List of items you need to store in your center console

List of items you need to store in your center console

I put some important items in my car as I suspect you all do. Where will I put my:
Dental floss
Glucotabs, glucose testing equipment (I have type 1 diabetes)
Hand sanitzer
Tire pressure tester
Tollway I pass
Car manual
Insurance/ registration
Garbage- if needed

Jason S | March 18, 2012

Type 1 diabetic here too, but I leave meter and tabs and Symlin pen in my 'man bag' aka backpack (saddle leather backpack as it turns out).

So my list is short once I eliminate the stuff that goes in the glovebox (more glucotabs, kleenex, insurance/registration, pen, tire gauge). That leaves electric shaver, iPhone for charging, change purse (graduated from loose change). Drink holder would be nice sometimes too.

I carry umbrella in trunk right now and I won't carry the maps when I have a nav unit.

ThomasN | March 18, 2012

Broad brined hat

ThomasN | March 18, 2012

Whoops -

prash.saka | March 18, 2012

Cell phone and wallet (I hate to have them in my pocket when driving)
GPS and GPS charger (no Tech package => Tomtom GPS)

So far, these are pretty much it.

~ Prash.

BYT | March 18, 2012

I would add to the above, sweat proof headphones and workout gloves for when I go to the gym 5 days a week but if I'm honest 3 times a week. Gum/Breathmints, Cologne, parking permits, cell phone sync cable/chargers, bottles of water (about 3 liters, I drink a LOT), napkins to name a few that I can remember.

Nick Kordich | March 18, 2012

I'm likely to have about half of Andrew18's list and the list below in my car right at any given time. The rest I either have had or would consider reasonable to want to stow in the passenger area:

Personal music player
Wireless hotspot
USB cables
USB memory stick/SD memory cards
Bluetooth headset
Electronics charger (battery or wall plug)
Gate opener
Garage door opener
Alternate phone case
Tablet/ebook reader - while I've never used my center console for this, my current car's is large enough to fit a Kindle. My personal preference would be an under-seat slot or pocket that would accommodate an iPad or even notebook out of site but up off the floor.

Pocket knife
Ice scraper
Escape hammer
Box cutter
Tape measure
Microfiber cloth for dust and inside of windshield

Worn/carried items
Work ID badge
3D glasses (Really - I like movies and I've got a comfortable pair of 3D glasses)
Folding umbrella

Food/pharmacy items
Soft drink/water bottle
Snack, bar/bag
Eye drops
Ibuprofen (Advil)
Loratadine (Claritin)
Lactase caplets
Cough drops/Lifesavers candies
Tic-Tacs/mints/chewing gum

House keys
Plastic bags
Paperback book
Store cards (membership cards, gift cards, etc.)
Business cards
Dead batteries - I recycle these, rather than throw them into the trash at home. I drop them right into a groove for pens in my current car's center console. In a Model S, as it stands, I'd probably use the cup holders (they're inconveniently placed for holding cups, anyway - I use my arm rest as an arm rest).

Things to consider for the frunk - first aid kit, car fire extinguisher, 12v inflator and squeegee.

Andrew18 | March 18, 2012

You need a dump truck!

cosmomusic | March 18, 2012

you don't need a console, you need a trunk, a frunk and a tow hitch.. :)

Jason S | March 18, 2012

That does seem like a lot of stuff when listed out, but most of it is small. I think I'd store 1/2 that stuff in the trunk or frunk if I was carrying it separately, but I admit much of that stuff goes with me in my backpack.

stephen.kamichik | March 18, 2012

I would also put in a kitchen sink.

Timo | March 19, 2012

From Nick Kordich list:


Ice scraper (& snow brush)
Escape hammer
Box cutter
Tape measure
Microfiber cloth for dust and inside of windshield

Worn/carried items

Folding umbrella

Car registration book & related items
First aid kit.

I keep my first aid kit inside the car, not in trunk or frunk.

I probably invent a lot of other uses if there were enough space to put it inside the car. Usually a glove compartment is too tiny to store most of the stuff I would like to have inside the car so stuff gets "innovated" storage solutions, or they go to trunk even that I would not like to have it there.

adstein | March 19, 2012

I also keep a flashlight , Swiss army knife and tire pressure gauge in each car.

mklcolvin | March 19, 2012

The only things that I keep in my center console are my iPod and USB cables for my phone & iPod. It helps a great bit that there are USB ports inside the console storage area (smart move Ford).

CPM | March 19, 2012

So I have read almost every note on this topic here and the TMC. I looked this morning to see what I have in my storage bins in my 5 series. Under the arm rest, two garage door openers(one is old, threw it out this morning). The storage areas in the doors, nothing. Glove box, paperwork and manuals. I store my sunglasses between parking break and CC. I was at the Oakbrook, IL store this weekend and sat in the white Beta. I will store my sunglasses in the center area and the garage door opener will be part of my tech package. Looks like I am set for the Model S. Cell phone stays in pocket because of Bluetooth.

We rode to the store in my wife's SUV and she has tons of storage. I asked what would you do without this storage. Wife - I would get rid of all this stuff.

I know people use their cars for different things, taking kids to soccer, business which requires more stuff or commuting. Everyone has different needs and there are different solutions. People will say "I am paying 100k for a car it better have...." I agree you should get what you want just not sure what you want is what everyone wants. My 2 cents.

Liz G | March 19, 2012

Here's something I don't store but I use everyday. Its the docking station that I mount on my windshield. Your wondering why that's a problem, well I also use it to charge my phone. Problem is in the S the only place I recall seeing a "cig lighter" to plug it into was under the arm rest. I'm not sure if my cord will reach that far.

Course I'm guessung the idea is that I won't need my phone in view because I will be able to access everything on it from the touch screen. Hope they're right. As someone on Team Android I've often been frustrated by stuff that's supposed to work with my phone but was really built to work with an iPhone and usually has nasty surprises when I try to get it to work with my Android. Hope Tesla codes and tests with both platforms in mind.

Volker.Berlin | March 19, 2012

Liz G, at least they *say* that they are coding and testing with three platforms in mind: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Vawlkus | March 19, 2012

What you "NEED" in a center console: NOTHING

This is a "what I WANT to have in a center console" list.

About 90% of the things I see listed here do not need to be in the car. They are personal items that should be in a pocket, or gear that can go in the trunk/frunk for all the good they do day to day.

Is this a car we're talking about, or a footlocker?

For those wondering, yes, I DID look in my car to see what I keep in there. The list is short: napkin, USB cord to charge my phone and a plastic CD case for the CD in the stereo. The CD case I can toss as I don't plan on changing CDs ever, not with a 6 disc system installed. The charge cord is plugged into my car's USB port, so it's not going anywhere. The napkin I could just as easily store in my glove box.

jbunn | March 19, 2012

Music player, phone, sunglasses, chapstick, change, registration documents, hand lotion, kleenex. That's what I have in there right now, and it all gets used.

What I don't need. A bunch of free space where my feet never go, which allows stuff from the other side to roll under my brake and gas pedals.

DeDe | March 19, 2012

I also need a spot for my reusable grocery bags. I currently keep them in the door pockets (which I know the S won't have...argh!). I could, of course, keep them in the frunk, but I worry about them being out of sight, out of mind...


EcLectric | March 19, 2012


I was in the 'beta' the other day. There is a 20cm wide area below the touch-screen with short (about 6cm tall) 'walls' sticking up from the floor. It's hard to describe. If you wanted to switch seats, you could easily step over it, but things won't roll out of it or from the other side of the car.

And by the way, Model S doesn't have a 'gas pedal'!! Sorry for being picky.

Brian H | March 19, 2012

Right. It's the "goose" pedal.

prash.saka | March 20, 2012

@EcLectric, lol!

prash.saka | March 20, 2012

By the way, in India, a gas pedal is called an accelerator.

Crow | March 20, 2012

I checked my door pockets. Phone charger from an old phone, maintenance receipts and my old blue tooth headset. Tossed it all. I have a small center console which used be be the place where the old brick phone hid. It's a '97. Mints, security card, and iPhone. Ya, I'd like a place to put that stuff that's easier to get at than the glove box but I can make due. I guess I'm a clean desk guy.
My wife, on the other hand, treats her car like a purse. It drives me nuts. Every time I drive her car I have to clean it out before I get in. Cluttered cars give me the willies.

steven.maes | March 20, 2012

@Vawlkus. I couldn't agree more.

Brian H | March 20, 2012

And when your wife drives yours, does she have to scatter stuff about in it to make it feel homey?