I am finished with TESLA

I am finished with TESLA

I am finished with TESLA. I own a large business with 250+ employees. I own a roadster with all the options (hardtop, extended battery warranty, etc),which cost almost $150,000. I have a background in physics, although it is not related to my profession, but I understand technology. I have been following the company and the technology while the roadster was only a prototype. I believed in Musk and I believed in the technology and the concept. I believed in my sales representative, Graham. I did a big article in the local newspaper about electric vehicles and how I installed TESLA charging stations at my business because I so believed in this concept. I in fact, thought it would save america from the curse of oil dependance and auto emissions. I was wrong. I don't believe anymore.
I waited for almost a year for my model S. After Graham (the only one in this whole ordeal I can trust)moved away,I was handed off to many different people handling my car purchase (5 or 6),and none of them really knew very much. I was repeatedly lied-to by several about the delivery of my vehicle. In fact, Mike from California said "we just want to get this car off of our lot" and was going to drop-ship the car to me by UPS. Wait a minute, I paid for a "delivery specialist" to be there for me, and at least I was promised that the car would be wrapped and delivered in an enclosed truck to Wyoming. Another "delivery expert" took over and he (Cale) assured me that the car would arrive charged and would be wrapped and in a covered truck.
When the car arrived today, battery almost totally discharged, un-wrapped, un-covered, pulled on a cheap, open trailor behind a pick-up truck, it was covered with water which should have alerted me to a problem. But I believed in TESLA. I was wrong. The delivery driver quickly dumped the model S and drove off. The car, my beautiful model S was scratched in multiple places, the scratches had been attempted to be covered up by buffing, which scratched the car further. There was road dirt all over the vehicle and bits of some type of adhesive. The water on the vehicle in retrospect was a trick to cover-up all the blemishes.
I called Cale, my "delivery expert" and he stated that since the car was paid for and registered to me, it was my responsibility. I was later called back and informed that someone would pick the car up to re-paint it.
My beautiful Model S, for which I waited for a year. Now it needs to be re-painted, and somehow it has become my responsibility. Cale the "delivery expert" said "at least you got a tax break". Great... trash my $100,000 car and tell me I got a $7,500 tax break for buying an electric vehicle.

I was going to put a $40,000 deposit on a model X on Monday, Jan 7, 2013.
Not any more.
I am done with TESLA and the teenagers that they have empowered to handle customers paying $100,000 for a sedan, and who lie and behave like they are selling cheap chevy's.

I want the company to buy back my roadster, my charging stations, and my model S.

I don't believe any more.

I am finished with TESLA.


ran23455 | January 29, 2015

I receive and have received the highest quality of service from Tesla I have ever received from a retail transaction. After delivery I have continued to receive the most admirable and professional responses from Tesla in every way. I am in the process of buying my second S (P85D) and am sure that this will also be as professional as my first.

bobzimberg | March 25, 2015


How did your paint problem work out? I am expected to take delivery Friday.

Best regard,

Grinnin'.VA | March 26, 2015

OP: OK, you're finished with Tesla.
So please go away and do your thing, leaving the rest of us to enjoy our Tesla cars without you cluttering the forums system!

Dr. Pete | March 26, 2015

Before you post nasty comments I suggest you read Tom's follow-up describing Tesla's resolution of his problem. IMHO that's s very instructive of Tesla's response to a bad customer experience.

FWIW, My P85D hsd not a single problem, cosmetic or otherwise, at delivery. It even had the Next Gen seats which were in such short supply at the time. I have been driving the car for three months with no issues of any kind. I am a very happy camper. My P85D is the best car I've ever owned over the last 60 years, which includes a lot of high-end cars like MBs, BMWs and Audis and Jaguars.

ian | March 26, 2015

Hmmm, not like Grinnin' Ron to comment on a thread without reading it.

You OK Ron? ;-)

Laryrob | March 27, 2015

just picked up my P85D. Not impressed with the delivery. My delivery person was apparently off so essentially all I did was pay and they handed me the key. Answered some questions but when I had more he then "had to go because have to do more deliveries." Granted, being a Tesla owner for the past 2 years I am pretty familiar with the operation of the car but my S 60 was 2.5 yrs old(parking sensors not available when I bought it!) there were a number items i would have liked to go over w/the delivery "specialist". When I bought the S 60 the delivery person spent over an hour with us going over everything. I didn't need that this time but prob could have used more than 5 minutes! When my we bought my wife's Ford SUV they spent more time going over the car! Has anyone else had the same experience?

Grinnin'.VA | March 27, 2015

@ Dr. Pete | March 26, 2015

Before you post nasty comments I suggest you read Tom's follow-up describing Tesla's resolution of his problem.

@ ian | March 26, 2015

Hmmm, not like Grinnin' Ron to comment on a thread without reading it.

Right ian. FWIW, I read the entire thread, including his followup before posting on this thread. You guys (I presume males) evidently dislike my comments.
I'd respect you more if you actually engaged in dialog on the substance of the issues instead of lobbing thinly-veiled antagonism at me. I wonder why you haven't tried that. Possibly because it's easier to make snide remarks than to think.

Iowa92x | March 27, 2015

Why do you capitalize Tesla, now all your words are suspect.

Laryrob | March 28, 2015

received an email from Jerry Guillen w/an apology and referral to the person responsible for all deliveries in the Northwest Region. More like the Tesla I"m used to!

cswolfe | August 2, 2015

It saddens me with the old "I have had no problems with Tesla" as though that somehow minimizes the problems of those who have had a hard time. That's about as helpful if the fortunate happy campers were hit by a truck, for people to say "I've never been hit by a truck." Great for those with great experiences, sorry for those with bad ones. Those feelings are not mutually exclusive.

I just thank Tesla for saving me electricity by not bothering to stock ANY charger for the roadster I just bought used where the original owner must have kept his before handing it over to the exotic car dealer. Okay, sure, not being able to drive my "new to me" roadster (at all) or use the expensive outlet I am installing this week will suck. But happy go lucky guy I am, I'll just think of all the electricity I save by Tesla not bothering to keep the most critical parts in stock while I fill up the 1969 Toyota I've never ONCE not been able to find parts for, no matter how obscure.

JeffreyR | August 2, 2015

TMC Connect had a session on an Open Source EV charger. You might be able to get something from there. No excuses for Tesla (wonder about paint), hope this helps.

Rocky_H | August 3, 2015

@cswolfe, Quote: " Okay, sure, not being able to drive my "new to me" roadster (at all) or use the expensive outlet I am installing this week will suck."

You should do more research before you post something like that. Any J1772 wall charger can charge that Roadster, so you don't need the original one that was made specifically for the Roadster, although you can still buy that from Tesla's store. Also, that outlet you are installing can be used. Tesla still sells adapters for many types of outlets, even more types than for the Model S, actually, so see how lucky you are? Here is the site in the Tesla store where you can get all of these charging accessories to be able to charge your new-to-you Roadster just fine.

Shad_dash85 | August 3, 2015

Seriously, can you people be proactive and remember why you like Tesla and have some faith that they will handle customer satisfaction issues in a respectable manner? They are spooling up and will run into many challenges, but to assume they will not make every attempt to satisfy is a bit weak. I'm really glad Tommy posted this, be
cause as an investor its nice to have proof that they can handle sniveling wanna be's.

This is just speculation: I'm confident that Tom is catering to the energy industry and to be successful in that environment you have to be able to be an elegant ass kisser who must jump through hoops to satisfy ignorant people who mostly could care less about the environment. So our sniveling wanna be must make dramatic statements ("I AM FINISHED WITH TESLA") in order to have his ass kissed. Hats off to Tom because I'm sure he is constantly ridiculed for driving an electric car in Casper WY. Tesla should be paying him for breaking the ice in the most electric car unfriendly state of Wyoming. hahaha Still speculating here: I bet Tom has been picked on his whole life. haha My sincere apologies.

Be thankful that you can afford to support a worthwhile start up by driving a true work of art and science.

holidayday | August 3, 2015

shad_dash: "our sniveling wanna be"

If you actually read through the entire thread, you would have realized that Tom had a legitimate complaint, and it was handled by Tesla later in the thread.

Shad_dash85 | August 3, 2015

Holidayday: I did read the thread that is why as and investor I was pleased of how well T handled our sniveling wanna be.

Off Shore | August 3, 2015

Feature request - close comments on threads

Timo | August 3, 2015

By OP I guess? Mods can already do that.

the bonnie | August 4, 2015

@cswolfe- what adapter or charger are you looking for? The Tesla shop seems to have a wide selection of adapters available & also the Roadster HPC (it's a beast and worth every penny).

The only thing I see out of stock is the UMC at 40amps. Admittedly, that's an important component if you want to charge off a 240v outlet, but not at 70 amps (that's where the HPC is handy).

So here's a suggestion, if that's what you need: Do what most Roadster owners do now, buy any J1772 charging cable and couple it with a Roadster J1772 adapter. I have a UMC but keep it exclusively for roadtrips.

Also, you might find it handy to carry a Model S-Roadster adapter. No, it won't let you supercharge, but it WILL give you access to all the Model S destination charging spots popping up all over - most at 80 amp. Every Roadster owner I know carries one. (If you do get one, make sure you have the latest software on your Roadster - earlier versions can't deal with an 80amp pilot signal and won't charge - the new software responds appropriately.)

If you're going to own a Roadster, you're going to have to get creative at times :). But even though I'm about to take delivery of a much anticipated Model X, I'm not planning on letting my Roadster go anytime soon, It's got soul. Enjoy the ride.

Red Sage ca us | August 5, 2015

Soul? Is it Super Bad, Bonnie?


vperl | August 5, 2015

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