Least Passionate Model S Delivery?

Least Passionate Model S Delivery?

Least passionate Model S delivery? Or MOST frustrated?

Our multicoat red, standard 85 kwh, tech, upgrade sound, air suspension, supercharger is scheduled for delivery between June 5 to June 7, but I am emotionally “dead” about the whole process.

Don’t get me wrong, I AM looking forward to driving our new Model S; I was most impressed with the Consumer Reports review of their test car, since ours should be every bit as much fun, maybe a tad more, since ours will be lighter without the panoramic roof.

In 2011I was excited about getting our Volt and a month later our Leaf and thus becoming about the second household in the whole country to have both as their regular daily drivers. That “story” even got reported by ABC national news and a link to it can be found in another report by Consumer Reports ( Our green house and current cars have even been written up quite recently in Cosmos, the popular science magazine in Australia (

So I am “excited” about going EV with performance ; I have always been a fan of performance cars, my first new car was a special order Olds 442, for those “mature” enough to remember what that means. My previous long-standing car fantasy would have been to own a Porsche 911 or AMG Mercedes as a “play car.” I have owned a more basic Porsche (924 many years ago) and took delivery of a 3-series BMW in Munich for play on the autobahn before having it shipped back to Sacramento.

So WHY am I not passionate about our Model S delivery, since it brings together my adult commitment to the environment, to political independence from Mideast oil pressures AND gives me an impressive performance potential?

Because my wife and I are 9000 MILES away from our home where the Model S will get delivered and it will be a full month after delivery before WE get home to enjoy it ! I am a Fulbright Scholar for Spring 2013 lecturing at a university here in Warsaw, Poland.

In order to keep the “early stage” pricing I was forced to complete my order within that final order time and then Tesla totally refused to put that actual build later in the production sequence so that the car would be ready when we were back in California.

So the car is built and Tesla, in their ultimate flexibility, has agreed to hold it a couple of weeks until our neighbors return from their vacation internationally. Our neighbor gets to take delivery of the Model S, and then he will be the first driver for a couple of “times around the block” so the car does not just sit with the tires in one position for the whole month before we return.

therealmach3 | May 26, 2013

Maybe you can have your neighbor set up a nightly FaceTime call with the car for you? You know, just to say hello, tuck it in and tell it how much you look forward to spending quality time as soon as daddy gets home. You'll obviously have to have your neighbor activate the mobile app from the car ... just so you can make sure it's charging well and maybe give that horn a couple of honks. Stay strong ... a month will pass quickly! ;-)

George with SacEV | May 26, 2013

We always name our cars, so maybe this one could be "Foster" short for foster child?

Keith72 | May 26, 2013

I was preparing to leave for China when I was contacted by Tesla to set up my delivery. I found them very accommodating to my schedule. I live in the Houston area, and since the Houston Service Center wasn't opened yet, they shipped my car to the Dallas Service Center and held it there for me for a month while I was away - without me having paid for the balance of the car yet. When I finally returned home, I made the final payment and the car was in my driveway in a few days. I'm not sure where you live, but if there's a Service Center in the area, that might also work for you.

George with SacEV | May 26, 2013

I only live about 90 miles from their factory.....they have been totally unwilling to delay the production timing and then when built to hold the car more than just this brief time , but to their credit they did try to arrange a delivery window when my wife was briefly back in California, but payment paperwork got that delayed. The payment process, in part because their website does not allow payment from mutiple sources, got delayed as I had three different places I was getting final funds for this.