I have something to "wine" about

I have something to "wine" about

Yesterday, I had a number of chores to do. Now that I have my two-week-old MS-85, I looked forward to these mundane tasks. First a stop at the bank, then on to the wine store to pick up a few bottles of my favorite white wine. I placed them carefully in the trunk, secured in a cardboard box. Last thing I had to do was hit the barbershop. Naturally the discussion with my barber centered on my Tesla. He had to see the car and I of course offered a demonstration ride. I explained to him that the car had no transmission, but that acceleration was rocket like. As soon as we were clear of the parking lot we blasted off. At first all we heard was the hum of acceleration, but in an instant that sound was replaced by crashing bottles. My barber said at least he couldn’t smell any wine. I knew better. I pulled over, raised the rear hatch and the smell of Sauvignon Blanc and broken glass welcomed me.
I took the car home and after rinsing and scrubbing for an hour, cleaned up most of the mess. This morning that new “car smell” had been partially replaced with a 2012 cheap Sauvignon Blanc. So for all of you out there, make sure there is no wine in the trunk when you get the urge to floor it.

NomoDinos | March 11, 2014

I think you're only supposed to use one bottle to christen a new ship, but I suppose the rest can make for the best car scent ever ;)

Captain_Zap | March 11, 2014

Oh boy. Won't that be fun when you get pulled over for a little spirited driving sans spirits. "Is that alcohol I smell?"

I use the basement in the back hatch area for my beverage cargo and I use other items to confine movement of the bottles. I just wish that they had a custom fit cooler insert.

A good rule of thumb is to always be prepared for acceleration and cornering.

SeattleSid | March 11, 2014

Either that, or get a more expensive bottle, with refined floral notes on the finish.

Mathew98 | March 11, 2014

Did you happen to order MS in red to match the wine?

redacted | March 11, 2014

Next time, the frunk.

jeffaa | March 11, 2014

I did this once with 2 milk bottles (glass) in my Lexus. Even after having the car detailed with the seats and most of the trunk floor removed, the stench was awful for about a month. I *wish* it was wine.

mrrjm | March 11, 2014

Sorry about the spill. See the accessories page. Tesla makes a nice duffel bag for the back.

Mathew98 | March 11, 2014

I have a foot tall plastic cooler sitting in the trunk to hold the juice boxes and water bottles for the kids.

This would be perfect to hold any enclosed beverages without concerns for spillage...

The cooler is a must have to transport kiddies (along with alcohol delivery). Although I never have alcohol in my cooler (wink, wink).

Brian H | March 11, 2014

Geez. I never place glass containers in a car without considering ballistic events. Even 2 bottles banging together is potentially shattering. Don't remember, but I must've had some bad experiences with glass bottles in my formative years. ;)

ir | March 11, 2014

I've successfully used baking soda to neutralize rotten milk from another car's trunk mats. Add enough water to make a paste, scrub & rinse.

JZ13 | March 11, 2014

Test drives can be dangerous. I arrived home and set my phone on the trunk of the car with some papers as I went to retrieve the mail. My neighbor saw me and came over to chat about the car. "Well you have to drive it" I proclaimed. Yep, forgot about my phone resting on the rear spoiler. "Floor it" I instructed once we were out on the main road. Didn't even think about my phone until we got back to my house. Found it out on the main road all smashed up. That was an $800 brain fart.

NKYTA | March 11, 2014

@JZ13, ouch!

DJay | March 11, 2014

Sorry you had to go through this. A few bottles of wine store nicely in the left side of the trunk where it connects to the 3rd seat foot well. I store my empty shopping bags in that area which provides a nice cushion for wine bottles. Also placing them in the trunk foot well with a towel or other cushion has worked.

Brian H | March 11, 2014

Not covered by the mobile's warranty?

amitb00 | March 12, 2014

Too bad!! With freshners etc you should be able to get rid of the smell.

William9 | March 12, 2014

As mentioned above, I to recommend the duffle that fits under the back of the trunk. I keep beach towel in it, and can easily lay 6 - 8 bottles in it with the towel providing protection. That duffle has been great.

dborn | March 12, 2014

Vanilla essence works well too. Especially for smelly fridges. Had to deal with rotten shrimp in a fridge once....vanilla worked.