Inspections for New Jersey

Inspections for New Jersey

I apologize if this was mentioned before but I can't find it (and there's no search button).

Getting my car Friday. The rep in Queens says I don't need an inspection sticker from NJDMV but I don't think so. If so, how is it done? There's no emissions to check!

Dripps | January 23, 2013

You go to inspection station and they put on the sticker. I don't think there was any inspection. I think the guys fought over who got to to drive the car a few feet to place where they install the sticker....they all knew about the car (even had a motor trend magazine there with it on cover) and were very curious.

TheAustin | January 23, 2013

Inspection is not just about emissions...I was told that my Model S will need to be inspected every year in NY State, same as an ICE car.

Tiebreaker | January 23, 2013

In New Jersey they eliminated all safety inspections and only inspect emissions.

kalel65 | January 23, 2013