It's Time to Build Your Model S

It's Time to Build Your Model S

Apologies if there's already a thread for this, but I just got my notification

It's time to have some fun designing and finalizing your Model S. We have made the entire process available online from anywhere with an internet connection.

The days of having to stop into an auto dealer to buy a car are over. We have made the entire process available from anywhere with an internet connection. You can design your car, request paperwork and even sign your paperwork from the comfort of your home. If you have not designed your Model S yet, you can start right here. If you already designed your car and are ready to request paperwork, just click here to continue the process.

We want this process to be fun and easy so if you have any questions we're here to help. If you prefer to walk through the process with an experienced Product Specialist, just give us a call at 888.771.2505, email us, or stop by one of our stores.

This is a very exciting next step and we look forward to sharing it with you. In just a few short months, you'll be one of the very first drivers on the planet to experience the fun and exhilaration of Model S. Let's get your car on the road!


Tesla Product Specialist Team

Now off to make some choices... P779

pbrulott | December 3, 2012

Stephen, Clea, Toto, WOW, this is awesome news. I'm P179, so my turn will come very very soon.

How does that work, you configure and receive a delivery window and then you are locked into your config or you can change it afterwardds. Say I change my mind on the Supercharger option???

clea | December 3, 2012


I have not received the Pre-Delivery Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement (MVPA) to sign yet (they say it takes one business day after finalizing) but I believe that once it is signed you can still change a few options on your agreement up until the car enters the production pipeline. I say this because I have seen people stating that they have modified their configs and have also seen people state that their requests for mods have been refused with the reason given that their car had entered some stage of production. What point in the pipeline they consider to be too far to change is one unknown and what options they consider as being changeable options is still up for grabs. You also have to think that the supercharger option is a very specific option that is tied to the 60kWh battery configuration and we do not have any data on how flexible they are with this specific one because we have not seen anyone get to the production stage with it yet.

toto_48313 | December 3, 2012


I'm in Montreal suburbs

Config: performance, dolphin grey, black leather, carbon fiber

markapeterman | December 3, 2012

P9318 - just got my time to build email!

pb32 | December 3, 2012

Whoa!!! P10310. Just got my time to build email. Email says if I finalize before 12/31 (4 weeks), I won't be affected by the price increase.

This is exciting, but just caught me off guard since I wasn't expecting that time to build for maybe another 4 weeks.

Chuck Lusin | December 3, 2012

The last batch ended at 9083 for a total of 713 emails and, so for pb32 @ 10310 that is 1227 so far.

Jcmason | December 3, 2012

#9096 I just received my Invitation to Configure email. Hmm, tough choices. My teenage boys asked me if they can help me choose,

jat | December 3, 2012

Woohoo! I got my notice at #9358 -- I want to ask them a couple of questions, and then I will finalize my order tomorrow.

It says delivery will be about 3 months after finalize my order, though I will probably take the multi-coat red which won't ship before March, so it is possible that will push my delivery date back a few weeks (that is one of the questions to ask).

I can't wait!

stephen.kamichik | December 3, 2012

toto....I am also in Montreal suburbs. Signed my mvpa and faxed it. I verified that TM received it.

batonrouge | December 3, 2012

reservation #RN30941, reservation sequence #9881 from June2012, asked to configure!
performance, all options except 19" wheels and no kids seats.
am i the only one in louisiana ?

toto_48313 | December 3, 2012

@ Stephen,

I'm reviewing the Mpva and figure out that it's like an Ontario Dealer, do you know if Tesla will make the necessary to immatriculate it in Quebec?

plese email me

jkwolfie | December 3, 2012

P10297!! Just got my build notice. Just need to finally commit to color and wheels and I'll be good to go!

Cindy.holland | December 3, 2012

Just finalized - 10165 with the new red, 60kwh plus supercharger access, leather, obeche matte, air, tech package, radio upgrade, pano and parcel shelf. I held off on the paint protection since I think the red would show the line on the partial hood coverage. I will have it done once I get the car. Hope to get the car in April!

Bennett R. | December 3, 2012

Just got my invitation to configure -- #9808. It seems like they sent a bunch of these out at once -- more than usual -- so they can put more people on the clock before the price increases. Nevertheless, it's great to get it! I just need to decide on the air suspension (which I am leaning against) and the supercharging (which I am also leaning against) before I can lock in. I just wish I could test drive without the air suspension before making a decision. Also, I realize it will probably add at least a month to my wait if I decide against it.

Xerogas | December 3, 2012

Reservation sequence 10,050
Just got my build notice. I notice lots of people have chosen higher-end specs so far, but this will end up costing more than twice as much as I've ever paid for a car before, so I'm trying to keep it on the lower end :)

Flat white, 40kWH, Pano roof, tan leather, Obeche gloss, 19" wheels

I just wish it were possible to order the supercharger hardware without having to buy the 60kWH battery at the same time...I'd like to leave the option open in case I choose to upgrade the battery in the future (helps with resale value too, I imagine). Guess I'll just have to resell to someone who's a short commuter like me.

Brian H | December 3, 2012

If you're contemplating Red, pushing you back a few weeks, then your closing sentence is untrue! ;) LOL

clea | December 4, 2012

@toto, I saw the Ontario Auto Assn page as well and asked them to clarify. There have been other Canadian Sigs that have already gone through this, maybe even for the Roadster, that are not from Ontario. Perhaps they give us some guidance here.

toto_48313 | December 4, 2012


I'm confident they know the process however, I hope they will be able to clarify it to us.

pbrulott | December 4, 2012

@ toto, clea, stephen.

Not sure about the immatriculation for Quebec. Trust that TM will figure that one out.

On the other hand, I know that to for the $8000 rebate, TM is not a partner of MRNF yet. MRNF (ministère des ressources naturels et de la faune) manages the provincial subsidee program. So you will have to pay the full amount to TM and then ask for a reimbursement. I asked them for all the steps (4 documents needed)and it will take an average of 4 weeks to get your check from MRNF.

I will post the steps soon in this forum and TMC also


clea | December 4, 2012

@pbrulott, that is interesting seeing as the car is in the list of eligible vehicles. It would be much simpler if Tesla handled it directly as they implied they would but i have no issues getting it later from the MRNF if needed as it was a simple process to get the rebate for my geotherm installation from them just recently.

All of us Quebec Tesla owners will all appreciate any and all info you can provide that will make this process simpler.

BTW: Have you forwarded this info to Hans in Toronto?

clea | December 4, 2012

@ toto, pbrulott, stephen

maybe we are getting a bit OT and should take this discussion to the Canadian Tesla discussion group in

pbrulott | December 4, 2012

Could you please provide Hans' coordinates?

The lady at MRNF said that TM could apply anytime and that they provided the subsidee to a couple of Roadster owner already. And more importantly that they don't foresee the program will change in the short term or will exhaust. I asked because I was concerned of the time between we lock our purchase vs the payment.

For those ordering hybrids, she was not as optimistic. they are running out of cash.

will move to the Canada forum for my post. tx

jchangyy | December 4, 2012

Wow...looks like 10,307 is the last number to get the finalize button (from the other forum by "Bperry")

wonder when I will get my finalize button.


jat | December 4, 2012

@BrianH - I got my MVPA and it said April-May, so I called and asked and they said if I wasn't waiting for red I would get it the beginning of February. So, I switched to silver -- I guess that means I was correct the first time when I said I can't wait :).

hatchel88 | December 4, 2012

Got mine yesterday, #9297. Might have to put my hopes on hold, though, as I'm 18 months out from the end of the lease on my 335is.

Was hoping the roll-out would be slower, now we have to make a big decision...

Chuck Lusin | December 5, 2012

pb32 has P10310 sent on December 3, 2012, I believe that was the highest so far.

mrspaghetti | December 7, 2012


Brian H | December 7, 2012

Don't forget the "sell your lease" option.

mrspaghetti | December 10, 2012


riceuguy | December 10, 2012

I would venture to guess (as someone just 500 notifications away from the Time to Build email) that no more will go out till January. Otherwise they'd scare some of us into cancel/re-reserving before the price increase, and they also need to see how many folks say they want their car this year, etc.

TeslaModelSOwner | December 10, 2012

I went into a TM store a few days back and spoke with the manager. She said that I would probably get my email before the end of the year and that if choosing 85kwh with air could give me a jump in the list given the delays with the 40/60 and non air configs.

She said this even with 60's being deliverd to plan in january.

riceuguy | December 10, 2012

E60...sorry, I'm tainted by wishful lease isn't up for 11 months and I'm in the next batch of configurers, but with 60kwh and standard suspension, I'm hoping it will at least be May before I'm facing actual delivery.

gregv64 | December 10, 2012

@riceuguy, the timeline sounds reasonable as far as delivery, but I wouldn't be surprised if you get your Time To Configure email before the end of today.

mrspaghetti | December 10, 2012


The good news for you is that it appears Tesla is willing to postpone delivery for those who want that, as evidenced by the "Do you want your car this year?" email campaign. It seems likely to me that they will delay your car until August if that's what you ask for.

riceuguy | December 10, 2012

@mrspaghetti: No such luck; they basically said configure within 4 weeks of the email, and after that you'll get it when you get it. :-(

riceuguy | December 10, 2012

@gregv: Did you mean by the end of the day or the month?!

TINO F | December 10, 2012

P10551 Time to Build.
2013 Model S
Air Suspension
Sound Pkg
Tech Pkg
Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Obeche Gloss
Parcel Shelf
Pano Roof
Black Leather
Silver 21" Wheels

gregv64 | December 10, 2012

I meant the end of today. Monday is when the emails tend to go out, and sure enough it looks like they are. I'd be surprised if you aren't included.

TeslaModelSOwner | December 10, 2012

Anybody beyind the 10k range get the email. I am 12,848 and reserved in October but no config email. Am curius how big this batch was.

mwillmsn | December 10, 2012

E60 M5 Owner - I am 12817 and I haven't heard anything yet.

Mocaptain | December 10, 2012

P10512...time to build!

brijam | December 10, 2012

P10613, just got my time to build email this morning! Wow, I wasn't expecting it so soon. I am psyched.

Can anyone who recently finalized give me an update on what the latest estimated delivery dates are likely to be? March/April? Maybe sooner?

gregv64 | December 10, 2012

10440 finalized today and still got Feb/Mar. We'll see when it goes to Mar/Apr. I'm surprised more people haven't reported receiving an email. They usually send out about 1000 at a time.

mthanos | December 10, 2012

#12397 nothing yet, but I don't expect to get one in this batch. But checking about every 30 minutes.

Bennett R. | December 10, 2012

Just completed my MVPA paperwork. My reservation number was 9808, and they estimated delivery in Feb-Mar. The key attributes that impact the delivery time are the battery (I'm getting 60 kwh) and the suspension (I'm getting the active air). If I had not gotten the active air, they said the timeframe would be Apr-May instead of Feb-Mar.

mrspaghetti | December 11, 2012

Looks like we jumped from 10310 on December 3rd to 10613 on December 10th. Not as many as I was expecting - maybe related to the "do you want your car this year?" shuffling. Was hoping I'd get that option...

Guess I'll probably get my "Time to Build" on Dec 17th.

mwillmsn | December 11, 2012

@ mrspaghetti

What's your reservation number? I am 12,817 and was really hoping for a bigger bump yesterday, but I am now thinking I won't get the Time to Build email until after new years.

archibaldcrane | December 11, 2012

I'm #12,104, but I'm considering making a new reservation and canceling my current one to push my delivery back a few months so I can get my finances in better shape but still lock in the price before it increases. Hmmm.

No "time to build" email yet.

cablechewer | December 11, 2012

I moved from Signature to Canadian reservation P48 (the duty just pushed the cost too high for the Sig). I got my config email around Dec 1-4 and just completed the order today. Predicted delivery is Feb or March.

TINO F | December 11, 2012

I was told I had until January 7th to finalize, and keep my current pricing on my dashboard page. Anything after January 7th was to be at current pricing. Needless to say, I finalized.