Has anyone installed a child booster seat in a Roadster?

Has anyone installed a child booster seat in a Roadster?

If yes, what brand and model fit the Roadster seat.

MileHighMotoring | September 22, 2015

I would assume any booster seat would fit, wouldn't it?

JeffreyR | October 9, 2015

Not a good idea unless there is a way to turn off the airbag. Little ones cannot take the impact (and angles are wrong too).

MileHighMotoring | October 9, 2015

You're 100% right, I forgot about the airbag. You'll definitely need to get a switch installed before putting any kids in the car. I'll be doing the same to my car.

Jolon and Michael | October 10, 2015

To answer MileHighMotoring, the booster seat from Eddie Bauer I use in my Model S is way to wide to fit in the Roadster seat. Will Tesla install the air bag switch? IF not, who would do it?

MileHighMotoring | October 10, 2015

Ahh, I see. I know the seats are narrow but didn't realize even a booster would be too wide!

To legally install the switch, you'll need to fill and apply for a variance with this form:

Then you can take the approval to an authorized airbag shop who can install the switch. Tesla is not one of those shops unfortunately.