Funny experience with a cop in Fremont. Good for a laugh

Funny experience with a cop in Fremont. Good for a laugh

My husband got pulled over today for driving in the carpool lane, near the Tesla factory, with the carpool stickers on the car. This was the conversation:

Cop: I pulled you over for driving in the HOV lane without a passenger
Me: Didn't you see the [carpool] stickers on the car?
Cop: Um, what kind of car is this?
Me: Tesla
Cop: No, who makes the car
Me: Tesla
Cop: Can I see your registration?
Me: It's there taped on the window
Cop: So this is a new car? (keep in mind there is no license plate on the car either at the moment)
Me: Yes
Cop: Let me have your license
10 minutes later after he has looked up the car on his phone, and called people on his phone.
Cop: Thank you…have a nice day…well, how many miles does this car get?
Me: 300
Cop: Per gallon?
Me: There is no gas in this car.
Cop: Well how fast does it go?
Me: 0-60 in 5 seconds
Cop: No, how fast can it go…100mph?
Me: (thinking to myself, I'm not sure, should I ask him if he wants to hop in and we'll find out together) Maybe 120mph
Cop: Really, well I have never heard of this car before…(remember Tesla plant is literally within eyesight right behind him)
Cop: Well…enjoy your car.

Aleksandyr | November 6, 2012

Pretty funny! If only I could get one

portia | November 6, 2012

is that HOV sticker taped on the body of the car? I saw it on another car somewhere and thought they should really have a better way to do it rather than slap it on the beautiful car body itself!

Volker.Berlin | November 6, 2012

is that HOV sticker taped on the body of the car? I saw it on another car somewhere and thought they should really have a better way to do it rather than slap it on the beautiful car body itself! (portia)

There's a thread for that! :-) Well, actually two:

jaycweber | November 6, 2012


Back in 2004 a cop pulled me over for speeding in my new Prius...he asked "what is the top speed?" and I said "no comment!"

Michael23 | November 6, 2012

He didn't see your stickers? This is another reason I'm not bothering with them.

archibaldcrane | November 6, 2012

Man, you've gotta show cops like that the frunk to blow their minds.

Docrob | November 6, 2012

Hope you actually said the thing about being able to see the factory from where you were pulled over. You'd already educated him about the performance and range convenience letting him know it was built locally as we'll just would have capped it off beautifully.

TikiMan | November 6, 2012

LOL! That is funny!

I am sure the officer was thinking to himself when he pulled you over... "This is going to be great! Look at this fool in his big fancy V8 exotic car. I am so going to enjoy hearing this explanation".

youlikeadajuice | November 6, 2012

This is the kind of thing that makes me really confident that Tesla is going to succeed. There are so many people who don't even know about Tesla, as these cars get out on the road and people are educated and made aware fo tehm, I think they will really embrace it! Great story!

JerryT | November 6, 2012

I had the same sort of experience twice in MD. Mine was for driving without plates. The CA registration didn't amuse them either.

s_curve | November 6, 2012

Cop: No, how fast can it go...100 MPH?
Me: Have a nice day, Officer.

astraussmd | November 6, 2012

As I traveled in the car pool lane in my Roadster going south from Long Beach, I saw 2 California highway patrolmen ahead of me standing behind their car. One pointed his finger at me as I drove past. I saw them jump into their car in my rear view mirror. They drove their way through traffic and caught up with me in the adjacent lane. They then noticed my HOV stickers and drove by. It was good for a laugh!

Mercedes | November 6, 2012

So, basically he pulled you over because he didn't know what kind of a car it was and thusly it looked 'suspicious' and he was curious. :-)

Tâm | November 6, 2012

Hi barbie:

By the way, how did you get them HOV lane stickers? Did your Delivery Specialist get them for you and pre-stick them up on the car for you? Or did you filed the DMV form and got them to your home in the mail?

Thanks for being patient to the cop. I believe this is a great public relations opportunity and valuable free advertisement to the law enforcement community. Who knows, just because of such encounter, hopefully, some day, when there's funding, police department would furnish their fleet with Tesla.

Thanks for sharing such a hilarious cop story!!!

Brian H | November 6, 2012

Cop: No, who makes the car
Me: Those guys over there (pointing).

AlexM | November 7, 2012

I thought you had to have the license plates before you could apply for the HOV sticker. Can you confirm you can get the sticker before being issued plates?


Carl Barlev | November 7, 2012

Barbie, thanks for the funny story :)

+1 archibaldcrane

mw | November 10, 2012

Too funny thanks for sharing. Cop pulled me over in OH for not having plates... it was after dark so I'm sure he didn't see the CA paper registration I taped in the back window. Threatened to impound my car... lucky for me I was taking someone to the emergency room so he let me go. The person that was with me is fine now.

Michael23 | November 10, 2012

Am I the only one not amused by cops pulling people over for no actual reason?

Timo | November 10, 2012

In both cases cars didn't have plates. That's a good reason in my book, of course they should have let the driver go after seeing that paper registration in the window. In the first case continuation probably was because cop was curious about the car too. Second case was a bit worse (if the paperwork is OK there should not be any threats to impound car).

sergiyz | November 11, 2012

How can you be a *cop* in Fremont (or anywhere in SFBA) and not know about Tesla ?
Also, not sure about stickers before license plate.
I didn't think you could get the stickers before you get the plates ?
I'm taking my chances...

Mark Z | November 11, 2012

On the second day of Model S ownership, I was surprised when driving home from a social engagement about 9:30 PM in Orange County.

In front of me, a DUI check point.

I thought, the worse thing I can do is turn around.

When asked, "Did you have anything to drink tonight?" My response:

"Not for awhile."

Answer: "Good."

Then the officer began to ask questions about Model S, and I passed the test by hitting all the touch screen controls perfectly in my mini demonstration.

When told to proceed, I asked if he would like to see the acceleration, he said "Yes." I pressed the accelerator to the floor until 40 mph.

I don't know if I'd be so well prepared if not for the excellent training I received by the Delivery Specialist plus downloading and reading the owner's manual over the past few days.

Timo | November 12, 2012

When told to proceed, I asked if he would like to see the acceleration, he said "Yes." I pressed the accelerator to the floor until 40 mph.

IE. about two and half seconds. I don't think it really shows outside of the car how insane that is.

David M. | November 12, 2012

What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

Mark Z | November 12, 2012

Timo: A quick getaway might not have shown the speed at night, but the officer had to be impressed with the lack of noise at that sudden acceleration in a quiet area. I didn't want to go over the speed limit, so I avoided going to 60.

David: I'm thankful the officers didn't dig up an excuse to impound Model S for their "test drive."

Timo | November 12, 2012

I wonder how much that noise reduction feels in cities in near future. Cars do make quite a bit noise that causes kind of steady background hum pretty much like computers do. You get used to it and don't register it until it stops.

You are right, the cop must have been impressed by lack of noise. It actually feels "wrong" somehow that something can do something that violent without making any noise. I guess that we have been conditioned to expect "wroom wroom" noises with rapid accelerations.

Brian H | November 12, 2012

Yeah, I guess that's why so many liken it to a roller coaster, or giant rubber band attached to the nose -- acceleration by some external force. It doesn't seem like it could be coming from an "inside" driver.