I would love to see the Model S in Forza 4

I would love to see the Model S in Forza 4

Since we are just waiting for the final Model S to be shown and for all of us to get a chance to get to actually drive one, I thought it would be nice to discuss how cool it would be to see the Model S in Forza 4.

For those of you who are not familiar with Forza, it is a racing game on the XBox 360 in which the Roadster is already available. It would be interesting if the makers of Forza and Tesla could work together, like they have in the past, to get the Model S in the game. It would give us a way to get a very detailed view of the car in and out and of course, the most important part, drive the car on some very beautiful tracks.

I am curious, since there are a lot of car enthusiasts on this forum and probably a number of game players. Who plays Forza 4 and who would play it if the Model S was available in the game?

Leofingal | March 5, 2012

I've been more of a Gran Tourismo series fan myself, but it is not out of the question that I would buy an XBox 360 to drive my S before I can get it in real life.

Vawlkus | March 6, 2012

Yeah, but if they did everybody would scream about it being unbalanced content...... And then everyone would drive nothing else in the multiplayer :D

mwu | March 6, 2012

I've never played the one with the Roadster in it -- do they accurately reproduce the electric motor's sound and volume compared to other vehicles?

gjunky | March 6, 2012

Yes, you can hear the electric motor sound. Pretty cool

discoducky | March 6, 2012

And it's authentic as the guys at Turn 10 used a Roadster to grab the sounds of tire on road. TM didn't pay for this, the Roadster is so quiet that it behooved them to use it so they didn't have to master out engine sounds.

And driving the Roadster with the wireless wheel is awesome...especially in Class A races

Brian H | March 7, 2012

You may be able to do it in real life. The guys at TMC have hacked the Roadster.

gjunky | March 7, 2012

@discoducky: How about using the connect. Just stick your hands out.... :)

discoducky | March 7, 2012

@gjunky, it's KINECT and a bit clunky in Forza 4. The wireless wheel is very precise and sensitive.

gjunky | March 8, 2012

I know, I have both and tried both. It really is only good for the lower class cars in the game as they are both not accurate enough for the higher class/speed cars. Both pretty cool to play with though.