Insurance for E-Cars

Insurance for E-Cars

Seems not all insurance companies have come up wiht a clear policy and pricing for E-cars. Can those of you already with E-cars on the road maybe share some of your knowledge base regarding insurance carriers that have a comprehensive and price competitive E-car policy.

appreciate any inputs -- Sepp von Bayern

djp | January 17, 2013

Insurance for my LEAF is pretty much the same as my Chrysler 300C SRT. Quote for MS insurance was about the same. I use State Farm.

jat | January 17, 2013

State Farm insured my LEAF and now my Model S with no issues. The price is pretty competitive, and mostly based on the value of the car -- ie, they assume an expensive car is going to be more expensive to repair, plus the risk of theft is higher.

Sepp von Bayern | January 17, 2013

thanks for the info. Good to hear that at least State Farm knows how to deal with this.

Sudre_ | January 17, 2013

I just got done getting a quote at I will be getting my insurance through them at <$1000 a year for the Tesla and my wife's current car, roadside assistance included on both cars. They have the Tesla Model S and all battery sizes listed. They also seem to understand Tesla's security features.

I tried using my current insurer, Amica, but as expected they have no clue and quoted me over 2,000 a year which is outrageous. It's funny because another person got a reasonable quote in another state from them.

Abby | January 18, 2013

Allstate in NJ doesn't have coverage for the Tesla, either, so I have taken my business for both my Prius and Tesla to Geico.

jackhub | January 18, 2013

State Farm insured my Model S 85Kwh for less than my 2005 Buick! And then reduced the insurance on my Buick because I bought the Model S! It seems it is rated pretty safe.

Brian H | January 18, 2013

and maybe a recognition that the Buick isn't likely to see much use now ...

plinz | January 19, 2013

USAA will write policy for Tesla, about same cost as for a ICE of similar cost

jackhub | January 20, 2013

Brian H
You betcha! ;>}

noel.smyth | January 21, 2013

just moved from allstate to usaa for all of my insurance based on how much allstate charged me for my model s (Allstate was more than 2000 higher annually). another tesla owner I know with allstate also switched today for same reason. I am guessing allstate does not want to insure teslas as they have priced themselves out of that.