How to camouflaged outdoor charging station: The PalmTreeCharger

How to camouflaged outdoor charging station: The PalmTreeCharger

I had been thinking about trying to create the most ergonomic and convenient way I could charge my car on a nightly basis. Without a garage I was left with the idea of setting up a PVC pipe with the receptacle in. I would also have to have my Tesla charging extension installed with it. Since I live in Florida I know I'd have to ensure that it was waterproof. I also did not want it to stand out in my front yard.

List of stuff to buy:
1. Certified electrician installed 220/240v Cable with 42" of Cable coming out of the ground Installed Conduit (Breaker Off :-)
2. 10" Diameter PVC pipe 50" Tall (Home Depot Order)
3. 10" Diameter PVR CAP(Home Depot Order)
4. 4" PVC Pipe 30" (Home Depot in Store)
5. 2" PVC Elbow (Home Depot in Store)
6. Sheet of Sandpaper (plus a Belt Sander helps) (Home Depot in Store)
7. Round NEMA 14-50 Female Receptacle (Home Depot in Store)
8. NEMA 14-50 Female Plug and Plate (Home Depot in Store)
9. 4 x 80lb Bags of Quick Set Concrete (Home Depot in Store)
10. Container to Mix the Concrete
11. Small Can of PVC Cement (Home Depot in Store)
12. Pair of Gloves (Home Depot in Store)
13. 2 x Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction & Remodeling, 10 oz (Home Depot in Store)
14. Caulking gun
15. wood glue (Home Depot in Store)
16. Electric Drill wide bit (Home Depot in Store)
17. small circular for jig saw to cut PVC
18. Top Only - 30" (or better 48") Cycas Palm Artificial Tree Silk Plant (Amazon)
19. 100% Real Palm Trees Bark 4 LBS (Amazon)

1. 4" inch PVC pipe has the electrical cable running up to the NEMA connector attached and test to ensure that the connection is working and charging your tesla. Cover the NEMA connector with Tape.

2. Ensure that both pipes are buried least 15 inches in the ground and that you made a whole roughly about 6 square feet. Make sure that both pipes will be filled internally with cement of them. Center and hold 4" pipe inside of the 10" pipe till they both set. Note: If possible its best to for to have electrician install the two PVC pipes and pore the cement to make sure all is working.

3. Cut a 1 inch by 3" slot in the 10" PVC with jig saw or a small rotary saw to that the cable can be pushed back into the 10" pipe with the cap. With the cap on mark a circle around the 10" pipe this will be the point where nothing is glued. The Cap need to be put on an off with our an effort.

4. The 2 inch PVC elbow is used to hold the handle of the Tesla connector while the cable is retracted. Mark placement of the 10" pipe to where this is installed. . Drill a hole to let any rain water escape from the bottom of the elbow make sure it's somewhat close.

5. This elbow will need to be sand to fit the curvature of the 10 inch pipe now place a piece of sandpaper on the 10 inch PVC pipe and start sanding the point where there is a tight fit be between the 90° elbow and PVC 10" cemented onto the Pipe. Use PVC cement to apply eventually fusing these two pieces of plastic together.

6. Drill a hole at the top of the PVC cap to ensure that the Cycas Palm Artificial Tree Silk Plant can be pull through and secured with Liquid Nails.

7. Start at the top of the PVC pipe and work your way down sticking the Tree Bark to the PVC pipe with liquid nails. for some touch of work and connect the bark together used wood glue.
8. Finished Product

olanmills | December 23, 2012

It sounds cool, but your links don't seem to work.

Brian H | December 24, 2012

"Sorry, but that page was not found."

jpsvr | December 24, 2012

Ooops - Fix it - you should now be able to see it.

Mark22 | December 24, 2012

Love it, well done!

bobinfla | December 24, 2012

@ jpsvr - Neat idea and much more economical than my solution - Build a new garage for $30k. But at least that means I can make the doors wide enough to not worry about the lack of folding power mirrors.

jpsvr | December 24, 2012

Thanks very much for your feedback !

I've been thinking about how to make the connector cable retractable but have not been able to come up with any good solutions that would allow the cable to be pulled long enough that I could still reach the car. I haven't found the proper retractable wire or friction wheels that would allow me to make this retractable any ideas would be much appreciated.

prash.saka | December 24, 2012


Sudre_ | December 25, 2012

I am with bobinfla on this one. I built a new garage... geesh! what was I thinking this is the best idea. I like it.

bobinfla | December 28, 2012

@Sudre - I'm fighting with zoning & permitting now to get my garage approved, and not sure I'm winning the battle. So I may have to take this to a whole new level and buy a new house.

Janis | December 28, 2012

This is awesome! Very creative!

kidalex | December 28, 2012

That's awesome! Can you please post it in my Facebook group at

Sudre_ | December 28, 2012

It took me over a year to get the permits for my garage.

dstiavnicky | December 28, 2012

I like the idea but I can tell you that a Palm tree charging station would be VERY MUCH noticed in Canada as there isn't a Palm tree for 1,500 miles ;)

I'm going to try a maple tree... without syrup...

rlpm | December 28, 2012

Mmmmm, electric syrup!

Brian H | December 28, 2012

Pine tree? Mmmmm, electric sap!

MB3 | December 29, 2012

typo? electric zap?

Brian H | December 29, 2012

Pine sap has its own, clingy, charms.

james | December 29, 2012

"I like the idea but I can tell you that a Palm tree charging station would be VERY MUCH noticed in Canada as there isn't a Palm tree for 1,500 miles ;)"

You clearly have never been to Victoria, B.C.


(No, they're not native here, but there are a few planted, and they survive.)

olanmills | December 31, 2012

Wow, nice job.