 2013


Plain neither Nazi nor Hitler. She is still evolving into an intelligent life form.

blaquito | July 26, 2013

Sine we are talking about pet peeves.. can i throw slow drivers in the fast lane out there!!! :)

RedShift | July 26, 2013


My solution is to take a deep breath, follow along with the slowpokes, watch my energy usage go down, and listen to my favorites on slacker. Keeps my blood pressure under control too.

nav66 | July 26, 2013

+1, TommyBoy. And perhaps this would help those "free" folks to understand the origin:

And in actuality, it is Frémont.

mclary | July 26, 2013

I thought it was now called "Fremusk". Lol

Brian H | July 26, 2013

so in French, the pronunciation would be something like, "Fray-mo". ;)

Mark K | July 26, 2013


I was getting concerned that Brian hadn't weighed in on this one.

dborn | July 27, 2013

I get annoyed with "your" when this is an abbreviation of "you are" consequently "you're". Or is that only in British related English, such as in Australia and South Africa?

GuyDormehl | July 27, 2013

As an 'older' English speaking South African (with a more conventional education?!), I am constantly astonished and appalled by the apparently atrocious spelling and understanding of grammar in the public contributions - especially from within predominantly English speaking countries - UK, Australia, USA, NZ (not necessarily South Africa as many actually have Afrikaans as their first language). It is excusable when the writer is corresponding in a second or third language.

Has this aspect of English been abandoned in schools??!

OK I know many errors are typos and carelessness but this does not excuse the clear misunderstandings of sentence construction; apostrophes; abbreviations and so on.

Maybe people just do not think it is important, but on this site especially I would imagine that most are well-heeled and in the upper echelons of society..........It just comes across 'badly' - whether careless or poor English.

Perhaps I have become anally-retentive in my advancing years but bad English has always pissed me off.........But let's not get into routinely correcting all the incorrect posts or we will get seriously distracted!

Brian H | July 27, 2013

no, that's always correct.
I think some people should just give up trying to figger it out, and just use "yore" for everything.

lolachampcar | July 27, 2013

Freemont is freeing us from ICE....... Ok, I get it.

dborn | July 27, 2013

GuyDormehl- gooie naand van Australia. Yes I am anEnglish speaking ex South African Australian. My Afrikaans is a bit rusty though.

GuyDormehl | July 27, 2013

dborn! - Wat maak jy in die plekkie?! Lived there for 10 years - '82-'92 - pretty country sadly full of Australians!!

This is a language debate so that is enough......

But, hell, I would love an MS here despite the lack of SCs (we live partly on solar on a farm) but the import duties etc make it non-viable. May have to settle for a second-hand Tesla Lite (Rav4 or Merc B-class)sometime in the future.

Proud of Elon (and glad I can still detect his SA accent)and chuffed about Rodriguez!

herkimer | July 27, 2013

One spelling mistake that I see often on the forums is "quite" for "quiet." The car is so quite? For some reason that one just gets to me!

orb | July 27, 2013

And consider "Telsa". The marketing people at this company must be going nuts.

Brian H | July 27, 2013

Yes, it's quiet irritating.

pebell | July 27, 2013

And then there's the double "L" at the end of words ending with "ful" - successfull, purposefull, etc.

And then there's using "than" instead of "then" - or was it the other way around? ;-D

In everyone's defense, the english language is a bit quirky when it comes to the corrolation between the pronunciation of words and the way they are written. A joke my old english teacher used to make is: how do you pronounce the following word in English:


The answer: like FISH:

GH as in lauGH
O as in wOmen
TI as in staTIon

SamO | July 27, 2013



Tried to make that point but you hit it on the head. There is no language that steals so freely from other languages and then bastardized their spelling and pronunciation.

Geert.Snijders | July 27, 2013

Freeemont, isn't that where Teasela has its headquarters?

@Afrikaners: als nederlander is het prachtig om onze oude taal te lezen. En jullie hebben een geweldig mooi land bovendien!

Brian H | July 27, 2013

Sounds ghotii to me.

dborn | July 27, 2013

Geert.Snijders. yes it is a beautiful country. I once came to Holland and tried speaking Afrikaans - in the days when i was indeed fluent in the taal, - lasted all of 30 seconds in the shop I was in, the shopkeeper of course spoke fluent English and didn't like his (Dutch) language being mangled with double negatives, so immediately cut me off and we continued in English!!! Mind you i still understood your message!!!
Agree with other posters about the appalling spelling on this site, even taking into account that Americans speak American, not English!!!!

Xerogas | July 27, 2013

Does anyone else cringe when someone writes (or pronounces) "wary" as "weary"? I'm growing weary of it.

Brian H | July 27, 2013

Yep, that's wery, wery bad.