Late December delivery?

Late December delivery?

Just noticed delivery jumped to late dec for 60 and dec for 85... Crazy

MMHouston | August 4, 2014

Crikey - I am glad I confirmed 3 weeks ago.

tes-s | August 4, 2014

Get that order in now for Christmas delivery!

Brian H | August 6, 2014

Must have something to do with MX ramp-up; maybe a bunch of production or pre-production betas? Or ...

Zyklus | August 6, 2014

They're all saying November for me.

tes-s | August 6, 2014

Yes, they were December for a while, now back to November. Some speculation is just a mistake, or possibly they were being conservative until they got the new production line up and running again.

Regardless, good news that there is still time for US buyers to get an MS for Christmas...and 2014 tax credit.

karmamule | August 6, 2014

@tes-s As someone eagerly awaiting his S85 I'd like to think that it was indeed related to speed of the newly relaunched line. It started out slowly leading to the longer-distance estimates and then it sped up significantly and brought them back a month.

With that explanation I remain hopeful my delivery could still get moved forward, so I choose to believe that now. :)

tes-s | August 6, 2014

+1 @karmamule. Whatever eases the wait for ya. :)

Ok - now here is a wild theory with absolutely no basis in fact. Maybe a 1% chance at best of being true, but it would be great for anyone in the US that wants a car.

They decided to cutoff international deliveries in November or early December, just to make sure they have very few cars in transit. They will focus on building US cars that have a much more deterministic delivery time than international - fewer chances of a "gotcha" at the border, bad weather, etc. The last cars to roll off the line will be for factory pickup late December.

Sell loaners too. Then, for Q4 they could actually sell more cars in the quarter than they made, and close out the year with bang!

Ok, back to reality. I honestly believe they do some macro-scheduling around international shipments, but nothing extraordinary for quarter-end or year-end.

franklinwino | August 7, 2014

Not sure what's going on here, either. I panicked on Saturday morning when I saw the jump from late October to December for P85. Immediately drove to Tesla to see the new steel grey in order to finalize. Ordered & confirmed same day. Luckily, my delivery date has continued to get shorter since Saturday. On Monday, it went from December to late November. Yesterday, it went to late October. Great news for sure as I am anxious for it. | August 7, 2014

That's why Tesla Motors always says..."soon". ;-)

JohnRobVA | August 7, 2014

Hi All: I'm posting this thread to a couple of other ordering / delivery schedule forums.

I ordered my M85 on August 2, right after the anticipated delivery window slipped back to December. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock...

Meanwhile, some recent delivery-time postings have mentioned seeing delivery windows moving back up to earlier months.

So far all I have paid is the $2500 down payment. I plan to pay another $50K in early September, then settle the remainder within 2 weeks of delivery. However, I can adjust this schedule if need be. With that small an amount down, does anyone have reason to believe that if I make another, larger payment soon, then my car will arrive sooner?

I'm not casting any aspersions here; it's just that if I were TMC, I might not rush right out and start building a car if only a small amount had been paid so far.

Thanks -- John

Brian H | August 8, 2014

With the new lines, car models, volumes and markets all in play at once, the scheduling computer is having a wee psychotic episode? Speaking of which, wonder when the new Paint Center and colors will come into play? Only when the MX Design Studio is activated? That's going to send a whole lotta current and potential users out to inspect color chips and beta models and ...

If you think color obsession has been a major site feature previously, you ain't seen nothin', yet!!

akikiki | August 8, 2014


"Hi All: I'm posting this thread to a couple of other ordering / delivery schedule forums"

What other ordering delivery schedule forum are you referring to?

Your next question. Paying more does not make the car deliver sooner. It does not work that way. After your deposit, you only pay upon delivery, be it cash or bank check/voucher or transfer.

No trying to pay more makes no difference. And there is no way to pay more of the balance before the car is ready for you to take delivery.

bonaire | August 8, 2014

- your plan to pay a lot in September, is that to try to get an early delivery date or to help bolster the Customer Reservations number on the Q3 ER? If you want a car now, there are loaners in stock which can be had right away.

You will get the car in October, I suspect. July orders are coming due in September. If you keep your money invested until the car delivery, you probably will make more than if you pay half a month or more before so.

melinda | September 12, 2014

Ordered my S60 on Aug 29. Was told mid-November, but they already bumped it back to mid-December. Was hoping for a birthday present, but will be happy just to have the car at all. The delivery specialist told me that it will be delivered by the end of the year tho...