Good Charging Hotels

Good Charging Hotels

(Edit) Schlermie and dbfish have created a spreadsheet, form, and map to enter and view hotel charging information. Even if you add a location to this thread, please also add it to the spreadsheet, using the form.

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I have been complaining that there are no good apps or websites that help us find places to stay that have usable charging facilities. If I were ambitious, I would try to create such a site or spreadsheet (I don't know how to create an app). However, until that happens, I thought I would start a thread where people can list hotels, motels, RV parks, etc., where you can stay overnight and easily charge your Model S. Please include enough detail to make the list useful. I'll start with a couple of places out west, and bump the thread periodically by editing this first post with additions.

1. Seven Feathers Casino Resort and Truck & Travel Center in Canyonville OR, south of Roseburg. Owned by the Umpqua Indian Development Corporation, this facility is about halfway between Seattle and SF. The hotel is good quality and inexpensive, plus the company has several other places to stay nearby, along with five restaurants, entertainment, and other recreational opportunities. The truck stop is across the highway, accessible by a free, 24 hour shuttle. It has a free 70 amp Roadster charger (adapter required for S), a free 30 amp Aerovironment charger, and a CHAdeMO DC fast charger. The adjacent RV park also has NEMA 14-50 outlets, but I believe there is a cost to using them.

2. Heathman Hotel, Portland OR. Located in downtown Portland, the Heathman is a luxury hotel with all the amenities. A pair of Blink level 2 chargers is located in their garage. I have not used these chargers (I HAVE stayed in the hotel, and it is really nice), but I was told that a charging spot can be reserved by guests. I booked under an AARP rate, and parking was free, but there would otherwise be a cost to parking as well as using the Blink chargers. I don't believe these chargers are listed in ReCargo or the other apps.

3. Paso Robles Oaks Hotel, on Highway 101 between LA and SF. See thread started by Hills,

4. We found this hotel well situated in Novato. The restaurant is great, the hotel is okay and the staff couldn't have been more helpful. Even put up cones to reserve the charging station. It's only a J1772 (ChargePoint) but it sure saved our skin when we wandered too far from home.

Inn Marin
250 Entrada Dr, Novato, CA
(415) 883-5952

5. The Hyatt at Indian Wells, CA. They have a 14-50 in their valet parking area. $25 bucks to valet is alot cheaper than a tank of gas!

6. Salt Lake City UT: Hilton Salt Lake City Center has a NEMA 14-50 in their valet parking area.

7. La Jolla, CA (near San Diego): Hotel La Jolla has a NEMA 14-50 around back for guests, 7955 La Jolla Shores Drive La Jolla, CA 92037

8. North of Baltimore, MD: Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn, White Marsh has a park-and-ride across the street with several Chargepoint Level 3 J-1772 connectors.

9. KOA at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, NV is next to the hotel. They charge a 24 hour "storage" fee of $20 plus tax to park in a paved RV space and hook up to the NEMA 14-50. No overnight sleeping in the car allowed!

fritzlan | October 8, 2013

This is really great, thank you very much. Looking for a hotel in San Diego with charging. If anyone knows

JohhnyS | October 8, 2013

I charged at Asilomar Conference center in Pacific Grove,CA (Monterey) on a chargepoint charger. When I arrived a model S was charging and two more were parked around the facility.

RonaldA | October 11, 2013

I've donated 90 amp chargers to the following Hotels in NYS:

Best western Carrier Circle, syracuse

Colgate Inn Hamilton, ny (100 amp)

BEst Western Soverign, Albany NY

All are listed on plug share. Syracuse charges $5


Brian H | October 11, 2013

Well done!

rick | October 11, 2013

Did not know this site existed until just a few weeks ago. I would presume other hotel chains have something similar:

shop | October 18, 2013

That's nice, but that's only a small fraction of of the 3,800 hotels they have. 20 hotels out of 3,800...

jat | October 18, 2013

@shop - it also isn't up to date -- I stayed at a Marriott in Chattanooga, TN that has had 2 Blink chargers since at least January 2012.

privacylaw | October 18, 2013

Cordevalle Spa and Resort - San Martin, CA - Just south of san jose. two chargers - both free.

mrdaniel | July 9, 2014

Does anyone know of a good hotel reservation site with EV Charging as an amenities option? Hipmunk surprisingly does not have this feature. (If anyone knows Steve or Adam ask if they can add it. ;)

DouglasR | July 9, 2014

Not a reservation site, but the Plugshare app (not the website) finally has a filter for "near Hotels." However, it's pretty incomplete.

Also, I recently learned that Le Puy Inn in Oregon's Willamette Valley wine country ( has a 240V 30A J1772 charging station available for free to guests. It also has a 9.9 kW solar array.

erik.biggs | April 25, 2015

Hello Tesla Owners, My name is Erik Biggs (General Manager of the Comfort Inn and Suites Lake Point/Tooele UT). We are conveniently located off I-80 and have 6 Super Charger stations. We are also ranked in the top 3% of all Comfort Inn's in the nation. Should you require charging/lodging, please stop by and take advantage of our complementary coffee, tea and hot coco and relax in our lobby (for Tesla owners and hotel guests). We also have a well stocked snack shop.

Should you require lodging at our facility, we extend a special discounted rate to Tesla owners. While securing your accommodations directly or online please mention/include the following discounted rate code: LTESLA

It would be my pleasure to personally make your reservation. I can be contacted at 801-250-3600 ex155

Bluesday Afternoon | April 25, 2015

Mr. Biggs - Thank you for your hospitality. Will consider your offer in the future. :-)

sbeggs | April 25, 2015


This is great. Thank you so much for the personal touch and invitation. That's true hospitality!

harry pippic | April 25, 2015

I sincerely compliment you for being such a kind forward thinking and considerate innkeeper. It is truly a shame there are not more innkeepers like you out there.
Thanks Erik. :-)

ken | April 25, 2015

@erik.biggs, this is truly the way to show that your hotel/property is Tesla friendly and I too want to compliment you on this great hospitality offer. I am sure it will be received very positively by the Tesla community. Good luck to your hotel and THANKS.

Bluesday Afternoon | April 25, 2015

@ Tesla Owners - I don't know if Mr. Biggs has ever driven a Model S, (or, even been in one) perhaps someone taking up his most generous offer will provide erik a ride/drive experience. Again, thanks goes out to this Tesla supporter.

Brian H | April 27, 2015

Here's the details link from


Comfort Inn Suites 1568 East Saddleback Blvd. Tooele, UT 84074

Driving Directions Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752

6 Superchargers, available 24/7

Comfort Inn & Suites
Denny's (24/7)

Comfort Inn & Suites

Denny's (24/7)

Comfort Inn & Suites

Flying J (24/7)


Brian H | April 27, 2015

The image copy omitted the SC symbol-pin; S side of 36 on a line between Sage Ln and Ritchie Bros.

Haggy | April 27, 2015

We are conveniently located off I-80 and have 6 Super Charger stations. We are also ranked in the top 3% of all Comfort Inn's in the nation.

It's impressive that they have a 98% recommendation rate from guests.

What I don't understand is why hotels miss these sorts of amenities at a corporate level. You can't go to the Comfort Inn website and see EV charging listed as an amenity for any of their hotels. For this one, they do mention that lake that they have nearby, but I suspect that people already knew about that.

erik.biggs | May 6, 2015

Hello Tesla Owners,

Thank you for the incredibly warm reception!

@Haggy: Thank you for your suggestion and accolades. We are in the process of updating our website to notify future guests and Tesla owners that we have 6 Supercharger stations located at our establishment.

@Brian H: Much appreciated for sharing our properties information.

@thegooners: I have not yet had the pleasure of riding in a Tesla, but from what I hear, its an experience one will never forget.

@Harry, Sbeggs and Ken: Thanks again for your nice comments and we hope that you choose to stay at our hotel when passing through.


Erik Biggs
General Manager
Comfort Inn and Suites Tooele

neilhamrin | May 6, 2015

Going to the Black Hills from the East? The hotel where the superchargers are is a great place to stay. Range country Inn. Very quiet and clean and inexpensive.

neilhamrin | May 6, 2015

Going to the Black Hills from the East? The hotel where the superchargers are is a great place to stay. Range country Inn. Murdo, SD Very quiet and clean and inexpensive.

P85D | May 6, 2015

Signature @ MGM Grand was great, they charged my car for free every night. Rooms where awesome and cheap. Tower 3 was the quietest.