If there is any question...

If there is any question...

Word!... | November 21, 2012

Cool. Did it come with your car?

TikiMan | November 21, 2012


I had it made after hearing about some haters out there (like Romney), that somehow think Tesla is related to Solyndra, or Fisker.

Also, being I live in So Cal, and with so many big companies leaving our state (much less moving jobs overseas), I figured it might make a 'hater' do a little research before lumping Tesla in with everything that is wrong with America. Never mind, maybe make them take pride in the fact that it is the most superior ground-breaking vehicle on Earth, and it's bring pride back to an industry that has long since lost its way in the US.
Oh, and it’s CEO is keep us in space ;-)

mrspaghetti | November 21, 2012

Much better than a vanity plate

cerjor | November 21, 2012

Where did you have it made? I want to get one also. Or, would prefer to be the sole owner?

timdorr | November 21, 2012

TikiMan, when did you get yours? Awesome!

TikiMan | November 21, 2012

Here is the place I ordered it from...

Feel free to copy it (if you want)! I am all about spreading the word! :-) | November 21, 2012

Thanks TikiMan, Awesome frame & awesome car!! Have fun & congrats!

Christopher3 | November 21, 2012

Could I get one from you? Maybe through eBay.

Christopher3 | November 21, 2012

Thanks for the link.

nickjhowe | November 21, 2012

@TikiMan - beautiful! Thx for the link. I think you've just started a trend. Think I might get the zinc anodized frame for my pearl white to match the dark wheels.

cmlaff | November 21, 2012


Mine reads, "My Other Car Suffers from Gas"

Brian H | November 22, 2012

For those not in CA, the bottom could read, "The exception to the rule". Same character count.

mrspaghetti | November 27, 2012

Tikiman, are there only two screw holes for the plate in the back of the Model S?

Sorry for posting this in two threads...

TikiMan | November 27, 2012

There are actually four screw-holes on the Model S, however, I am just using two for the custom frame, because with four, it cuts down on how many letters you can have at the bottom.

mdennick | November 27, 2012

Very cool TikiMan. You must be enjoying your car. Thanks for the suggestion.