If you could do it again...

If you could do it again...

So, you have your TS and love it, but if you could go back and re-order:

1. What option did you take that you love the most;

2. What option do you wish you would have ordered;

3. What option did you order that you would not order again?

And why....

Thanks for the input as always.


Dripps | September 1, 2013

1. Love the Tech Pkg but don't really consider it an option. Put it in!
2. Still have second thoughts about the twin chargers. I left them out and right now I don't think I need them but I hope I don't find instances in the future where I regret that decision.
3. Nothing. Everything I put in I enjoy having in my car. The pano roof looks awesome and gives me a more open feeling in the car (more headroom in the backseat also). The parking sensors and Winter Pkg are nice. The interior lighting classes up the look. Happy with the smart suspension and most surprising, I really like the textile sets. The material used is nice and they are trimmed up nicely with areas of faux leather.

highfalutintodd | September 1, 2013

1: Jump seats. Even with their problems (no freaking AC?!?!), they're still a killer feature.

2: The one I keep thinking about is the performance package. I got a regular 85 and every once in a while I have a tinge of regret that I didn't just spend the extra $$$ and go all out.

3; Twin chargers. They delayed my purchase and are probably going to turn out to be useless. A waste of $1,500.

chrisdl | September 1, 2013

Drips: I'm in the same boat about the Twin Chargers. But on the upside, you can still have the second charger installed afterwards, albeit at a premium ($3,600).

eddiemoy | September 1, 2013

got the p85+ fully loaded, except for paint armor and parcel shelf. so the only thing i would change is add the parcel shelf.

tes-s | September 1, 2013

Premium audio - has to be better than the standard. My Prius has better radio reception and audio quality.

negarholger | September 1, 2013

Nothing - our second will be exactly the same except the outside color. Just wish the FOB would come in the cars color.

lolachampcar | September 1, 2013

I got my second bite at the apple and I-

Sold my P85 for a very reasonable number having benefited from Tesla's price increases raising the value of the car in the secondary market.

My second MS was a + to increase the car's connection with the pavement. I prefer a sportier feel.

I went from Silver (my normal "resale support" color for BMWs) to multi-coat Red. I love that change.

I went from Grey interior to Black. My original concern was that the AC may not be sufficient to cope with black interior in South Florida. I was wrong and thus chose black on MS#2. I really love that change.

All else is the same. Tech and Sound were a no brainer. Dual chargers, although not used often, provide that added bit of security that allows me to quickly turn the car around from home when needed. I've never been a big sun roof fan so the pano was never a consideration.

Love these cars!!!

Dr. Bob Reinke | September 1, 2013

We got a Signature Performance in Signature Red, 1185 off the line. We have all the options available for the Signature and would not change anything. The only change I would make: When Tesla went public we bought 2500 shares shortly after the IPO. When the Signature red came on Dec 23 with big red ribbon on the frunk, we sold the Tesla stock and paid back the loan from my retirement fund and paid for the Tesla, ordered 8 19 inch rims and a set of winter tires and a set of rain tires. We still had enough cash from the stock sale to buy the HPWC and Outdoor Cover. If we did it again, we would order 2 Model S and 2 Roadster and waited until today to sell the Tesla stock and could have paid cash for all 4 Tesla wonders. And likely had enough left for Tesla to treat us to a world cruise.

nickjhowe | September 1, 2013

Back in January I got the P85 fully loaded except sound and twin chargers.

The + wasn't available but if it had been I would have got it, plus PDC. Although I don't think I'll ever need it, I'd probably add the second charger too.

PBEndo | September 1, 2013

Has anyone looked into the cost of removing the second charger (i.e. to transplant to another vehicle)?

It seems like this is a common point of buyer's remorse, though in both directions. Many people passed on it but now wish they had it and many people purchased it but now realize they don't need it. There must be a way to match these owners up!

PBEndo | September 1, 2013

I would reconsider the 21 inch wheels. They look nice, but they are not worth the cost IMO. (they were free when I purchased).
I never saw any information until after purchase indicating they reduce range. If it was there, I missed it. Then when you consider the increased noise, increased cost of tire replacement, and how easy they are to scrape up, I think I would pass on those if I were to purchase today.

Lastly, in South Florida, there are no winding roads where any performance advantage could be realized.

cfOH | September 1, 2013

If I were ordering our car today, the only change I'd make is to get 19" wheels (assuming you could configure a P+ with them) and parking sensors (weren't available when we bought ours). Other than that, I'm entirely happy.

Performance 85 Plus
Tech pkg
Pano roof
Black Performance leather seats
Air suspension
Rear parcel shelf
CF spoiler

earlyretirement | September 1, 2013

I wouldn't have changed a thing! I love love love my configuration. I'm one of those guys that reconfigured and paid more to add on the Park distance control.

I'm really happy with everything including tech package, I LOVE the wood (matte) that I added in vs. the piano black that I was initially going to get. When I reconfigured I decided to go with the wood even though they charged for it after the configuration, the jump seats (kids LOVE them), I agree the tech package is a MUST. You'd be crazy not to go for it in a car like this.

I went with the 85P and glad I did. The performance is really really amazing. The sun roof is GREAT. There was more light than I would have preferred coming through. I've always had sunroofs on all my cars but ALL have had a shade to close it so I wasn't used to the light all the time.

That was an easy fix with tinting. Yesterday I got the entire car tinted including both sunroofs. I went with 15 tint on top and it's MUCH better now.

The leather seating is so soft.... Went with the air suspension and dual chargers which are great for a fast charge in my garage (60 miles per hour charging).

I wouldn't have changed a thing.

billbaggy | September 1, 2013

I have a blue S85, pano, gray leather, obeche matte, premium sound, parcel shelf, twin chargers, HPWC. I wouldnt eliminate any option. The only option I regret not getting is the paint protection - I should have done it.

Twin chargers and HPWC at home are great. Have only needed the recharge speed a few times, but glad I had it. 99% of the time a recharge on a 50amp circuit would be just fine if you don't want the added expense/insurance. I would still want to have it, as I hope to have another Tesla vehicle in the future and will need to get through two cars charging a day with only room for one car in the garage. Can't see it being practical any other way.

The P85+ was not available at the time, and I did not need the performance version, but after driving a loaner P85+, I would have to seriously consider that if I were buying today.

Also, I really liked the Alcantara headliner in the P85+.

nickjhowe | September 1, 2013

Although I said "fully loaded" I didn't get the Pano and don't miss it - in fact I am glad I got the solid roof. Per pbendo although I really like the 21's I might drop them and go with aftermarket wheels instead.

JPPTM | September 1, 2013

...parking sensors...not available when I ordered (P09667)...all else just great (S85--no interest in P85/P85+-- not a pano/sunroof type--19" wheels to avoid curb rash/damaged tires).

EcLectric | September 1, 2013

I might have gone for the brown color. It looks great!

Captain_Zap | September 1, 2013

The option I love the most is the Signature Red color.

I wish I would have ordered the 19" wheels for winter. I'm fixing that.

I no have no regrets about buying the parcel shelf, but I wouldn't miss it either since we have the stealth frunk. I'd be inclined to pass on it the second time around.

I waffled on the tech package due to the price and I wasn't going to get it, but I indulged and I am glad I did. It turned out being more than I expected.

I wasn't sure about the twin chargers either. I'm glad I have them. I think the value is there for west coast cars since there are more opportunities to use them. I think that these chargers will be expanding quickly due to demand from Tesla owners that have been spoiled by faster charging rates.

hfcolvin | September 1, 2013

Mine is a pre-heated seat textile so, even though I've yet to go through a full winter with mine, I think I'll regret that. In fact I tried to change to leather after finalizing back in February. Of course not an issue now with new cars. Otherwise no regrets on the textile.

I think I might have gotten the twin chargers if given a do-over, but not 100% sure on that. When I finalized I thought the East Coast Supercharger rollout was going to be quicker than actuality. I have no use for twin chargers for home charging though.

Absolutely love the tech package!

AmpedRealtor | September 1, 2013

I would not change a single thing. I ordered exactly what I wanted and that's what I got! :)

P85 / 19" wheels / Alcantara / Lighting / Tech / Pano / Black Perf Leather / CF décor / CF spoiler / MC Red / Ultra Sound

Have been in heaven for 9 days and counting! :)

christurbeville | September 1, 2013

I'm missing the winter package (the wife will pay ANYTHING for seat heating everywhere), park sensors, and for me the + on my P85 is painfully missing:)
Rear seats and twin chargers were probably overkill but they are just too awesome to give up.

michael1800 | September 1, 2013

I ordered the dual chargers trying to future proof my decision. In retrospect, dual chargers were unnecessary. Other than that, I got all other options except paint armor and the standard version. Zero regrets (other than dual chargers).

EclecticCitizen | September 1, 2013

1. I love the air suspension. Very smooth, and lifting the car to park has saved my front grill multiple times from tall curbs or parking blocks.

I also love the twin chargers. I have to rely on public charging and it saves me a ton of charging time (which also lets me leave sooner for someone else to be able to charge)

2. I don't really have any feature I wish I ordered. Other options were either too expensive or not very useful to me. Tech package for example--don't NEED navigation when its free on my iPhone, don't have home for HomeLink, don't NEED auto open/close of hatch.

I'm driving a maxed out loaner P85+ this weekend, and the added acceleration is fun, but I'd rather have the quieter rider of my S85 with 19s long term. The road noise with the 21s on the P+ is noticeably worse--constant low groan at highway speed.

3. I would not order the paint armor, I would do it aftermarket to cover then entire hood without the visible line that the factory version leaves across the hood (multiple people thought it was a huge scratch already)

KendallPB | September 2, 2013

I can't think of any regrets, except maybe paint armor; I paid extra to get the full hood done, but should've skipped the Tesla option, and gotten the whole car done after market. Even by the same people/using the same stuff would be fine--just kinda regret not doing the whole car. But I'm not going to pay even more now to do it.

Hey, as I type this, I look up and realize EclecticCitizen said something similar, though for different reasons. I don't care about lines that no one comments on (and probably no one notices) and that I never see . . . but I regret not protecting the entire car. But I've never had paint armor before--I didn't know.

(But this is a very minor regret.)

Sanjuro88 | September 2, 2013

Get the Parcel shelf... I didn't order one, but I bought it afterwards.

I have a tinted windows, but you can clearly see the stuff in there from outside. It supposedly make the car quieter (blocks the road noise) and make the AC slightly efficient (by blocking the trunk space)... Not too mention hiding the stuff in the trunk.

Otherwise, I'm very happy with my standard 85 plus tech plus pano... And nothing else.

Funny, I was all up in arms about missing out on the parking sensors, but I haven't needed one once I get the dimension of the car after driving it for 4 weeks.

jbunn | September 2, 2013

Would not change, except if I could have justified a bit more spend, would have gone for the 85 pack. Really, the 60 is all I need so it worked out great.

James- | September 3, 2013

I got the P85+ fully loaded except for the paint armor and extra seats. I would probably make the same decision again but would want the park sensors as they are now available (they weren't when I placed my order).

Having said that I am slightly unsure about the sound system as I do not know what the basic system is like. Another thread provides rather mixed comments. I find even though the Fade is good re front to rear the audio seems like it comes from quite low in the car. I can hear audio books very clearly but at >60mph have to set the volume at around 7 or 8.

NYC Realtor | September 3, 2013

Got P85 with everything except + and paint armor.
I would delete:
pano (never used it, but adds weight and heat)
twin chargers (never used)
21 inch rims (the city potholes and curbs eat them alive)

Would add:
+, only if I could get it high perf 19s.

GReese | September 3, 2013

1. What option did you take that you love the most;

Panoramic roof

2. What option do you wish you would have ordered;

I don't think I missed anything for myself.

3. What option did you order that you would not order again?

The dual chargers. A complete waste.

Pollux | September 3, 2013

My car is:
VIN16446 | Delivered 2013/08/07
P85+ | Green Metallic | Tan Performance Interior | Obeche Gloss | 21" Silver | Pano | Tech | Sound | Air Suspension | Rear Facing Seats | Parcel Shelf | Paint Armor | Twin Chargers | HPWC

1. What option did you take that you love the most;

The PLUS. O! M! G!! Almost a month later, it still takes my breath away. The acceleration at all speeds. The handling. I can't wait to take this thing out to a track and have a friend show me what it can really do! Not that the S and P aren't quite nice, themselves.

Also, the 85. Of all the options, this one seems the most necessary to me. The increased range makes more driving scenarios practical, with no time lost to recharging while on the road.

2. What option do you wish you would have ordered;

Not available at the time I ordered: winter package. Heated rear seats, heated windshield wiper nozzles and so on would be MOST helpful in the upcoming Boston winter.

Parking sensors would be handy.

3. What option did you order that you would not order again?

Everything has been useful, cool and/or handy... except the paint armor. I didn't truly understand its limited coverage area and more importantly that I would want to apply Opti Coat to all the paint *before* applying any paint armor whatsoever. I wound up having the Opti Coat installer strip off all the Tesla paint armor, so that was a completely wasted $950; my bad. The installer also pointed out that the Tesla paint armor was starting to peel around some of its edges, and commented that he had seen this before and that he thought Tesla was still working on getting the paint armor down solid.

I'm much happier with third-party paint armor that is essentially invisible (no line across the hood), plus covering the entire front of the car all the way back through and including the rear passenger doors. I like it so much that I'm going to go back and add paint armor for the remainder of the car.

For almost all the options on offer, I can see why some people would want and use them and others would find them "a complete waste". After working through the Opti Coat and paint protection film landscape, though, I'd be hard put to recommend the Tesla paint armor option to anyone. I think you're likely to do much better investing in aftermarket paint protection.

jat | September 3, 2013

I would get my car exactly the same. I would have preferred to get red, but I wasn't willing to wait for it, likewise for seat heaters with textile seats.

I have repeatedly used the twin chargers and find them indispensable, and when I drove a loaner it confirmed my decision to not get the pano roof (too bright inside, not to mention all the reports of noises) and studio sound (the missing subwoofer was really noticeable). I couldn't imagine getting the car without the tech package, and given the driveway at my house and my friends' houses, I need air suspension. I got aftermarket tires for track use which are much better than the 21" sticky tires for about what they would have cost, and I still have the 19" tires for normal use (which are fine for the winters I see).

inverts | September 3, 2013

Have blue/grey/lacewood 85 19" air pano tech sound parcel twin/HPWC VIN 7xxx. SoCal

Would get it the very same again, but with Alcantaran headliner, if available in grey to match grey leather (was not an option when I ordered mine). Leather door liner, reading lights, and ambient light were included at the time in the base configuration.

Have driven a P85+ loaner, but it is too stiff for long drives, and the electronic noises form the motor/inverter are markedly more pronounced. I like a quiet ride. I don't do track racing, so just reduces range.

Drove the my 85 up the hills above Palo Alto to the Palomar forest over the weekend. Solid red 900-block in the energy consumption display. Lots of fun, plenty of curve stability, easy to overtake bicycles on a narrow two lane road. The biggest problem was the lack of noise from the car; it took some bicyclists a while to realize that there was a car behind them, and move out of the center of the road.

George with SacEV | September 4, 2013

Under the current pricing/option schedule, I would get the P85 upgrade over our 85S and include the winter package.

I would hold off getting the HPWC, since we have a Level 2 charger already installed in this house and we are working up plans for a new home in Vacaville for for next year. The HPWC is just sitting in the box until we get to the new house.

Lou in SoCal | September 4, 2013

1. What option did you take that you love the most;
Love the air suspension. Use it everyday, all day wherever I park.

2. What option do you wish you would have ordered;
Definitely wish I ordered the kid's third row seats. Was told I could get it afterwards but Tesla changed their policy. Also, would have reconsidered getting they gray vs the white. Love the white but the gray is much sportier.

3. What option did you order that you would not order again?
Nothing really. Didn't get the Tech package and don't regret it. Had a fully loaded loaner and I don't think I'm missing much.

Vicelike | September 4, 2013

I would go with 19 inch wheels even though I love the look of the 21"

Just too many practical reasons to opt for the 19 inch.

But now that I have them, I will enjoy them.

Brian H | September 4, 2013

You can no longer "hold off" on getting the HPWC if you get twin chargers. They come together.