Let's Talk Tesla

Let's Talk Tesla

Hello all,

I'm P#130 from Arizona and hoping to get my model S performance near the end of November. I thought it would be fun if we had a club meeting on line to be able to actually talk to people on this board about model S. I've created a live meeting on voispot for 9PM eastern time (6PM pacific) on Saturday (10/20). The link for the voispot is here:

For those not familiar with voispot, it is a free social media app that runs on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch - no android yet) that allows people to create a virtual auditorium on-line for voice based discussions. More info and a demo video at their website at

So please download the app and set up your account to participate (if you just want to listen and not speak you don't need an account). At the meeting time, just launch the app and join the discussion from the live now list. The meeting will be informal, but be prepared with any questions, comments, or talking points you may want to discuss. Looking forward to talking to you all.